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galactic starcruiser launch pod docking

Credit: Disney


  1. I thought the fake cruise on land idea was bad, but this is worse. How do they expect to keep up the fake cruise with an excursion to Disney Springs?

    1. C

      They’ll bring you back to the same “port” where you got on at, I imagine.

    2. Tyger6666

      Well stated… “Fake cruise on land” is exactly right. Perhaps a ground location… and then a simulated travel to another ground location would maintain the suspension of disbelief.

      1. Chris

        I read on another site the Disney Springs bus was for guests who arrive before check in/departure time. Not to leave during the trip. That is of course assuming that site is correct.

  2. Steve Eldredge

    A shopping trip to Disney Springs… Because $6000.00 is not enough.

    1. Nicholas Reale

      I see some people like to criticize everything about the Star Wars hotel. This is very simply a bus stop for people who arrive early and for people who want to leave the hotel plain, it is as simple as that. If you don’t like the idea of a Star Wars hotel stop being so negative. I have never seen a new Disney hotel being so picked apart.

  3. Kit

    Or.. you know.. you get there at 11 am and your room isn’t ready so you leave your bags with Bell services and go to Springs to eat and shop so you don’t have to do it in the park…where they won’t send your stuff back to your room any more… and you want to get back to the hotel at some point.

  4. P

    This is not intended for people to leave the cruise. This is for arrival/departure if people choose not to drive/uber.

  5. Jeff

    This looks just awful.

  6. PG

    The bus stop is for guest that arrive early. There will be a bus to take you to Disney Springs only on the day of arrival and then on the day you leave the hotel. This has nothing to do when your on the ship.

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