Comments for Netflix Fails to Learn from Infamous ‘Mandalorian’ Gaffe

Leonard DiCaprio as Randall Mindy

Credit: Netflix


  1. Mike

    The director of “Don’t Look Up” says it was intentional.

  2. Joel Hencken

    It was a great flick. It captured the experience of the last several years for any of us who are anywhere Left of Trump. It has the limitations of any movie to deal with a hideous catastrophic reality, without being *entirely* escapist. It’s only a movie; the Reality it both depicts and spoofs can’t be fixed by it. But as a movie, it was well worth the viewing.

  3. Chad

    The movie was just as absurd as the hysterical nonsense of the wuhan flu, ineffective “vaccines”, silly masks and authoritarian lockdowns, and just further exemplifies the ignorant nature of the left in movie form. Meryl Streep performed the role of Hillary Clinton perfectly.

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