Comments for ‘Boba Fett’ Star Confirms ‘Star Wars’ Has Changed the Name of Slave I in Live-Action

Boba Fett's Starship being loaded with Han Solo

Credit: StarWars.com


  1. Row

    Its incredibly bad luck to change the name of a ship.

    Also, why would an amoral bounty hunter care if his ship name if offensive to wookies? Who is he trying to impress?

    1. Anthony McGaha

      It’s Disney trying to suck up to the fake fans of star wars (those that never grew up on anything related). They believe us of the older generation is outdated and need to be put out to pasture. They don’t realize that 90% of the fan base hate change. The latest flop trilogy showed how bad change was. Disney doesn’t know what is and isn’t Canon they just make crap up as they go and expect those that know better to just except the BS they create.

    2. Jessie

      I agree. I worked on a vessel who’s name was changed twice: both times most of the crew requested transfer ( this was in Southeastern Louisiana, btw). But that aside, Fett’s ship always has been, and will continue to be for me, “Slave 1”

  2. JHawk

    Slave-1 is a Firespray class gunship. They haven’t renamed it (yet), they’re just downplaying the name. It would be like if they suddenly started calling the Millennium Falcon a “modified YT-1300 freighter.”

    If they want to rename it, they should explore what makes it special (shoutout to the old school fans), blow it the hell up, and give Fett a new Firespray. Give it a new name, maybe a new paint job (something slick to thematically go with his new black cloak he wears with his armor?). Do it justice, instead of this awkward pathetic dance away from the word “slave.”

    1. Rob

      Perfect answer

  3. Robert A

    Slave I is not offensive.
    I was a domestic slave for years as a child.
    Every form of abuse and varying amounts of each.
    Labor, even through nights, no food, very little if any water… though I would sneak water when he wasn’t around. Physical abuse including torture. Yes. Real torture.
    He made it seem like a punishment when he did it but he set me free when I was… twelve or thirteen… ptsd makes timelines difficult.
    He married my mom but absolutely has the money to outright buy people, but I don’t know if he had or has.
    I know he got away with murder at least once.

    If it matters, he was and is a leftist.

    I was too…no don’t know why… I guess it’s the things the left says. Everything is all about goodness and equality as far as words go. But the actions show such a lack of compassion… it’s make believe, pretend, lies. Empty and hallow.

    1. Brian Wilson

      You should get a job writing the show, the fiction you just created is way better than anything the show has come up with.

  4. Robert A

    Oh right I was going to make a point.

    Being a slave I was invisible.
    There are currently domestic slaves and sx slaves in the US, and there are the classic slave trades throughout the world.
    Deleting the word does nothing to help them.
    It makes them more invisible.
    They changed master to… primary? Or is that just for master bedrooms?
    What are they going to replace slave with?: workers?

    F anyone that thinks this is ok.

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