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lightsaber carrying case plastic bag

Credit Left: DIsney Credit Right: Kate H.


  1. Freedomrocks

    That’s really disgusting! The Disney park should have given her a rain check for the case and shipped it at a later time, or given her a partial refund for the cost of the case. This is just one more instance of how the company is moving in a negative direction. Now I know that I won’t be ordering this experience in the future. It’s not worth it.

    1. Penny Duncan

      No way would I spend that much period. The “Case” looks like a flimsy nylon bag. She might have gotten somewhere if she hadn’t drug them through the mud already.
      It isn’t worth the energy she has put into this. Somebody probably makes much better cases anyway. Check ETSY.

      1. RIchard

        The case is billed to come with the experience Penny. I’d be pressing every button I could to get the case that comes with my expensive experience purchase. The fact the company is unable to supply even a raincheck to have one shipped to her at a later date is showing more and more how Disney is only interested in making shareholders happy.

        1. Laurel

          I’m a shareholder and I am NOT happy. The cost of my Disney stock keeps sinking but more than that, I invested in a company that I believed in. One that seemed to understand that providing great experiences would create loyal, happy and repeating customers. This is not the case anymore and it needs to change.

          1. Cin

            Sell, sell, sell, before you start to lose money

            1. Daniel Wimegarden

              Disney’s behavior Here violates the vaunted Disney Way. Actions speak louder than words. And inconsistency harms the Disney Brand. Why would I pay for corporate training on the Disney Way if it’s not truly applied internally?

          2. Melissa Shipp

            You are absolutely correct!

          3. Karen

            Totally Agree. I have gone to Disney I believe 14 times, usually a week to 10 days every time . I also purchased stock ( not a lot) I just loved it so I wanted to be a part of it . Now obviously they have a bunch of Liberals changing every little thing that offends some of these Snowflakes, changing things from years ago , in splash mountain, Jungle cruise and several more .I don’t even care if I go there again Price keeps going up & up and the customer service gets less & less
            No more magical express. The place is getting to be a joke, just like our idiot president

            1. J

              What have they changed to appease Liberals/Snowflakes?

              1. JJJ

                They’ve been changing the contents of virtually every classic ride because of perceived offensive content that no one thinks about or cares to notice unless made aware of by a singular loud liberal snowflake.

        2. LG

          Also a shareholder and I will say that Disney is losing their magic. They’re no longer interested in the guest experience. They only care about the almighty dollar. She should never have been charged the full amount, or should have been offered some alternative. Disney used to be a reputable company, now they’re looking worse than Universal Studios. They should have paid for the shipping cost AND given her a raicheck for the case. That’s the Disney magic I remember. I’m starting to think I should sell my shares and get out before Chapek runs them into the ground entirely.

          1. Peter and Diane Mitros

            VERY well said!!!

          2. Ed

            I totally agree. Shame on Disney. I would have loved this experience, but I won’t risk having the horrible version she had. In fact, I think I’ll just skip Disney altogether. We had been considering going, but the more I hear, the more I don’t think we’ll give them our money.

        3. TheTruthBurns

          Disney is Garbage inside out.

        4. Marie

          I WAS a Disney shareholder and it was making money for me but I sold my shares as soon as Bob Iger left the company because the price started going down. The new CEO cares nothing about what Walt Disney envisioned for the Guests and the company itself and is only interested in anything other than keeping Walt’s vision alive. I’ve read several articles stating people want him out, and it’s not just the shareholders.

      2. Gina

        It’s actually a great case ( I have 4 in the family) and they should send her one.

      3. FMMama

        They paid for something complete and something important was left out.
        They deserve what was promised in the description.
        Shame on you Disney. Make it up to her or your reputation will suffer. Truth!

      4. Suzy Garrison

        This is just another case of Disney no longer going out of the way for guests. It seems Disney has decided decided that they are the only game in town, but they are not. The annual passes for Florida residents is no longer worth the price. There are very nice parks with annual passes plus perks. When my out of state visitors arrive we will have our choice of those other parks.

        1. Max

          To add to this insanity, I recently went to a Disney Store and spent a fair amount, over $250, and they wanted to sell me a bag for $1.50. Either that or nothing. It’s absurd! Trader Joe’s sells paper bags for $0.10 – ten cents! Insane!!!

          1. Cin

            They are now charging for bags? If you buy a bunch of items they wont give you a bag? I would then tell them to REFUND MY MONEY IMMEDIATELY!

            1. Joel Grimm

              It’s a California law. Say no more

              1. William Kucharski

                No, Disney Stores have this policy nationwide.

        2. Tanya FariasPuryear

          I live in San Diego and have a Magic Key holder and decided that I would not renew my pass for several years due to the rudness of their employees. I fell off the curb on my scooter and now I’m out $1800 for a new one. Called several times and no one has yet to call me back 😒

      5. Barb Delli

        We had a similar experience many years ago where Disney was blatantly breaking state laws but they didn’t care. Even emailed their headquarters and never even got a reply. We never went back…and we live locally.

      6. Kate Harder

        I’m the one this story is about. I didn’t drag Disney through the mud at all.
        I made a post in a private Facebook group. My post was picked up by WDW News Today and then more Disney groups etc. wrote about it too.
        Many people commented on my post and encouraged me to go talk with a guest services manager so later in the day I decided to try.
        I feel very strongly that Disney was in the wrong. If you go look on eBay or Amazon, the exact case or similar to what was supposed to be included costs $34.
        Disney has since decided to provide a discount on the experience to make up for the missing case. Everyone who now goes to the experience will:
        1 – not pay for something they don’t get
        2 – know in advance (hopefully) that they won’t get it and be able to plan their day and eventual safe return home of their lightsaber.
        So the time I spent on this was worth it to me.

        1. Chaoleo

          It’s still ridiculous that they tried to play these shenanigans with you. I’m glad they finally sent you the case but they foolishly already did the damage to their reputation. Sad.

          1. Chaoleo

            Er well, give you a discount rather than the case. Still. Yikes. Come on, Disney.

        2. David

          What a life of privilege you must have. And the fact that you got worked up about this at all is silly. The fact that you wasted that kind of money on the light saver to begin with is silly. You are a silly person who comes across as extremely entitled and has absolutely no perspective on the world.

          1. Ecarte

            A life of privilege ?? What a NASTY remark to say to someone who was only asking for what they paid for. I doubt if you take less than what you pay for. But because you assume this woman has a life of PRIVILEGE she should take less. Offending remark !

            1. Blue Aideen

              It was in fact a Very True Remark. You, dear, are in that category as well.

          2. Zxylady

            You don’t even know what a lightSABOR is, so maybe sit your pie hole. You are irrelevant to this discussion.

            1. SithLord

              LiIght saber. Don’t get all pissy and then spell words wrong. Other than that, I agree with your statement.

              1. SithLord

                And I can’t spell light. Dunno if tht means I’m on the dark side or dork side.

          3. Jeanette

            David, I’m sure that you believe this to be a silly purchase. However, people save their earned money for this type of experience. I’m sure that you may have an item that others would find unnecessary, but you wanted it and saved for it. Just because you find it silly doesn’t mean that another shouldn’t have it. She probably works very hard for her monies, and deserves to splurge on something that makes her happy. One shouldn’t take that away by calling her silly!

          4. Donna Long

            Jerk..she paid she should get what she paidfor…let me guess…fast food worker??
            BTW it’s lightsaber not lightsaver!

          5. Tanya FariasPuryear

            How dare you say that!!To each his or her own life and happiness NOT YOU

      7. kevin kollars

        I guess we should always accept less than what we’re promised. Next time your at a restaurant & order a burger, then receive only a bun. Just accept it & move on. Pathetic.

      8. Yossarian 22

        Doesn’t sound like the Disney experience I used to have when Walt was alive. Glad I no long own Disney stock.

      9. Temperance

        False advertisement I would demand a refund/raincheck on the case if they refused..contact a lawyer..demand legal fees on top of the cost of the case you did not get, but did pay for!!

    2. Lmfao!!!!!!

    3. Mike Brown

      Totally understand that one. I was gonna go to Galaxy’s Edge and get one myself but after reading about this, I think I will settle with the Kylo Ren saber that I got at Disney Springs. I really wanted that experience with make your own but if Disney is heading down that kind of Rabbit Hole, I think I will just order a saber from a place like Amazon. Maybe wont be the same but at least I wont get my experience cheapened by a company that may or may not seem to go toward a negative direction. Its sad really cause Disney use to seem like they valued the Guest. If it is in a negative direction that they are leading toward like other big corruptions seem to do at times, they might find themselves losing Guest all together. With how things are turning times for people in this new society and with Covid running crazy once again, not the best time to think of $$$ and less on Guest having that old Disney magical experience. This kind of Rabbit Hole can make or break a company, regardless of how much money they make from Disney+ and from their movies.

      1. Jan

        I wonder if they are saving the cases for the new hotel guests. I understood they have light saber classes at the hotel.

      2. Nah

        This isn’t even an accurate article. The black case they show with the shoulder strap is an additional cost. Go do your saber build, it’s worth it. I was just at WDW last month (we go twice a year) and customer service is still top notch. If you buy mouse ears then forget to take them off on a roller coaster, they’ll replace the ears at their cost. This person just didn’t realize there was a difference between the green bag and the cool bag with extra cost.

        1. Finally, someone talking some sense. This lady apparently became very upset when she realized that she was the one who misunderstood. And these are the exact type of people that service workers are exhausted from working with.Favid

          Finally, someone talking some sense. This lady apparently became very upset when she realized that she was the one who misunderstood. And these are the exact type of people that service workers are exhausted from working with.

        2. Krissi

          When my sons took part in the experience, there was a nice black case included in the price, not extra. There was also an upgraded case that was an additional expense.

    4. Sharon

      Disney has become cold hearted and does not care about their customers and they haven’t in years. They charge more for less and their food at the parks is crappy. They charge way too much for souvenirs, food, drinks, etc. I cancelled my annual pass cause they are charging more for it but took discounts away and took about combined month more away too.

    5. Charlotte A Batdorf

      Disney is not MY Disney anymore! Too many negative changes!

    6. Mickey Mouse

      The magic is gone Disney’s become just another large uncaring corporation

    7. Scott

      We are turning into a world of whiners.

  2. Sergio

    I just visited the Disneyland resort yesterday January 7, 2022 and I built a lightsaber and can confirm I received the proper black carrying case. Never have I seen Disneyland give out plastic bags for the lightsabers. I was very satisfied with my experience.

    1. Christy

      This was not at Disneyland so I’m not surprised your experience differs.

      1. Mark

        I visited Dec 28 thru January 1, 2022 Disneyland and they gave me a plastic bag in the rain and said it can’t get wet. When pressed about case, they said out of stock and no idea when back in stock. They gave extra Kyber crystal as compensation that we didn’t want. The case is far more valuable. Good luck getting an equivalent case under $50 anywhere. Next day we saw ppl carrying cases and found out they had some that day. We were able to trade back the extra crystal for a case at great hassle to us. Had to make runs back to hotel in pouring rain (flood watch when we were there) with flimsy plastic bag as protection. Apparently cases are low supply and they can run out any given day. Don’t know why they can’t edit the website to explain the situation and give options. Old school days they would of just shipped you a case. The case is a good case we feel is a must have for a $200+ lightsaber. No way it would of survived the road trip home without it with 5 crazy kids in a minivan.

        1. Michael

          Everyone knows that we are having supply chain issues. Everyone.

  3. Nick

    I would call my credit card and dispute the charges.
    Say it was stolen.

    1. Matt

      Cool. Good advice, you disgusting lying, criminal. You are probably a worse complaining baby at disney….

      This person made their choice, and has to live with their decision. When I go to a street-dog vendor, and choose to buy a bacon wrapped hot dog, hand them money, if I get stomachache afterwards, I’m not going to go all the way back and complain that I didn’t like the experience as much as I should have….

      1. Jon

        This response makes absolutely no sense. The customer did not make their decision and has to live with it. They paid for something in advance that they’re not getting. A plastic bag is not the same as a $20 carrying case. I would do absolutely the same thing and call my credit card company because this customer did not get fair compensation for what they paid for. It’s that simple, I don’t know anybody defends Disney in the situation

      2. JLA

        Wow. Your example clearly shows you don’t understand the situation nor the heart of the complaint. While claiming fraud would not work, this does not make them disgusting. The complaint is now against Disney corporate entirely, not just that workshop. You’re so quick to show your ignorance and lack of brain power!

      3. B2

        But what if you paid for the bacon and didn’t get it? Would you have been happy to go ahead and pay for the bacon even though you didn’t get it?

        I mean it’s still a hot dog but it’s missing a premium topping that you in most places would pay an upcharge for. Are you good with paying for something you didn’t receive? Obviously you can’t return a hot dog once you’ve taken a bite, but wouldn’t you hope the vendor would do something to make you less unhappy about your missing bacon (that you shelled out for)?

        1. Fariaspuryear TanyaTanya FariasPuryear

          Absolutely agree with you

      4. Bill Kilpatrick

        You are comparing this to buying a hot dog? How much do you pay for your hot dogs? By the way, if you get food poisoning, it doesn’t matter where you bought your hot dog, that’s not an acceptable risk of eating out.

      5. Bob

        Hahahaha What a dope! You can’t be serious? If you are, you’re a sad, sad case!

      6. Kevin Cypert

        Better than being a POS like you.

      7. Michael

        Incorrect, Matt. One can dispute a portion of a charge when merchandise is not received as is expected and marketed. If you paid let’s say, $10 for a bacon-wrapped hot dog when regular hot dogs are $5 and the hot dog you received wasn’t wrapped in bacon, AND the vendor made you pay $10 because you ordered bacon-wrapped even though they didn’t provide it, you can dispute the $5 difference. It isn’t criminal. If any party is being criminal here, it is the company charging money for a product it is charging a customer for in full, but not delivering on in full.

        1. Chtista

          She received a carrying case. It was of lower quality than she expected. Nowhere in the description did it say you will receive a carrying case of $20 value. So how do you place a value on the carrying case that she wanted but did not receive?

          1. Zach Hogan

            …a clear plastic bag is NOT a carrying case.

      8. fge00

        but you got the bacon wrapped dog that you paid for didn’t you. Not just the dog with no bacon and charged for a bacon wrapped dog. You got what you paid for. She paid for a case, a plastic bag is not the case that she paid for. The nylon bag with logo is what she paid for and that is what she should have gotten. Placed in a plastic bag to carry out like any normal business.

      9. John

        Why so disparaging? People are upset not getting what was advertised. It’s not personal

    2. K

      So your advise it commit credit card fraud…. a felony?

      1. Bruce

        It’s not credit card fraud u braindead sheep.She didn’t get what what she paid for. Her dispute is valid.

        1. JJ

          As a shareholder, I’d think you’d voice your opinion at shareholder meetings. If you bought stock through the market, you needn’t throw that around like you own the place because you might really own a bathroom tile.

        2. She got exactly what she paid for. Nowhere in the description does it say that she was going to receive a faux leather carrying case with a $25 value. She is the one who jumped to conclusions about the quality of the case. The quality of the case was never guaranteed. She assumed it.Mike

          She got exactly what she paid for. Nowhere in the description does it say that she was going to receive a faux leather carrying case with a $25 value. She is the one who jumped to conclusions about the quality of the case. The quality of the case was never guaranteed. She assumed it.

      2. Michael

        Your assertion is incorrect. Disputing a portion of a purchase when the item was charged in full but not received in full is valid. If the retail value of the case that should have been included is known, say, $25, then that $25 portion of the purchase price can and should be disputed. This is a way to hold corporate accountable and keep THEM from committing the fraud they are currently committing by charging full price for a product which they are not delivering on.

      3. Cj

        I don’t think they are saying have the entire transaction reversed, just the portion of the product you didn’t receive. I’ve had to do that in the past when I only received a portion of an order. You can get a partial refund from your bank.

  4. EM

    Disney should have reduced the price or sent her a case when they came in. Why are they treating customers like this? Things are going down hill at Disney and they don’t seem to care about their customers anymore they just care about the almighty dollar!

  5. Sue

    This is the Websters dictionary’ definition of a carrying case is : a container that usually has a handle and that is made for carrying something with one’s hand The guitar had a plastic carrying case. The photos of the original carrying case also have a handle. This is how Disney is taking advantage of the guests and need Bob Iger back at the helm. Walt is turning in his grave.

    1. Bill Kilpatrick

      Webster’s dictionary is irrelevant, not when the website had a picture of a nylon bag as a facsimile. It didn’t say anything about a plastic bag. On none of the known planets of this or any universe is a plastic bag a carrying case. It’s an open and shut case. Only its low value prevents it from being the subject of a lawsuit whose filing fee will exceed the cost of the entire experience. But when you mess with people and their vacations, expect the unexpected. I can’t wait to see these people drag Disney through the mud for casually screwing them over and pretending what they did was okay.

  6. Michael Paulson

    As an investor, this is why I won’t buy Disney stock. The company is definitely on a downhill slide.

    1. Joe

      I went in November and can say I did not get a carry case but did get an extra kyber crystal. I too went to guest relations and was told since I got an extral kyber crystal that was sufficient enough

    2. Tom

      Oh? I bought a ton of stock 20 years ago. And I’ve made a pretty penny of it too. Sent my kid to college on the dividend ago. So . . .

      1. Begone

        Wow, good for you!

        Do you want a gold star?

    3. Karen

      Totally Agree. I have gone to Disney I believe 14 times, usually a week to 10 days every time . I also purchased stock ( not a lot) I just loved it so I wanted to be a part of it . Now obviously they have a bunch of Liberals changing every little thing that offends some of these Snowflakes, changing things from years ago , in splash mountain, Jungle cruise and several more .I don’t even care if I go there again Price keeps going up & up and the customer service gets less & less
      No more magical express. The place is getting to be a joke, just like our idiot president Agree

  7. Dis

    This is just another step in their downward trajectory to becoming like six flags. I hope someone in the right place fixes this. The crowds already make the place way overhyped for the money you pay.

    1. Pete

      Like 6 Flags… The Iger / Chapek era, when Disney turned into another 6 Flags, but way more expensive. Sad really that Walt’s dream is being dismantled so.

      1. Michael

        I couldn’t agree more, and the Six Flags comparison is sadly becoming more and more accurate. I live within an hour of a Six Flags park but don’t go there because we invested in Disney’s DVC and we do continue to go. However, because of this type of thing, and many other downward trending problems with the grotesque avarice now shamelessly and rather boldly apparent in the parks, we’re getting disenchanted. It’s not like they weren’t trying to make money before, but at least the value seemed to match what was being charged. It wasn’t so in-your-face like it is now. We’ve discussed stopping going to the Florida Money Pit and instead using our DVC points for exchange hotels elsewhere from now on.

  8. Rachel

    We were there on the 7th as well. The CM’s were very specific in their wording to state this plastic bag was the “carrying case” as they handed these to us. Of course they had other cases available for sale in the shop across the way- at an additional $50 each. While inside the workshop they were great- it definitely left the overall experience feeling much like a bait and switch times three.

    1. Carebear1013

      This is no different then buying a TV with no remote Rhys suppose to be included! Every single person on here would expect that tv purchase to include the remote and if it was missing would expect it to be replaced with no questions asked. This is no different.

    2. Kate Harder

      Hi Rachel. I did feel very much like it was bait and switch. That was a big reason I pushed so hard talking with guest services and asking for a manager. I didn’t get anywhere that day. But I’m the 8th I learned that Disney is now providing a discount for not receiving the case.
      I would have preferred the case. I asked if they would send one to me when the came in stock but they actually told me it “would be too much work to track everyone who didn’t get a case and then send them out when they got more.” But given the way they treated me I took my receipt back and got the refund.
      The Savi’s case sells for $34 on eBay and there’s one on Amazon that looks similar foe the same price.

    3. Chris

      Everyone is guaranteed a case. They are not guaranteed a specific type of case. A clear plastic bag replaced the black nylon bag. Who cares? You can upgrade to the more expensive case if you would like. But they made no guarantees that you would receive some hard plastic case with your light saber. The fact that you losers are all going and spending $250 on a light saber just blows my mind anyway. The economy must be amazing. America must be doing really great for all of you to be going to Disney resorts on vacations that cost hundreds and hundreds, probably more like thousands and thousands of dollars in spending money on stupid things like light sabers.

  9. James

    Disney is grimy who knew🤔

  10. Melanie

    Oh my God! Wait til I tell my family, they’ll flip. What a nasty thing to do to guests.

  11. Sandy

    Disney is not what it once was. So disappointed in Disney. Disgusted!!

  12. Laurel

    Disney is out of control! Won’t go back for a very long time. Walt would never have allowed what is going on. Such a shame that such greed has taken over.

    1. Mama Mia

      Walt wouldn’t know you from a hole in the wall, or care. He was likely dealing with Karens before they earned the name.

      You’re greedy. They’re greedy. Next.

      1. w

        how the hell does wanting what you paid for make you greedy??

      2. LG

        Actually, Walt just wanted every family to have a place they could enjoy together. It was affordable, even for that time, and it had something for everyone. After he died, his predecessors got greedy, and now they are killing the magic that used to be there. We need Iger back, Chapek is running the parks into the ground.

  13. Victor

    I own two and both time my experience was Magical.

  14. Mamabear

    She could have canceled the experience if she had that much of an issue with it.

    She opted not to knowing exactly what she was getting.

    While I understand the disappointment it’s not acceptable to be mad you don’t get freebies or additional discounts when decided to accept the plastic bag at the full cost of the experience.

    1. Kelly

      Really freebie? Never are you getting any freebies. You should get what you pay for other than that it is a scam.

    2. Phil

      They put her on the spot and didn’t give her any opportunity to make an informed decision. Not only that but they didn’t give her the options they had given other customers. They did her dirty.

    3. Freedomrocksusa

      It’s not a freebie. It’s what is supposed to be part of the package. It’s actually quite DECEPTIVE.

    4. Bill Kilpatrick

      You think a plastic bag is a freebie. Grocery shopping must be a magical experience for you.
      “Is plastic okay?”
      “I should say sooooooooooo!!!!!!”

    5. Stormtrooper53

      Except if you don’t cancel your reservation more than 24 hours in advance you still get charged full price.

      1. newo

        you don’t get charged anything if you cancel in person which is the option they were giving her

    6. Kate Harder

      That’s a great way to think of it. Get handed a plastic bag as I’m paying for the saber. Ask why they’re giving me a plastic bag and get told it’s the new “carrying case.”
      Yes, they did offer for me to cancel. But my 9 year old and I had planned on this experience for months and I had a minute standing at the register to decide to continue or cancel and tell my child we wouldn’t get to do the build because Disney decided a clear plastic bag was a carrying case.
      I was on the spot and figured I could talk with guest services after and get some kind of small discount to go ahead and pay for another case they offer for $50+. They said no they “couldn’t” give a discount and they “couldn’t” provide a discount on shipping and that there was nothing they could do.
      It felt very much like a bait and switch – were going to give you a plastic bag instead of the case so you’ll spend another $50 on a case.

  15. Bryce

    People need to remember boycotting is a thing.

  16. No Ticket

    I’m glad I’ll be able to tell my kids that I went to Disney Parks before the company was run into the ground.

    1. Jean

      Hmm. Seen at least 10 people walking around with the black cases on the 8th.

    2. Debra Hoag

      Their 2021 revenue was 67.4 BILLION dollars, I think you still have time to go one more time.

  17. Alexandra Kinne

    I think $200+ is a ridiculous price to pay for building a lightsaber, that’s more than the ticket into the park.

    1. Bill Kilpatrick

      For half that price, you could buy a real saber and cut that CM in half.

  18. Christina Michels

    We just left there too. My son had been looking forward to building this for months. We scheduled it for 1/7/22 in the evening so he could get pictures in the park with it. Imagine my shock when they handed me a “baggie” instead of a carrying case to put the lightsaber in. I asked for a discount – they said no. The cast member told me you are guaranteed a carrying case – and that’s what we gave you – FOR FREE he told me.
    Since I didn’t want to flip out in front of my son, I asked to speak to a Manager since a baggie is not a carrying case. They told me, sorry, we ran out. I asked for them to ship me a case when they come in, they told me no. So I paid $234 after taxes, the had to go to another shop to spend another $53 on a carrying case because that was the only one they had.
    I’m still angry about this!!!

    1. Suzy Q

      Would you like me to call you a middle-aged soccer mom wambulance?

      They’re on standby.

      1. Amy

        I am so sorry this happened to you. We went over the summer and my son built his light saber. It was his favorite thing the whole trip. He got the black carrying case with the handle to across his chest. It is a nice padded case because the light saber is very nice, expensive and breakable. I would expect a plastic bag for the plastic light sabers. This was so wrong and false advertising. I too am very disappointed in Disney for doing this. Shame on them!!

      2. Kevin Cypert

        I’m sure you are quite familiar with them,
        probably a frequent flier yourself. Sod off Karen.

    2. Kate Harder

      Christina – I don’t know if you found this out but Disney has decided to offer a discount for the experience for not providing the case. If you haven’t already received the discount you should still be able to get one as long as you have your receipt. And you don’t have to be at Hollywood Studios to get it. You can go to any merchandise location or write to guest services.

  19. Joe

    Just another reason why after 38 years and 105 visits to WDW we will not be coming back.

    1. John Q Public

      104 visits too many…some would argue 105. What miserable existence must one live to invest that much of one’s finite time on the planet in a crappy theme park?

      Was the colorectal specialist not available?

      1. DN

        You are a sad sad person.
        Guess when all you do is type pathetic sarcastic useless remarks all day, you’re pretty good at wasting your time too.
        Waste of oxygen.

  20. Bill Kilpatrick

    Nothing says “entitled” quite like rich people crying because they didn’t get a vinyl carrying case for their $200 fake lightsaber. In the annals of all that matters – in a world where people go hungry, where lives are lived and lost in war zones – upper-middle-class crybabies whining about their souvenirs at an overpriced theme park are like flatulence in a high wind. For $200, you can buy your own 3D printer and build 10 lightsabers and an actual carrying case.

    1. RIchard

      It’s included as part of the purchased package. I dont know how you and several other people understand this. Just because other people have it worse doesn’t mean these people deserve to have a lesser experience than what is expected and listed on the website.

    2. Chey

      Perhaps they saved up for this vacation for years in order to make it happen? You don’t know the circumstances other than the fact that they weren’t provided part of the experience that is advertised as part of the price they paid.

    3. Tammy

      Oh I’m so sorry you have to make yourself feel better by putting other people down and insulting them. Obviously your just mad because your not intelligent enough to manage your money and can not afford the same opportunity to go on the same vacations as the rest of us. It must really suck to be you.

      1. Ralph


        1. John

          Troll much?

      2. Michael

        The proper “intelligent” use of the contraction of “you are” is “you’re” not “your.”

        You have no credibility to tell someone they’re not intelligent.

      3. fge00

        Do not bother, he is a troll. They have no lives or value. They are just here to irritate you. Step over it and find sane people to discuss things with. Maggots are on a higher level than trolls

    4. Kevin Cypert

      How do you say I can’t afford to go to Disney much less afford a custom built metal lightsaber?
      I bet you really hate season pass holders.

    5. Dale S.

      Wow! You have to be a special kind of stupid to go to a Disney fan site, read an entire article essentially about declining customer service in the parks and then type out a whole rant about people paying too much for merchandise and too much for tickets to get into a theme park.

      Seriously buddy, if you think you’re such a better person, why are you wasting your time judging people on the internet instead of getting out there and feeding the homeless?!

    6. Joe

      If you consider buying a $200 lightsaber “rich” then you must live a sad pathetic life. 😂

    7. DN

      Maybe think about changing your last name to kilyourself

  21. John Q Publico

    Disney should have advertised a change in its offering.

    And the customer needs to get a life. A lightsaber workshop? JFC

  22. Jason

    I’ll vouch that as a lifelong visitor to Disney, a lot of the magic has been replaced with a sense of gimmicky profiteering, unhappy employees (had a snotty girl in Ronto Roasters roll her eyes and intimate stupidity when my elderly father asked if they sold coffee, among other experiences), tired maintenance, and glitchy/broken tech and rides. We will move our vacations elsewhere. While the woman inquisition is obviously a Karen, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a resonant point that all the guests are feeling. Disney is now devouring money that comes from the nostalgia garnered by past experiences. I hope its just a dark age for them, instead of the beginning of the end.

  23. Sandy Covax

    Situation sucks, but she should not have accepted or ASKED to “think about it”. People posting “she was put on the spot” is nonsense. She 100% controlled the transaction speed. If she didn’t like it, should have pulled out. Plain and simple. BTW I think it is a horrible thing to do (and needs to be changed on the website if that is permanent) but again, she had the choice. Whining about it afterwards or buyers remorse is on her. She could STILL return it if desired. But come on…the merch cashier wasn’t “bullying her into buying”…consumer controls the transaction!!! Again, cannot stress that I don’t like the way Disney handled (should offer to ship proper case when arrived or offered some sort of compensation) BUT she made the choice…crying over spilled milk that you said “no. it’s OK I’ll drink this off the ground” is more a reflection on her than Disney. The recovery is the bad reflection on Disney.

    1. Billy

      God I hope my life is never so awful that I feel the need to defend a billion dollars company.

    2. Kate

      We’re you there? Did you hear the conversation that took place? Could
      It be that the customer discussed going to guest relations after the experience with the cashier before paying? Did you notice the child standing there waiting to build the lightsaber they had been talking about for months?
      And could It be that this was the big splurge for the trip that had been planned for since January 2020 and cancelled/postponed 3 times before actually getting to the parks?

  24. Tracy Ellson

    Similar thing happened to us building droids. The R2 units are missing 2 pieces that are out of stock. They didn’t tell us until I asked about the missing pieces while I was building. There was no discount or way to get them once the pieces arrive. Pretty crappy service Disney, especially for the price.

  25. Janine S

    I would be disappointed if I didn’t receive everything I paid for. The case looks not very expensive. If they had written free case while supplies last. A bag would make sense. But they didn’t. Disney should make things right with the customer. Great customer service is why we would pay extra money and come back. This is not the Walt Disney World. I remember.

  26. Ryan

    Anyone who pays that much for a plastic lightsaber is just an idiot anyway! She deserves the plastic bag!

    1. Chris Kinney

      Uhhh, it’s a fully customizable, metal lightsaber, with an interactive show to build it. Get your facts straight before insulting someone.

    2. Billy

      Says the guy who probably spends hundreds of dollars to buy a jersey with someones name on it that plays a game for children really good.

    3. Elsewhere1010

      So you enjoy paying for something and not receiving it, right?

  27. Crystal

    When I was there in October, they gave me one of those plastic bags for my Droid. I had already planned to put it in a locker, but I wanted the cute box!

  28. brian

    If you think this is bad, imagine how folks are going to feel after paying $6000 per head for the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience, then finding out that the Lightsaber training isn’t working that day.

    This, or something similar, will surely happen. Anyone that pays out that kind of money for a 2 day experience put on by the same folks that tell you with a straight face that a plastic shopping bag is a “lightsaber case” is just foolish. And you will most likely regret it.

    1. Jesus Madriz

      $ 6,000 green ones for two days ???? I’ll build the Falcon 6 times over with that.Lol

  29. JP

    Holy crap this comment section is just as crappy as Disney’s customer service.

    1. Michelle


  30. Bob

    Lightsabers are for men and sons to do , Good job ugly for ruining it for everybody else cuz you didn’t get a discount like you think you should damn liberal.

    1. Michelle

      Men and sons?

      Well I’m sorry. I built my lightsaber while my SO watched because his not the Star Wars fan.

      Shameful of you as I’m an engineer and maybe that’s a man’s job, too?

      Either way, I got my carrying case so I’m sorry that the OP did not. Sucks. There are stock issues everywhere. It sucks. But I wouldn’t have made a huge stink about it. You can get them on Etsy if need be for half the price and they’re better than what you get at the parks. I got some sweet laser cut saber holders from Etsy. Nothing like that available at the parks.

    2. Pip

      What misogynistic attitude is that “Bob”? Gross

    3. Skip

      You are disgusting.
      Any person can do any activity they choose to do. With no shame.

    4. Billy

      I never seen anyone try this hard to troll.

    5. thomas

      bob must be a true delight at parties if he ever gets invited to one.

  31. Christian

    These are our “problems”?

    Not sure what’s worse…..this story or that there’s people that don’t see how petty this is. Be pissed. Walk away. But good lord….a blog about it?

    1. Kate

      I didn’t blog about it. My Facebook post in a private Facebook group was picked up by WDW
      News Today without asking me. And then other Disney groups picked it up. Inside The Magic wrote about this after contacting me through Facebook and asking some questions.

  32. John

    Please delete Bob’s horrible comment

  33. Zac

    Disney should be ashamed. One big rip off. Don’t give these maggots your money

    1. Jesus Madriz

      They have enough anyway.I rather go build a saber in my own room listening to the soundtracks AND don’t have to travel nor consume overpriced food.

  34. Mary

    Same happened with us last week… two of my sons built them and was told they ran out of cases. They were each given a crystal in replace of it and a plastic bag. Very disappointed with the price and no carrying case. They each ordered a case from Amazon when we got home- an additional $35 each and they are too small.

  35. LJ

    For goodness sake, make the best of the situation and ask about it at services on the way out. I did the droid experience with my 8-year-old, and it was magical. The experience, not the droid that you take home. That is what you are paying for. There was a lady next to us with a daughter about the same age as mine, and she spent the whole time trying to get her kid to choose “girl colors” for the droid. Lighten up, people. Go with the flow & let the kids enjoy themselves!

    1. Jesus Madriz

      Well I agree.

  36. Jesus Madriz

    Well…this is such a cheap performance from Disney.Is there no costumer service responsable for such atrocity ? Glad it became problem these days Disney doesn’t care, government doesn’t care,nobody cares anymore.

  37. Ryan

    Imagine a grown adult paying that much for a child’s toy? Then had a temper tantrum to boot? Oof.

  38. Chit Ling

    Start punching cast members in the face. You will go to jail, but at least I’ll get a real case when I go because of what you did. Thanks in advance

    1. Ron Libby


  39. Mmgray

    Both of my children were fortunate enough to make lightsabers back in May, so each received the nice carrying cases. And those cases were very important. Because they provided a cushion type of protection, very similar to a soft guitar case. And at $240 each, with breakable features, there’s NO WAY a plastic bag would provide any type of protection. So, so sad for the people ripped off and denied the full product. But cases conveniently located close by for $50? Shame on you Disney. Between the cost of tickets and travel to get to the parks, a lightsaber is a dream experience at a very high cost. Just deliver what you promised.

  40. Sunny

    Oh my god. People are really, truly, upset over this. I mean… I get it. You should get what you pay for. But really? To call a news channel? Have an article written about it? To argue over it in comments when you weren’t even directly involved?? Oh my god. You people are wild.
    There are children starving. Being abused in foster care. People in the world without clean water or electricity. People on the streets with no one to give a f*ck about if they live or die. And you all are, arguing about a carrying case for a toy.
    Jesus Christ we are doomed

  41. Sunny

    Oh my god. People are really, truly, upset over this. I mean… I get it. You should get what you pay for. But really? To call a news channel? Have an article written about it? To argue over it in comments when you weren’t even directly involved?? Oh my god. You people are wild.
    There are children starving. Being abused in foster care. People in the world without clean water or electricity. People on the streets with no one to give a f*ck about if they live or die. And you all are, arguing about a carrying case for a toy. Ooof.
    Jesus Christ we are doomed

    1. Kevin Cypert

      Then take your Sunny ass and go save the world. As for me I think I need a few of those $240 lightsabers and $53 cases.

    2. Billy

      It’s really ironic you mention “there are worse things” as a case to defend a company that exploited it’s workers on a constant basis. I can’t imagine a more pathetic existence than defending a company.

  42. Jason Price

    It’s just sad that even a magical kingdom is clearly ruled by profits…
    One day, Disney will be a relic just like the rest of us.

  43. Jake

    Jilted customers/guest may need to file a class action lawsuit of simple blatant “catch and bait sales and merchandising tactic” and false advertising. That is a lot of money to be jilt to believe your getting a case that is claimed to be out of stock/discontinued.

    1. Jeff

      You do know lawyers usually cost 10-12 grand just to show up to court.. Right?

    2. Tim

      Can be done simpler using your credit card company to dispute the transaction as being unsatisfied with the experience. Clearly showing the fraud in what you paid for and what you received.

  44. Allison

    Been in retail for years, that kind of customer service is unacceptable.

  45. AT

    That’s modern Disney. Write to Guest Communications, complain, and stop giving them your money or this is never going to stop.

  46. Chris Kinney

    Just a day later, on January 8, Disney announced that they are giving a 10% discount on the experience. Not much, but it’s something.

  47. Brian

    If you’re there for the experience, by all means, pay for the experience. But if you’re there for a saber, there are more genuine/authentic options for the same price (and of course more). Disney’s sabers are junk beyond the experience.

    1. Pip

      Uh… what are you talking about. I have like five of them. They’re well built, heavily detail, metal not plastic, and interactive. Sorry… where are you getting yours from? I wanna know. If they’re better than Disney’s, I want one.

  48. Lookout giftshop here I come..Sad.

  49. Tami

    My family was there on November 30. We built one lightsaber. They didn’t have the cases at that time either. After spending 250.00 dollars they told me to go to the shop and buy a $60.00 carrying case. I said no.

  50. Darlene Forsman

    Chintzy is not what I’m accustomed to associate with Disney, but now I will.

  51. Jason

    I think Disney has become arrogant and has no empathy to its customers. They also do not value the people that walk through their gates every day. They just take your money and basically say we don’t care not out problem. If they cannot provide a carrying case find alternatives. Hire temp workers to make them form scratch if necessary! You can’t tell me a multibillion plus company a month not in a year in just a months time can’t afford to figure out a way? Bullcrap! That kind of money they should have a factory hidden within Disneyland making the cases on site! This is 100% BS and they should be ashamed of themselves!

  52. Jeff

    Bs story. Nothing costs 17.95 to ship. It costs double that to ship a pound first class..

    1. Jake

      Funny. You can ship priority mail (3-4 day shipping) in a flat rate box you can put about 20 pounds in for about this price.

      It’s not the dimensions of a saber but your claim about shipping cost and weight is total BS.

    2. Kate

      The cost was $17.95 for ground shipping with 15 business day expected delivery – not first class delivery.

  53. M

    That’s what you get for supporting Disney. It is one huge ripoff. I would not take my family to Disney ever again after they charged $20 for Mickey Mouse ears that looked like it cost $0.50 to make. It fell apart in a week. Disney will never get my money again.

    1. Pip

      If that’s the reason you don’t go to Disney… because of a pair of $20 ears? You weren’t ever really interested in going in the first place.

  54. Jesse

    The regular case is literally just as flimsy as a plastic bag anyway. Nothing special. Be honest with yourself, you paid for the experience and the lightsaber. Not the damn case, Karen.

  55. KiKi

    While I agree Disney should have given her a raincheck for the original carrying case, I find it a bit much that she couldn’t ask for a Disney shopping bag with handles to put the lightsaber in. I mean, they do have those and the guest services could have given her one had she asked. But on another note, sometimes people sell out of things and customers just have to deal with it. I think Disney could have done better and given her a bag w/handles, but a lot of businesses are low or out of stock on a lot of items these days. Be thankful you go your product and move on!

  56. Nicholas Cobb

    Disney is garbage. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  57. Pip

    You’re paying for the lightsaber and the show. Most lightsabers sold at Dok Ondar’s (the shop that sells them at Galaxy’s Edge), are anywhere 130-199 dollars. And you don’t get the show/experience there. The vinyl carrying case was actually a freebie. I’m reading some major entitlement here in the story, and comment section.

    She had EVERY opportunity to back out, and not have to pay. This “put on the spot” nonsense is an excuse.

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for her. Nor for anyone defending or supporting her.

    This article is ridiculous. Period.

    1. Billy

      Aweeeee poor billion dollar company. How dare that woman ask for something reasonable! People like you who simp so hard for companies are the reason why this country is in the hell hole it is.

      1. Kiev

        Nah, entitled people like you who think it’s reasonable to demand recompense for a complimentary item that was out of stock is the exact kind of toxic behavior that’s killing small enterprises and allowing large corporations to dominate the market in the first place. Stop contributing to the problem, Billy.

  58. Disneyfan

    We were just there during Christmas and they had ran out of the carrying case. I totally understand where this mom is coming from and how frustrating it is to not have the things we paid for. What’s really sad that everyone is forgetting is that there is nothing to purchase. If you really look at the bigger picture, Disney has ran out of I inventory all over the park. They are trying so hard to bring the magic back but if you really look closely it’s really sad. This trip was actually sad to see how beaten down the cast members are getting yelled at by guest. The shelves are bare with nothing to excited for. They still have Halloween stuff that usually goes for sale on shop Disney but not much. It’s really hard to see that Disney isn’t Disney right now and it’s because this pandemic is taking a toll on everyone especially for the cast members who show up to work and have been beaten down by guest who are upset that they aren’t getting the magic that they pay for. Like is said I get it. My family and I were stuck on an island for 2 years we weren’t allowed to travel because of fear that we would bring covid back home. Our state is so backwards they opened up for tourist to come visit us. That’s beside the point . The point is just be nice to the cast members and really look close at Disney. It’s really sad that they don’t have a lot of what we where use to having.

    1. Emily

      Thank you 🙏🏼

  59. Joshua Underwood

    They are doing the same thing for droids, they gave us a bag for the droid and we had to drag it around all day, she said they are out of boxes, they are out of trims, I went just last week to Galaxy Edge in Disney World, overall I noticed all the parks and Disney Springs we’re low on inventory for everything, when I went in Feb 2020 way more inventory and things to buy, maybe they opened the stores up more to make it safer during Covid, or they are just out of inventory, and they eliminated the locker service they had for picking up your things as you leave, so just dragged around a droid all day, as the lines were so long for the rides gong back to the hotel just wasn’t a option

  60. Alan

    Disney is already a huge ripoff. Anyone who goes there deserves to be shafted.

  61. A

    I heard they don’t let you build it yourself anymore and now they have cast members do it instead while you watch. Sounds like a big money grab scam from disney

  62. Emily

    We are running out of food items at the supermarket. There are issues of mass illness and the supply chain. I wouldn’t be going to Disney right now.

  63. Claudia

    We went to WDW and got a saver for around that price in 2019. The black bag was extra it was not included according to what we were told. If we wanted it we had to pay more for it.

  64. When will everyone realize that Disney only cares about their shareholders,not the loyal customers who are responsible for their success!!

    1. Blue Aideen

      “They” don’t give a dam about shareholders or “loyal customers” or any other entitled name y’all give yourselves. Its a business. Supply and demand and all that jazz. Money talks whike whiners walk… Farther now that the tram and monorails are down eh?

  65. G

    We were just here yesterday and had 4 that built light sabers. We were told that they were out of bags and given the plastic cover to put it in. We were given a 10% discount and weren’t told about the option to ship it. We’re just hoping the 3 out of 4 that have to fly make it home without breaking.

  66. Rita

    My son built one this past November. Luckily we got a case. I would have been paranoid carrying around a lightsaber for that much money in a plastic bag. I was already paranoid she would drop it. We took ours out to the car and then continued our day. I feel like Disney is just in it for the money.

  67. RTeker

    Unless a bag has ANY handles, IT IS NOW A CARRYING CASE. Just as peoples newspapers come in a clear bag on a rainy day does not mean that bag is a carrying case

  68. Erica Marks

    We just went to the parks on January 1 and did they build a droid and I was really surprised that they only had a plastic bag not the cardboard box from the past times we’ve gone. My husband put the droids out in the car because we were not only worried they would get broken but also stolen because it was a clear plastic bag.

  69. Rroe

    Wake up people…….Disney is all about the almighty dollar and YOUR just chopped liver to them. Disney has a “Think Tank” that works 24/7 to come up with ways everyday to take more money out of your pocket.

  70. Carl S

    Disney is all about maximizing their profits and to do that you have to reduce guest experiences. Nothing wrong with making profits but Disney is no longer worth the thousands it takes to have a week at a resort and parks. All thanks to their CEO Bob Chapek, also known by Cast Members as Bob Cheapskate. His mantra is “if it doesn’t make money then it will be cut”. So why would they provide a nice carry case while a plastic bag that probably cost a penny will do. Money saved to enhance profit once again.

  71. Bob

    First of all, did a second grader write this article? I’ve read many poorly written articles recently which makes me question if these news outlets have any hiring standards at all for the writers they employ. Clearly this site does not. They also clearly do not have any standards for what constitutes a news story. I’m shocked at the amount of people who read and commented on this. Someone got overcharged at Disney? You don’t say?! Seriously, hire some real writers and write about things that matter.

  72. Madeline

    We had issues with the droid workshop. We paid extra for the backpack and chip. My son had a defective droid, the head wouldn’t stay on, and so they switched out the pieces but not the chip. When we realized this back at the hotel we tried getting in contact with Disney. We went to Disney springs the next day and spent and hour being passed around cast members. We were finally given an email address to email. After a year of unanswered emails we finally gave up and never got our chip. It’s been super frustrating.

  73. Amanda

    Until you as the paying guest stops paying nothing will change. Instead of looking for a discount or freebies take a stand and not give them your money. Disney could care less about the guest once that transaction clears.

  74. Vicky

    I get why she was mad. However, did she stop and think how her constant complaining affected her daughters vacation? #Karen

  75. Mick

    I was very surprised that Disney still uses plastic. I was disappointed and I carry my own recycled bags but that was a no no and I had to buy one of theirs ?!?

  76. Rebecca

    You’re getting mad at the wrong person. Sure, it’s expensive and to you, a waste of money. But if you boil it down to a simple issue of torts, it’s unacceptable.
    They advertise a product that includes a case. That was the contract. A photo of the product and case were provided as an example. Then a price was set. When the customer accepts this situation, that is a meeting of the minds. There was no ‘while supplies last” or “may not be as pictured” included. So when Disney changed the terms of the contract without notice, it’s unethical. And everyone knows that when you have your child there, excited for the experience, you cannot just walk away.
    It’s akin to you paying for something in advance and you go with your kid to pick it up, only to have them say “sorry, the price is doubled now”.
    They broke the contract. That’s not right.
    And all you people who whine about the state of the world, as if that has some sort of bearing on this situation, are just using logical fallacies to be contrarian.
    If they purchased something and it was different than advertised, they would put up a stink. That’s not being a Karen. This is an appropriate time to be upset. A karen gets upset over nothing. Asking your corporate overlords to adhere to the terms OF THEIR OWN CONTRACT is not being a Karen.
    And if you don’t put up a stink, you’re a doormat.

    1. Avilina

      Exactly. As long as you are not being abusive to the park workers you absolutely should complain when don’t get what you pay for especially when you are already paying so much. It doesn’t make you a Karen if you are polite but firm about not being taken advantage of.

  77. SaiyanElite

    I understand why she was mad but considering the park was out of cases she should be more understanding to the situation and realize it was something out of cast members control. I do think they should have at least give her a discount by taking off the price of the case. However I lost all sympathy for this woman when she started complaining to everyone and even demanding a freebie and discount.

    That being said has anyone noticed that all this site does is try to trigger people like fox news?

  78. Camel Toe Harris

    She shouldnt blame Disney for the supply chain issues since it’s
    empty shelves Joe Bidens fault. You libs blamed Trump for everything for four years so it’s time to start blaming your poopy pants leader Joey B.

    1. Billy

      Trump lost. Deal with it. You white supremacist baby.

  79. E B

    What was Disney’s Response?

  80. Trish

    The cases are not beautiful custom cases as described, they are actually very cheaply made and flimsy. Although it would be more comfortable to carry than a plastic bag it isn’t worth ruining a trip over. You pay for the Savi experience of building the saber, the bag was just a bonus. She was also offered the chance to cancel without charge.

    1. Mark

      Respectfully disagree, the cases are good enough to protect the saber in a road trip home and carrying to events where you use the lightsaber. Good luck trying to find an equivalent one under $50. In our opinion it’s a must have for a $200+ lightsaber that needs to survive a packed minivan and unpredictable kids.

  81. Ray

    We, as a society, thrive upon the principle of Free Speech, and forums like this give everyone the opportunity to be heard, regardless of the content of their opinion. But the level of vitriol directed at the original post and each other is just as or even more disappointing than the Disney response.

    I fully agree that Disney should have handled it better, and should re-think the policy of re-defining what a carrying case is when they clearly intended to provide a nylon decorative keepsake bag as part of the experience, but ran into stock issues. I would also have expected some level of additional compensation, to offset the disappointment. Disney was once renowned as the place where magic happens, and making sure the small things go right or get corrected was part of there culture for the customer experience, but not anymore, when profits are down. I and my sons had the opportunity to build light sabers, and it was fun. We had a great time and walked around the rest of the day with the original carry bag, nodding and smiling at others who had them, because we all enjoy Star Wars and shared that unique experience. The lack of the carry bag diminishes that experience, and Disney should find a way to make it right. But money talks – once you pay, any Cast Member can say anything after “I’m sorry” with no need or incentive to correct the situation. The only recourse would be to continue contacting Disney or your credit card company, but that does not change the diminished experience. Disappointing.

    And to the very mean people out there, please get a life. If some of the things you posted were ever said in each other’s presence, I am sure there would be a wholly different issue to address. ‘Nuff said.

  82. What has me totally confused is why in reading the posts from people who complain about Disney from price increases, lesser food quality, poor customer service, removing perks for staying on property, shows still not opened, no trams, the previous outstanding firework shows replaced with sub par shows, but they still go and spend their hard earned money on an inferior product, I just don’t understand it.

  83. Meghan

    Our family was there ( in Disneyworld) on Monday, Jan. 3rd and built two. We got the black carrying cases.

    The cases are not flimsy and the lightsabers are awesome.

    I’m not surprised they sold out of cases. The park was sold out and packed on Thursday the 6th when we went back to build droids.

    I’m not saying the bag is a great alternative, but what should they have done??

    Let’s do the napkin math.
    There are about 16 people building at the same time and they offer time slots every 15 minutes from 8am thru 9:45pm, which means they easily push 500 or more people thru this experience a day.

    $17.95 to ship it times 500 people. OR a $20 discount times 500 OR they shut down the attraction until the have the bags in stock? And this is just an estimate.

    At the end of the day offering the discount to everyone would have cost them about $10,000 depending on when the bags were switched out.

    So again, it sucks they sold out, but what should Disney have done? Expecting them to eat the cost because they sold out of black bags is kind of ridiculous. The cost is for the lightsaber, not the case.

    I personally would have had the boys make them and taken them back to our hotel room. (if you drove, put them in your trunk) They are huge and walking around the park with them is nearly impossible. You can’t take them on rides anyway.

  84. Enok

    By definition, if Disney describes the carrying case, they are then making a distinction of their carrying case and a plastic bag. They’re not fulfilling their contractual obligation, and refuse to when they become able to. I’d try to report it. This sounds like something a strip club would do.

    1. Sorry, we’re out of Mickey Pretzels. But here’s a cup of water. We already charged your credit card for the pretzel.

  85. Mickeymouse3

    Bob Paycheck strikes again. Dollars before guests.
    Every. Time!

  86. Monica

    But wait…. I TOTALLY BELIEVED [wink] what I was told: that Disney was moving toward being more eco-friendly when they stopped giving plastic shopping bags at the Disney Stores.

  87. Bob Paycheck strikes again. Running the Disney parks and brand into the ground at hyperspeed. No case only bag. No bus only walk. If he could personally pickpocket from each guest on park property, I’m sure he would.

  88. Ronan

    Disney offers an experience that you can get no where else.
    They will not respond to social bullying. That is what she was trying to do. Sometimes you have to spend your limited time enjoying yourself and move on. She got the lightsaber and experience of designing it.

    1. Ben

      You’re an idiot. The price she paid includes the case. She did t receive the case so they should have made it up to her either via a voucher for the case when it comes in, “x” % off, etc. If you think that’s fair, I have a brand new Playstation 5 I’m willing to send you for full price but I’m going to keep the controller. Fair? Exactly.

  89. Jamie

    The fact that the cast member told her to cancel the experience or accept the bag was completely a screw job. Disney has become greedy & not about their customer service anymore. I keep seeing these stories constantly & trust me, don’t think I will ever go back. Haven’t been since 2018 & I’ve always gone every 2 years.

  90. Cynthia Liss

    I’m heartbroken!!!! I grew up having Disney World as a huge event in my life. It was our vacation event for most of my childhood. We were fortunate to have a free place to stay near with family and my family saved all year to take us. WD Gifts weren’t not affordable for us, so it was rare to get anything. This event was HUGE for this family and they saved their hard earned money to support WD and enjoy something magical, but WD ruined the experience!! WD should have, no questions asked, immediately offered to put the on list to receive the include case and ship it to them once restocked, AT WD’S expense!! In my opinion, it is part of the magical experience to have that WD style case to display at home. Come on WD. this is pathetic to ask the patron that supports you to settle for less they paid for and caused difficulty safely navigating the park for the rest of their magical visit. NOT MAGICAL WD!!!!!!

  91. Ian

    I did mine in disneyland and they gave me an extra Kaberle chrystal

    1. Ian

      Kyber* damn phone

  92. John Scarfi

    Walt Disney please haunt the dreams of Disney’s current management until they change thier ways.
    Thank you…

  93. Charlie

    They are not doing this. I made a lightsaber YESTERDAY and they gave us 10% off for the express reason that they were out of bags

  94. Athena

    That is truly just sad. My family and I went in November of 2021 and did the experience (it is a great experience) and had a wonderful time but for the four of us it was over $900. I can’t imagine them handing me a plastic bag. How do you tell you family nope sorry I know we’ve been talking about this for the past year but nope we aren’t going to do it. They have you and they know it. I’m so sad my husband and I feel that every one should go to Disney at least once but it truly has lost some of it’s magic. I can’t see a cast member looking me in the face and saying they won’t send me a case when they come in or a voucher or something. $40 off would have been about right. The cases are worth at least that the quality is there. The only way they will stop this is if we stop spending money on Disney and again how do I look my granddaughters in the face and tell them no!!!

  95. Shame on you Disney! You are supposed to be the happiest place on earth. You have been rude, and unfeeling toward your guests. You are a billion dollar industry. Would it have hurt you to make this guest have a wonderful experience? Appalled!

  96. Justin

    Just like that, I no longer wish to go to Disney world. How could they say the plastic bag counts as a carrying case? It’s the principle of the matter. Hell no, I’d be wanting to talk to a park director. That’s false advertising and you can sue.

  97. Ann

    And yet another example of how Disney has changed in the last 2 years. This is an clear example of horrible customer service and ways for the company to cut even more expenses. The mouse has finally been overcome with greed and it so sad for families who love Disney but can no longer afford to even dream of going. I attended the opening 50 years ago and I was a season pass holder for many, many years. I can no longer afford to do it just to pay more for rides I want to ride. Now to hear the customer service has gone downhill, it’s very sad.

  98. SithAzzazzin

    This is why you don’t buy Disney’s lightsaber. If you want one then do a little research, and you would find there is a whole community/industry that sells lightsabers look far more real and do so much more than Disneys do for at times less than the ones from Disney. And several companies ship with cases that eqaul instrument cases.

  99. John

    Disney has completed shift from the Happiest Place on Earth to the Greediest Place on Earth. It is simply one big grift at this point, they charge top dollar for every little thing and are no longer providing a top shelf product. Universal Parks provides much better customer support and a better experience. Why not provide this experience with a fast pass to the front of the Star Wars ride in place of the case, that would cost the park nothing but would make the customer very happy. Instead they want to give a 5 cent plastic bag and call it a case, how can they not be embarrassed!!!

  100. Heather

    I went in November (mid November) and built 2 lightsabers and recieved carrying cases for them both (actual carrying case). My nephew built a Droid and it stopped working when they got it back to the hotel. My brother went back to HS the next day and they were absolutely wonderful. He was able to park in preferred parking for free and once he got to costumer service they took his Droid and made him a completely new one and insured it worked before my brother left with it. Really phenomenal customer service. My family built 3 droids all together and there were not any missing parts and we all recieved boxes, and the other 2 droids are still working properly. So sometimes I do think there is a small window of bad luck with these stories, as my experience with the workshop and Droid depot were great. We also has to talk to CM twice regarding other issues and they were great. It’s sad people are having lesser experiences, but I also hope it’s not the ‘norm.’

  101. Mary

    I cannot believe that woman whining about a case. She could have cancelled if she was so put out by this. How is it the employees fault if they are out of cases? The mail system is incredibly slow right now, not Disneys fault. Maybe if she hadn’t been such an entitled Bitch about it they would have shipped it for free. True, her daughter would not have it for their trip, however, was she going to be playing with a $240 light saber at the park? If she was deciding to build it, then go to Main St after and ask customer relations to ship it free along with a case when they come in. To ruin her childs day with her complaining and constantly going to anyone who would listen, did she stop over at the Pop Cone to harass the popcorn person too?? Teach your child how to get what you should have while treating those people with respect.

  102. Ben

    If she used her credit card I’d dispute it and receive the money back and have a chargeback done on Disney. After all, they didn’t deliver on what’s advertised on their website. Guarantee she’d win that dispute.

  103. Tina

    We were in Disneyland the weekend after Thanksgiving. My husband and our daughters boyfriend made lightsabers as well. No case. Nothing. The day before we saw people with the case. Looks so cool! We asked about it and got the same answer, “out of stock”. You’d think that when it is back in stock they would ship the case to guests. But that would make too much sense. They can more than afford to do that.

  104. John Poyhonen

    The sleeve doesn’t really matter on my Savi’s lightsaber because mine became an overpriced paperweight that just glitches out and stays yellow no matter which crystal I put in it. It messed up right after the the ridiculously short warranty and hasn’t been abused at all either.

    1. Chris Ramirez Jr

      Went to Disneyland after Xmas and did savis workshop. We had a later appointment due to not wanting to carry a saber all day. Of course they ran out of the sheets but the did give us a choice of 2 kyber crystals.

  105. Puffnatik

    This just adds to WTF DISNEY? Charges for survices taken away. I’m in California and visited Disneyland. Tram services are taken away where you check in at security at the parking structure and you have to walk a mile and a 1/2 path to get to downtown Disney. There’s no other way unless you go through hotel security. Or the Harbor boulevard Sis boulevard side entrance for shuttles. I wasn’t expecting to walk an extra 3 miles on that day. Visited Disneyland made droids with my son. Pick the combo package knowing that they come with the cardboard Box. We were also given a plastic reusable tote is reusable tote bag and charged for the bag on the receipt. I asked If the bag was part of the bundle purchase and the lady said no. Because it’s raining in case the cardboard Box gets too wet we’re offering this bag. I then said well I don’t want the bag because I was charged for it and if it’s not part of the bundle I don’t want to see it being charged on my receipt. If it’s a free bag I’ll take it but if it’s not part of the bundle I don’t want it want it and to see it on the receipt was kind of frustrating like a hidden charge again services.

  106. Jane

    She should sue. I’m sure there’s a lawyer who’d be happy to represent her to get a chance to get some Disney money.

    1. Craig F

      Except that 33% of $200 isn’t going to get an attorney’s attention…

  107. Eric Proper

    What a joke Disney has become, so cheap they can’t even go ve what they promise. Sorry but a plastic bag is not the same as a carrying case. They should have at the very least discounted the experience, I’m sure those bags are not nearly as much to buy as the real cases. People need to bombard Disney with complaints and people need to start boycotting the parks. If people stop going and spending money they will listen, the past couple of years have been horrible and so many things have been taken away while still charging more and more. That’s why I’m choosing Universal over Disney for my next vacation, a better deal for a better product. Chapek has to go, this has his stink all over it.

  108. JHCG

    Disney most likely will eliminate the “free carrying case” entirely.
    Why give it away and they can sell it for $50 bucks?
    The cast members attitude is a reflection from the management above on how and who is running the show.

  109. Lawrence

    This happened to my family at Disneyland during Thanksgiving. I cant recall if a plastic bags was offered but an extra crystal was. The odd thing is the very next day they had bags as we talked to someone in downtown who just built theirs. You can buy the carrying case so I’m not sure why they wont lower the price if they don’t havr it on hand.

  110. JohnnyRedBird

    Frankly Disney has legally failed to provide the product as advertised. Disney has been so cheap on service yet so expensive its no wonder why folks are fed up and posting negative reviews. I’m going to share this with my friends list and hope over a million people read it.

  111. b donahue

    my son built one on January 4th and they had the black carry cases. Let’s hope they just ran out of them and it’s a supply issue. At Dok Andor’s merchandise was slim pickings. I was told they have been out of some merchandise since Thanksgiving.

  112. Barry

    Disney has enough lawyers on staff that they should know the definition of “bate and switch”.

    1. Nathan

      They do know. This is not remotely bait and switch.

  113. Dennis

    My son built lightsaber yesterday at Disney Hollywood Studios and did receive the plastic bag but since the case was not available we received 10% discount.

    1. Glad I read this, definitely not paying all that to recieve a plastic bag. Thx for the heads up.

  114. Kelly Connerton

    She can print out the dedscription and bring it to the attorney general for false advertising

  115. Goodlord

    I can’t believe anybody is stupid enough to spend $200 bucks on a $15 toy. 🤦‍♂️

  116. Monique

    Disney sure are disappointing their hard core fans and not giving a crap which is a big mistake. People are not going to be able to afford and are not even going to want to spend money on experiences that are not even worth it. Its not about the magic anymore, its only about the money which is sad!

  117. Tyler L Nelson

    Dispute the charge with the credit card company as an defective product or service. Specify exactly what was promised and that you did not receive the goods or services that were promised. Disney will get a charge back, you get a refund. Problem solved.

  118. Nathan

    Whining about this is stupid. Who cares? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Welcome to life.

  119. Teresa

    Disney has just been completely crazy lately. I went to Disney land December 26 through Jan 1 of 2021 to 2022. I specifically went for the lightsaber experience and my mask broke right before going in so I asked the employee do you happen to have another mask since mine just broke . The employee informs me they do have rhem but they sell them for 1.97 each individual standard blue mask. No designs no Disney style mask just one of the blue ones you find in a pack at walgreens . Which I thought was strange because I had been at universal the previous 3 days and I saw the employees there at Universal studios giving guests masks if needed. I shouldn’t be surprised but Disney really does charge for everything.. on top of the charge for the mask it took forever for me to find an employee who knew which store had one. Turns out the main store that had one was at the beginning of the park. So needless to say I did not get to join in on the light saber experience with my son and husband. They are strict on their time frames so I wouldn’t make it on time. It was disappointing.

    1. Teresa

      *Disney world/Hollywood studios not Disney land *

  120. Fk Dianey

    Boycott Disney!!! They’re only about money. Don’t get me wrong businesses have to thrive on making money. But this part truly has no heart anymore. They find ways to milk money out of their guests in every facet and have almost zero care on their guests. Which is ridiculous in the times of pandemic. In the long run it’s not even worth the investment. Nor is visiting Disney really. All it is is a way to watch your money dwindle down, a chance at getting sick and to get a died down experience of what you thought you were going to get.along with ridiculous wait lines.

  121. RippedOffYouWere

    Maybe next time don’t waste your time and money on anything Disney

  122. Tessa

    She sounds incredibly entitled. The workers cant control when they get shipments, if you can afford to go to something like that you’re already privileged enough.

    1. Jeff Wolf

      You’re all alone on this opinion! When you pony up your hard earned money for something you expect to receive it!!

    2. Paul

      So when you buy a product it’s okay if I substitute an alternative. Good luck with that mentality.

  123. Brad Wilson

    I would not buy this experience, way over priced

  124. Tom

    Anyone who would pay $200 for a toy lightsaber deserves what they get.

    1. Paul

      Deserves to get the products being paid for. If you buy a car and get some used piece of junk, you’re ok with that? Idiot.

  125. Helen

    You got ripped off royally. I have never heard of Disney being so uncooperative as your email. Makes me think a lot about going to the parks and I live in Florida.

  126. Jeff Wolf

    This is just the tip of the iceberg! We made our way to Orlando only to be told that we would not be allowed to board the Cruise Ship because our Granddaughter had not been vaccinated long enough!! We were outraged! On top of that, they had hired extra staff to bark at people about their masks!! You could not buy food anywhere without having made a reservation three days in advance, etc. It was the worst/most expensive vacation ever.

  127. Don

    Paid $100 for my daughter to build a Droid at Disneyland. When we got home she informed me that she was told that they were out of leg cover plates. So I paid for an incomplete Droid, not happy!

  128. DizLP

    This is showing several problems that are rotting the park experience.
    First, Disney isn’t giving the care a pricey experience deserves. If indeed there used to be a beautiful handy case for a light Saber, then there should something done so that guests don’t damage the goods they’ve paid so much for.
    But then, that lack of care is probably coming, partially, from the fact that Disney keeps rising prices, for no obvious reasons, and people still pay….
    Another problem is that guests going to the parks now expect to get free stuff when something doesn’t go their way. So not only you’ve had an inconvenience, but then you EXPECT to receive something. When that expectation, that really has come as a courtesy many years ago, isn’t met… Then you get double the frustration. I’m saying this as people find any reason to complain now so they can get discounts or free stuff, and do not necesseraly relate to this particular light saber experience.
    So all in all, yes… Things are bound to go wrong. Disney was in the wrong with those silly plastic bags. But then is it all worth spending your day in line and going back and forth in order to get something that isn’t owed to you? Because, as much as it pains me to say this… Contractually speaking Disney has backed themselves up, and clearly have delivered. Yes a plastic bag isn’t up to the standard of the experience, but it’s still something to carry your thing around. If you didn’t agree with that, don’t spend your money and keep it to treat yourself to something else. Now the best thing to do is bad publicity for the lack of value rather than the lack of empathy.

    1. Paul

      I disagree. They breached contract by substituting a substandard product. If I buy a Mercedes, but they give me a Ford, I’ve been duped. Plastic bags are what the carrying case should be put in after the purchase. I’d call a lawyer and sure for sales fraud and false advertising. Also, ask for the written description of the products.

      1. Craig F

        She could have simply not purchased the product for which she was in disagreement. That’s what a lawyer is going to tell you, and, I should know, because that’s what I do for a living.

  129. Micjon

    It’s almost like they only care about money or something and not about the customers

  130. Matt

    What she should do is go open a fraud charge with her bank. Tell them that they sold her a product that was not as described and didn’t accept refunds. Then the bank will forcibly revoke the payment from the merchant (disney) and shell get to keep the custom Saber. Disney wants to play dirty by technicalities then by all means play dirty back. As a shareholder these clowns keep costing us all money so ya know what Disney? Go blow a bantha and I’ll sooner see my shares driven into the ground before I accept your deceitful policies screwing over good people

  131. Chris

    Wow. Disney employees have gone beyond being jerks with this one.

    1. Edith Plancarte

      💯% you got that right

    2. Blue Aideen

      They can oy do what the higher ups tell them to do. If they bent to Every whim of Every self entitled whiny butt that came to the park… I swear.

  132. Edith Plancarte

    This is outrageous total bait and switch. The fact that the case is mentioned as part of the experience should be proof enough. I myself would want the case for my treasured lightsaber. They treated her like someone who wanted something for free. Awful customer service. They should have informed her and then offer a discount. I think they treated her terrible they should send her a kit and case for free and an apology. I was going to do this with my husband and nephews. No thanks after reading this article

  133. Taz

    It really is a shame to see a company as big as Disney and one that claims to pride itself on offering immersive experiences to families of all ages, but one that specifically caters to children, falling short of that claim. The reality is just as many have shared here, the company truly has changed after all these years, and not for the better. I think it’s also fair to say that quality of the company is also evident in their movie production, but that is an entirely different discussion, and one that is a bit biased. The bottomline is, for such major price tags, the experience really is supposed to be one of a kind. No one should be leaving at the end of the day feeling disappointed or unhappy. I personally haven’t messed with anything Disney related in a looong time, except of course Disney+, but then again, most people have that service. Overall, I was aiming to share my frustration with all of you, and I hope that the lady was/will be able to get her case or at least receive some form compensation.

  134. Paul

    Definitely not acceptable. I would have asked for that case description in writing and called a lawyer. Sounds like she’s fraud, false advertising and not receiving products that were mentioned in the ad

  135. Alexander Huber

    That’s it! I’m not paying that Much money so i can carry a plastic bag all day. When we go in June 23 I will skip the work shop and buy one from kyber.

  136. Scott

    Wow! That’s just another complaint that I’ve heard in a long line of them about Disney! I’m 51 and I remember when it was truly an amazing experience. Poor Walt must be turning over in his grave. Such a sad shame!

  137. Scott

    We are turning into a world of whiners.

  138. Dogman

    She should have walked away after finding out about the case- excuse me, a flimsy black nylon bag. She made the choice to stay. And yes, the little girl would have been disappointed, but probably not as much as the mother. While the situation certainly stunk, she accepted the terms upfront.

    1. Craig F

      Agreed. They told her what she was getting, and she purchased it anyway. She should have walked away.

  139. Blue Aideen

    The amount of self entitled people now adays, is what’s is ACTUALLY ridiculous. You people Do Realize that Disney is a BUISNESS yes? A Theme Park… They aren’t there to Bend their lives to your every need and want and blah blah blah. Holy Hell!! They can’t help that people are So Scared to catch the Covid cold, that NO ONE is going to work, therefor MILLIONS of products are in back order! There aren’t millions of tiny elves in the workshops in the back creating toys for your “precious” memories. They are people. Normal ordinary people, like you and me. They have rules the company dishes out, that they must follow. Stop Acting So Entitled!! Holy Hell!! They don’t make the rules, they can’t bend the rules for “your enjoyment”. They are lowly peons in the big conglomerate that is Disney.

    1. Blow Aideen

      You missed the point… they didn’t offer any of the other solutions since there was no way to get the case. If they run out of light sabres can they give out tree branches? Would be A-ok in your warped book?

      1. Debra Hoag

        Will a light saber fit into a tree branch? How is absurdity an intelligent addition to an argument? They offered a solution, were others needed? Think lean! 😄

  140. Jyezahn

    Disney got their money, and they don’t care about customer satisfaction. So many people flock to Disney and blow their money, a few upset customers won’t matter. If only she had a way to make the plastic bag become a “woke” symbol, they’d probably send her a case.

    1. Tom Whissel

      Agreed 100% with you!

  141. Shoo

    When they thaw out Uncle Disney, gonna be some changes made…

  142. DP

    1. The Guest should have asked to speak with the Merchandise Manager. The Cast Member at the register should never have engaged in a high pressure sales type situation.
    2. The Guest Experience Team (blue shirts) have limited options afforded to them. In situations like this, they should have redirected the Guest to Guest Relations.
    3. Guest Relations has multiple ways to attempt correcting this. Beginning with contacting the Merchandise Manager On Duty, it could have / should have been easy enough to submit a request that when the box is back in stock that Disney send it to the Guest without any shipping expense. In addition, I would have provided some degree of compensation in addition to sending her the box. There are again multiple options available, but the minimum would be a complimentary Genie+ to an attraction or 2 for all the time wasted dealing with something Merchandise should have immediately recovered.

    Chapek is a failed leader. Period. As a former Guest Relations Cast Member who took great pride in correcting these types of situations, even overriding more than one inflexible Merchandise Manager who was too fo used on their Finances, I find this entire situation to have been handled incorrectly, and that is due to Chapek’s failed practices.

    I would encourage the Guest to reach out to Disney Guest Communications next time instead of the press. GC is similar to Guest Relations, but at the Corporate level.

    As for shareholders, please keep your stock, or if possible purchase even more. I’m not saying that to boost Disney’s stock, as I do not own any (could never spare the income to invest unfortunately). I’m saying that because we need the shareholders who care to join together and vote to remove Chapek who continually fails at his job. Trust me, the old time Cast who know better do not like him either. Cast have had so many perks removed, and so many have lost their roles (like myself) that there is only one solution, bring in someone who actually understands how to run Disney.

    There have been growing concerns that tech company would buy out Disney. IF that were to happen, Musk would be my preference as he has similar drive to innovate that Walt did. That said, I do NOT want that to happen, but using that to exemplify the type of person needed. At some point any CEO will need to be replaced. I liked Iger 90% of the time, his biggest flaw though is in not having properly identified his successor.

  143. Tom Whissel

    SHAME ON DISNEY! Walt would be turning in his grave knowing this happened. Sad to see Disney only cares about profit. Two Big thumbs down from me.

  144. StopComplaining

    Do a credit card chargeback and be done with it. That’s what they’re there for. Let Disney foot the bill.

    1. Abel Wood

      I hate to go there.. but the “This meets our definition of Carry Case” Sounds like …..? Snowflake Talk..

  145. Tony Frasier

    Get over it. You sound like a whiny pain in the posterior. There are much bigger problems in the world right now than how you light sabre was packed. They offered you to cancel and refund. Get a grip.

  146. Linda

    Disney is just getting worse and worse with customer service.

  147. Abel Wood

    Every once in a while this bubbles up in me..
    Right after Thanksgiving we went on our 9th Disney Cruise..
    What a money grab….if you had your picture taken with a professional photographer, you could take your mask down, but while you were standing there, if someone in your party said “let me snap a pic for the internet” you were told to pull up your mask..
    The sail away party was replaced with 1 min of Mickey waving at you..
    The cast would not speak but to say the words, “It’s on the App”
    No activities.. No music..
    But they had an 8AM happy hour.. Yes 8 AM

  148. Willey Wanker

    Walt is in heaven right now vomiting in rage. She should have calculated what the case was worth and then broken that much merchandise in the store.

  149. Glenn Kayea jr

    Remember Disney already has made it known you are just a guest and nothing more. The way they throw experience and lawyer driven words means the company does not care about the “guests” no matter what price was paid. Remember you paid to have these idiots tell you what you can and can’t do or what type of food your allowed to have. Money is a factor but they will cover theirselves legally 100%.

  150. Bianca

    Umm this happen to us in August and our carrying cases were mailed to us about 2 weeks later. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Aroha

      I wonder if that was made clear to her. Would have been an easy fix.

  151. Martin

    This is rich privilege.

  152. Jason

    Disney has struggled with COVID as have many businesses. But manu of the business decisions and practices in myind have been counter to the Disney customer tradition. I’ve sold my Disney shares, and I hope that Universal and other parks are taking notice of the opportunity to better serve customers.

  153. Jim

    Stop payment through the bank. Use the visa/mastercard policy on disputed billing to solve the problem. A plastic bag is NOT a carrying case and the bank will either refund them or disney will make good on a case if it wants to get paid.

    I’ve had to use the bank a few times to settle things like this and it’s an easy, although can be long, process.

  154. Aroha

    “The HAPPIEST Place on Earth”? Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave… l hope he haunts every one of those people she had to deal with.

  155. Hecktor

    That’s what she gets foe spending 200 bucks on a 2 foot piece of plastic !

  156. Charles

    Well…, rich people problems. Somebody didn’t get everything they wanted, when they wanted it. Bummer, but maybe not worth writing about?

  157. Tammy Wilson

    Disney Needs to make this right!!! Its one thing to put a hundred buck Droid in a cardboard box but a plastic bag for the Light Saber!? We spend almost 1k on 3 Light Sabers and cases. I would want that freaking case for the Saber ! Those cast members were just sticking with the first ones decisions. Terrible training 😪

  158. Wintyer

    I feel that mabey this woman was a karen

  159. Douglas B

    Disney is the dark side of American business, plainly said. Their business practices across their whole spectrum are shady and underhanded and have only gotten worse since Uncle Walt and his influence. The more you research the things they have done to people, the more you should question why anyone would spend money supporting them. Save your support for worthy endeavors.

  160. Chris

    Sounds like fraud to me.

  161. Dave

    A 9-year old doesn’t need a $220 toy. However, something of that value does deserve something more protective than just a simple plastic bag.

  162. john

    I don’t get it, why would a multi-billion dollar conglomerate cheap out for something as petty as this? Why are companies so afraid of any action that can generate positive press? Are all these companies so fragile that a single act feigned positivity towards its consumer base going to tank the entire company.

  163. Danielle

    What is absolutely horrible about this entire situation is that the Disney experience has been studied, picked apart, modeled, and considered THE Gold Standard in customer service. However this is the absolute worst way to handle the circumstances and ranks no higher than a Chuck E Cheese or traveling carnival. What has this world come to when multiple “supervisors” at Disney cannot get this right. There are several solutions to this problem. And, since this is by exclusive, reservation only, this shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. If they didn’t have the product they shouldn’t have offered it for purchase. Plain and simply.

  164. Theresa

    Shame on you Disney this is NOT acceptable. Your GREED is REALLY apparent. You are NOTHING without your guests . At a time when ride injury rates have been so high, a pandemic going on, many dealing with buisnesss lost etc one would THINK you’re company would be treating their guests better than this!

  165. Craig F

    Disney was wrong for this, but as difficult or disappointing as it may be, you have to vote with your money, if you are unhappy. She should have cancelled her build and used it as a teaching moment for her child. People can scream and complain all they want, but, as long as they are still willing to pay, Disney will not change anything.

  166. Johnathan

    Yep. Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth alright… 🤦🏻🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️

  167. Kate

    As the mother in this incident, I think that we were entitled to everything we asked for and more. We raise our daughter to feel entitled in everything she does. We are owed the world on a silver platter. Our daughter is a princess.

  168. Shi Bean

    Maybe if she hadn’t spent so much effort disrespecting teenage cast members over a TOY that cost more than they make a week, I’d be able to muster some sympathy for the poor Karen. Alas, her behavior just set a precedent for her young child (who wasn’t mentioned throwing several UMC Hissy Fits at Disney World), that your frustration isn’t just worthy of compensation, it’s worth the immediate degradation of innocent employees and the harassment of many others. It’s also, apparently, worth the mental integrity of strangers working a theme park in the midst of a global pandemic. She must be very pleased and much emboldened by the internet fame that came from her tizzy over a literal freaking bag. Meanwhile, imagine being the 9-year old ripped along by the elbow as mommy goes from one umbrella to another to yell at more strangers over nothing. Over something she was aware of before the experience that she was given an out from, that she AGREED TO PAY FOR ANYWAY. Fun family memories at Disney! Mom experienced a perceived slight, took to the internet, stuck some feet in her mouth and then guaranteed no one would sympathize with her enough to help. Good! That’s what she deserved from this situation. It’s called “a consequence.” Hopefully her kid learned the right lesson from this experience, as we have enough entitled Karens meandering around screaming at employees. I, personally, hope the probable teenaged kids she yelled at when shipping her exorbitantly priced children’s toy threw her lightsaber around like a Frisbee and told the FedEx person to do the same. How humiliating this entire ordeal is… if you’re willing to pay $220 for a toy you can buy at Target for $20, the bag it comes in is irrelevant. And if you want someone to help you with something this simple, you don’t go to the internet and take a steaming crap down their throat BEFORE asking for free stuff. The fact that this went viral shows just how intrinsically entitled American tourists are. Especially considering how much safer it would have been for everyone involved if she had just… not been there in the first place.

  169. Kriss Heredia

    The Disney bench mark for customer service just took a step down. All because why? A 10% off maybe, or a few crystals. You’ve worked hard for that guest service pole position to let it go over that.

  170. Bobby

    If you don’t like it don’t go!
    Or buy!

    Problem solved!

    Next Customer!

    Keep it moving!

    More money coming!

    Security get her out of here!

    Next !

  171. Bobby

    Next !

    Hey lady you forgot your lightsaber!


    Hi welcome to Disney how can I help you?

    Sure we can give you a refund no problem!

    Can I see your receipt please?

    Thank you! Ok Sir your all set you will receive your refund in 5-10 Bussiness days.

    And we apologize for not being able to provide you with a carrying case.


  172. Jenn

    First world problems, I can’t even afford to take my family, so count your blessings lady and stop spending money on stupid useless crap.

  173. Robin

    I had a similar experience! My family attended Hollywood Studios in July 2021 for my oldest daughter’s 14th birthday. My children have special needs, so we were informed that due to COVID restrictions we need to place reservations for rides. We placed our reservations for a 5:15 pm ride on the Alien Swirling Saucers and then took off for the short line at Slinky Dog for a quick ride. We made it back 5 minutes late, but the gentleman was kind enough to accommodate the 5 of us. I took my 4 year old twins, while my husband rode with our tall, thin 14 year old daughter. The ride was great… For the twins and I. I snapped a commemorative selfie as my daughter yells “MOM! OUR SEATBELT CAME OFF!” I returned a shocked look and “WHAT?!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!??!” At which time my husband looks at me with a shocked look saying “YES! I held it [the seatbelt] together the whole ride!” I freaked out! No cast members were around to alert as we exited the ride; so I sent my husband and kids to the front of the ride to alert someone of an issue with the ride as I searched for someone closer. By this time I see that the gentleman (cast member) who allowed our late loading and I tried to alert him to the defective ride. He becomes dismissive and rude, then asked me to move. Next, I see he is putting a young couple with a 2-3 year old son in the exact ride that my husband and daughter were in. I was terrified! I immediately told them that “this particular ride was not working; please- the seatbelt doesn’t work, don’t let your baby ride this, the seatbelt just opened on this cart on my daughter and husband.” The cast member and the family were both non English speaking, so at this point the cast member began speaking their language and making my concern for the family, look like an attack of a Karen. The ride started. I found a cast member who said that a “supervisor” would be coming up to handle our safety issue on the ride. Instead, we got 2 shift leaders who gave us their names, asked if we were staying at their resort (they were booked so we were off-site this trip), took my husband and daughter’s names, email, and our address and apologized for our cast/ride experience and said we’ll hear from them with a resolution. No refunds, free stay, no future tickets, no free experiences, other than another ride on the offending ride or Slinky Dog without standing in line. And just like the woman with the Lightsaber, I too thought escalating the situation would help. So, I kindly spoke to people at Hollywood Studios customer service and got nothing. Then, I spoke to people at the Magic Kingdom, thinking maybe this is a main hub for all the parks; NOPE! But a cast member was kind and helpful when she saw the wait to speak to someone caused my young Twins to meltdown; so she gave us family ice creams and a free day pass for a double stroller. Does this cover a potentially dangerous incident on a theme park ride with a potential mistaken social media Karen frenzy because THEIR ride didn’t stay locked during the ride as expected? NO. NO WAY ON EARTH! I only WISH I would have posted this sooner and gone viral because we heard the same stories from people who were given free passes for FAR LESS! This forever changed our view on Disney theme parks!

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