Comments for Reported ‘Avengers’ Trilogy to Be BIGGER Than ‘Endgame’


Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Josh

    There are sooooo many wrong things about this article! Get your facts straight!!!

    1. Azza

      You should name all the things wrong.

  2. DC/Marvel Loyalist

    Unless it’s a crossover with the Justice League, I’m not interested.

  3. Kevin Hagopian

    Yay I would love to see it
    Marvel superheroes are my favorite

  4. Azza

    Of course the new Hawkeye is a girl and the new Captain America is a black man. I wonder when Spidey officially gets replaced with Spider Gwen. Dr Strange will no doubt soon be a black, lesbian, Muslim transgender woman. At the very least we cannot have the most powerful magic user being a white male so Scarlet witch will have to kick his ass and be named the new sorcerer supreme.

  5. Azza

    Secret wars does sound cool, albeit similar to the grandmaster’s arena in Ragnarok.

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