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Ryan Reynolds

Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP


  1. CalinCT

    Hey guys….just pointing out an error:

    “Free Guy, which is now streaming on Disney+”

    It is not, in fact. Not til late February (the 23rd, I think)?

    1. Amy

      You’re right! It was also originally scheduled to be released 7-3-2020 and was pushed back to December and then again to it’s actual release in August.

      I don’t understand how these things aren’t verified before they’re published.

    2. Joy

      I have no idea, but we have already seen it online somewhere. Not sure if it was Disney or not, but we have seen it.

    3. A dude

      Has been streaming on D+ for months in other countries tho. Js.

  2. winnie the screwed! LOL

    lol, love Ryan and all his projects (we wont ring up Green Lantern… he gets a pass on that). Anywho… Winnie the Screwed.. hilarious…. and this is from a spouse of a Tmobile alumni. So you go right ahead and mock the mouse…. and i am suuuure disney wont do a thing about this one… lol… at least, not right away.

  3. ThatGuy

    Careful editing does not appear to be a priority here. They also imply that Tigger is among the characters that Disney has lost control over (in paragraph 2) but then, three paragraphs later, quotes USA Today saying that Tigger is still theirs because he wasn’t introduced until 2 years later than the others.

  4. I am looking forward to Ted going on a bender to Las Vegas with winnie the Pooh.

  5. Irene

    I’m not crazy about monopolies, but the loss of control over Winnie makes me sad. Why?
    Humans, as a whole, are not the most wondrous beings in the universe . Give us something terrific and we’ll find a way to make it used for something terrible.
    Vampire Winnie, Winnie the hit man etc. I dont think this is much of a stretch either.
    I hope whoever’s using this remembers that Winnie is a beloved character and uses his image accordingly.

  6. Curtis

    Tigger doesn’t come off till 2024

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