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finn (left) and phasma (right) battle in star wars the last jedi

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Misael Caraballo

    I have to admit Captain Phasma is not my favorite character in Star Wars. But, I do have to admit that whatever has to be done to limit the damage that Rian Johnson has created with the TLJ to the franchise needs to happen. I also have to admit that Rian did not do her justice as she was written in TLJ as well. So with that said, I will fully support a new Captain Phasma story to rise from the ashes like the phoenix that she could be. We have see other characters come back from worse fates.

  2. nerdrage

    I don’t really give a flip about Captain Phasma, but you know what, if somebody out there, who isn’t lazy and arrogant like the Star Wars sequel trilogy writers/directors were, has a killer idea for her, let’s hear it! The killer ideas always come from someone’s passion.

    When Darth Maul was originally introduced, I thought he was a shallow excuse to sell action figures. Then he got a lot more depth in the Clone Wars series and turned out to be a great character after all. Never write a character off just because they’re undeveloped.

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