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sarlacc pit scene return of the jedi (l-r) chewbacca, han solo, and luke skywalker with guards

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. is this a very timely SPOILER for what is clearly not labelled as such?

    1. Backcountry164

      Here’s the header-‘Star Wars’ Just Permanently Obliterated an Icon.
      Seems safe to assume that if you have no idea what they’re talking about then there will be spoilers…

      1. Ketsuekiryu

        The fact that we’ve known Boba Fett escaped the pit over 20 plus years ago tells you that the new generation never bothered looking into the lore and the second fact that it had to be explained means even the show runners never bothered doing their research. This is how things get screwed up and lost in translation and confuses the next generation. I maybe wrong but this is just the opinion of someone that’s been around star wars since the early 80s.

        1. JustSomeJew

          The book I read that explains that Boba survives is old, but not so very old, to not look up.

          I said it before, this wouldn’t be a spoiler, if you’re a Star Wars fan.

  2. odubya23

    I can’t believe people pay actual monet to watch this schlock.

    1. Alex

      It’s a good series so far, but for those who don’t like it, there’s plenty of other good content on Disney Plus. I’m doubtful anyone subscribed to Disney Plus just to watch this.

      1. Jaybo

        Errrrrrr, raises hand. I resubscribed to watch this.

        But if they think the Bad Batch Series 2 will keep me subscribed then, er, no. It was awful. I can’t even remember the ending. Once Fetty Shand has finished, I’ll stick around and watch the end of Walking Dead, then it’s cheerio Disney.

        Now then, Mrs author, I’m not thrilled about the Sarlaac being blown up but not dismayed either.

        You know there are other Sarlaacs in the SW world though right?

        I am irritated that the name of Boba’s ship has been changed though.

        I have a slave inside my PC, so do you I expect.

        Mine is going to continue to be called slave. It isn’t racist, it’s a computer part.

        1. Jeremy

          Actually, I saw an article a few months back, and yes, in the tech industry they are not calling them “slave drives” anymore lol.

    2. Phil

      What a troll. This is epic story telling. Fantastic show.

      1. Jeremy

        Arcane is Epic storytelling, this show is just meh. It is forgettable. I will not be rewatching it over and over like I do Arcane.

    3. felchmonkey

      Wait, what ???
      People pay Disney in paintings ??
      Or deceased human body parts ???
      Wow, and there I was thinking all things financial were going digital; this is a surprising new trend !

    4. Schlockisgood

      People don’t pay good money to watch this schlock. They pay for all the schlock Disney plus provides and this just happens to be 1 program.

  3. Bob Boogie

    The show is ok at best. Not fond of how they ate handling fett’s character though he comes across as an old fat wimp.

    1. Phil

      You obviously don’t know any back story. Only the movies.

    2. felchmonkey

      They were eating whilst handling Boba Fett ?
      How inconsiderate and disrespectful !

    3. Ker

      What character? He only has a few lines in the original movies? He was pretty much a blank canvas

  4. CJ

    The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett are what the Star Wars Franchise needs to continue (anything to erase the memories of the last Trilogy!)

    Maybe then we can finally get Galaxy’s Edge without the Characters we don’t care for (or I should say this household doesn’t care for) so that there can be a 3rd Attraction + a 2nd Indoor Dining option with Cast Members portraying complete Star Wars Characters (c’mon Las Vegas had a Star Trek Promenade with a Quark’s Bar that was awesome!)

    1. felchmonkey

      The Mandalorian can go F*** itself after Disney fired Gina Carano from the show due to her uttered thoughts.
      Disgraceful behaviour from ‘woke’ Disney.

      1. Schlockisgood

        Gina carano is a talentless fat ugly skank.the only ones who like her are the other anti American idiots who think they are patriotic because they wrap themselves in the flag . Which btw is pure flag desecration and one of the most unpatriotic things you can do. The flag is meant to be hung , not wrapped around the head or ass of a bunch of gun waving yahoos

        1. I bat blue and I think she makes a valuable contribution to the series. A kick ass chick is good. There are several making good trouble in both series. That makes it fun. If she could keep her politics out of the star wars business that would be better, but in spite of that I like her SCREEN contribution. Bip, bop ,boop. Processing… Yup. She’s cool.

          1. JayArnold

            Agree. I probably disagree with some of her politics but that is really the LAST thing I care about. BTW NOBODY associated with the show ever said she could not act. Any real fans would have watched the “Gallery” specials where her acting and energy she brought to the role was praised at length. Actors political opinions should not be taken seriously – they don’t claim to be experts, just people with opinions like everyone else. We don’t need to agree with them to enjoy their characters and Gina Carano’s Cara Dune was definitely a fun character to watch. Disney shot themselves in the foot firing her… nobody really cared about her politics but A LOT of people enjoyed the character.

      2. Evenbest

        Thank you for stepping up abd saying that.

  5. Scott

    For Star Wars fans like myself, we knew Boba Fett survived the Pitt from his appearance in comic book issue Star Wars Dark Empire #4.

    1. Your missing the point. And no they’re not still calling it slave 1, the wokkies feelings got hurt, all 3 of them on Twitter, so Disney in its infinite wisdom is just going to call it the fire spray now. People need to grow a pair and quit ruining things for everyone. As far as the Boba fett show,it’s ok. I think Temura is 60ish by now, so his action scenes are limited unless a stunt double is used..

  6. Theresa

    The Slave I is still called Slave I. It’s a Firespray class starship tho. And it has been for a long time.

  7. brian

    Typical Disney. Taking a character that was popular and milking it for all they can get. I was annoyed that they made a whole race out of Boba Fett. It was bad enough that Lucas came up with Jango Fett. And now we have a whole story about Boba Fett. Don’t expect anything original from Disney; they’re just a recyling bin.

    1. Lucas Loyalist

      There is nothing wring with Jango Fett. Lucas knew what he what doing at all times.

      They made a race out of Boba Fett because his character (or rather his armor) was so popular.

  8. JeffreyDHejny

    This isn’t a spoiler if you’re a Star Wars fan.

    1. Trueflight Silverwing

      Boba ‘s so is still “Slave 1”, not formerly. It is a Firespray class so. I don’t know why people made such a big deal over it. The name was never changed despite some random Leo set just referring to it as Fett’s ship (as the Leo sets do with every ship except for the millennium falcon)

      1. Trueflight Silverwing

        Idk why my phone changed “ship” to “so” or “Lego” to “Leo”, but I guess it’s readable.

        1. JayArnold

          Thanks for clarifying. I was thinking “so” was some star wars acronym for ship that I was not aware of and unable to figure out. But now it makes sense.

  9. Mike

    We already knew it was dead in the Mandalorian, because a krayt dragon had taken over it’s nest. Now we know it just took over after the Saarlac was dead, instead of having to kill it to take it over.

    1. Jubnub

      The name of the ship is Slave 1

  10. Roberto

    Terrible writing, even for a fan site. I mean, do you really need to list EVERY single cast member and recount plot points that even children raised by wolves know? Answer: no, you don’t. However, I get it. If you didn’t pad your piece with useless crap, it would have been 20 words long. Take a writing course.

  11. I noticed Boba came out of the pit with his armor on and it was removed by the Jawas. Then the sand people took him for a drag. (They accepted me as one of them). He does not remember that so (SPOILER ALERT) they will be going into that in a later episode.

  12. The “Star Wars ” Universe is an ever changing place. Currosant. Gone. Hoth ,Gone.and now Great Pit of Carkoon ,Dead. Do we believe this was the only Sarlac? No.Change is necessary .like it or not, its part of all Great Stories. I am dissapointed in the lack of Action Figures and Toys NOT being made to celebrate this Awsome Show and the many Disney+ StarWars shows.The lack of Merch is disterbing.

  13. Trueflight Silverwing

    Boba’s ship is still “Slave 1”, not formerly. It is a Firespray class ship. I don’t know why people made such a big deal over it. The name was never changed despite some random Lego set just referring to it as Fett’s ship (as the Lego sets do with every ship except for the millennium falcon)

  14. Bruh

    The ship has always been called a Firespray, because that’s the type of ship it is, not its name. It’s a Firespray-31

    Just like Din’s ship isn’t called the Razor Crest, that’s what it’s type is (Given how a stranger wouldn’t know what a stranger named their ship)

    Or how the Millenium Falcon is a YT-1300 Corellian Frieghter

    It’s not “now known as”, it’s always been known

  15. Jubnub

    The name of the ship is Slave 1

  16. Chris S

    Firespray is the name for the type of ship it is. Not the name of the ship itself.

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