Comments for Controversial ‘Star Wars’ Writer Disses Sequel Trilogy, “Unsatisfying Middle Ground”

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  1. Zack Miletich

    Rise Of Skywalker was the only mistake in Disney’s sequel trilogy. They should have gone with Colin Trevorrow’s idea. A friend of mine recently adapted the original Episode IX script into a comic book adaptation.

  2. Bxmamipr712

    OMG I hate John Boyega! Can someone kick him out of Star Wars forever! He is literally ruining what little love I had left for the movies. THE ROLE WAS NOT ABOUT HIM! He accepted the part k owing this! Then he starts doing the movies, and decides Star Wars should now revolve around him! And has the audacity to continuously use the race card. His character and acting sucked! He was a coward over and over! Why would we want a movie about you?! Please disappear across the world. It’s been years, and he still won’t let it go.

  3. Cosmic Mate

    All 3 movies in the sequel trilogy were bottom of the barrel trash.

  4. Obelov

    This man and Kenedy with help from Rian have ruined the future of Star Wars and are alienating most if not all Star Wars fans, and it seems as though they are doing it on purpose. I have no clue why any of them are still involved. “The Last Jedi” made sure no one who looked up to Luke for over 40 years prior wants anything to do with Star Wars beyond “The Force Awakens.”

  5. Hello from Berlin. Hidalgo is right of course. The trilogy is utter crap.

  6. mike murphy

    Eff Pablo this is the arshole that attacks fans because he and Rian Ruined Luke Skywalker

    1. Nicolas

      Me desepciono la nueva trilogía es basura no se entendió nada el argumento más en la IX,se aseguraron de matar a todos los originales me gusta hacer cascos y muñecos en 3d pero de los originales no me gusta nada de la nueva trilogía tendrían q sacarla Disney arruina todo

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