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women of the mandalorian

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  1. Christopher Dowdey

    Gina Carano was awesome
    In her role. The political women’s if Disney is absurd. The fact she has been blacklisted confirms
    Carano’s comments about
    Conservatives in Hollywood. Petty

    1. JustJessee

      If your employer is doesn’t want you to do X, and you continue to do X, your employer is just as free to no longer be your employer as you were to do X.

      It’s like in sports, if you’re a distraction to the team there’s a good chance no one is going to want to hire you… Unless you’re AMAZING at your position. Gina was not amazing at her position, she played a good character but we have to admit she’s not exactly a Shakespeareian level thespian on the boards. Her strengths were literally her strengths in physical capabilities. She was a public distraction to her team, she got let go, other teams aren’t required to pick her up (even though she IMMEDIATELY was employed elsewhere so please, she’s not out on the street begging for employment)

      1. Carl

        Too bad they didn’t hold everyone to the same standard as Gina.

      2. Obelov

        Except it wasn’t a problem till whiny liberals would shut the eff up… all because someone has different opinions. Cancel culture is the worst think to happen since the modern liberal mental illness outbreak…

        1. Jarred revo

          Oh, cancel culture, but most people just call consequences

          1. Random Forest

            Hundreds of people ganging up on you isn’t called consequences it’s called to get a life

  2. Raymond Manuel De Mello

    I washed my hands of Disney after what they did to Gina Carano and keep informed on the disastrous woke crap they keep pushing. I have been a die hard Star Wars fan my whole life and now I have literally no interest in it.

    1. Loving all of it but the in your face woke stuff not so much.

    2. Wade Pierce

      You won’t be missed, Gina definitely isn’t missed as seen by anyone who doesn’t attack their own country. Hopefully her soon to fail shapiro movie catches the eye of someone to talk some old fashioned American sense into her.

      1. Obelov

        Lmfao. Typical hypocritical liberal cry babies.
        Those liberally ill immature children ruin everything. From entertainment to entire effin cities and states…
        We need to find a cure for modern liberalism before it destroyes American, then the world, followed by the entire human race…

  3. Laurie

    Please don’t keep pushing these spinoffs and leave The Mandalorian sitting. You could have him show up in these spinoffs but he hasn’t so far in Boba. The last episode of Boba was boring. BRING BACK GROGU!

    1. An-D

      At least Katie Sackoff is a good actor, Gina C. is not really that good of an actor. I doubt the show really needed G.C. to lead it but, since they attached it to her name, it’s cancelled, that’s the real shame here.
      Spreading misinformation, and outright lies with some of her comments, has consequences. There is nothing political about it, trying to make it about anything other than spreading misinformation and lies is pathetic.
      A rapidly contagious virus is not political, the only fraudulent votes in the 2020 election were for the republican candidate. Now she has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

      1. Darth Don Biden

        Finally someone with some sense. She was low tier at best and can be replaced by any of the millions of drop ship commandos. She needs to be replaced by General Hera asap. And Disney needs to do a better job of who they hire because she went off the rails out of nowhere. Republicans have everything they need except slaves . So sad, save America Hera😂

        1. John

          Oh good lord do you listen to yourself? We get it, you don’t like Republicans. You also don’t follow history (Republican party was founded on antislavery, Democrats fought them, and even today tell whole groups they can’t make it without *their* help).
          But seriously, since when did it become cool to fire people over their political beliefs, or tweeting that oppression is wrong? Imagine if they fired people for the things they’ve said about Republicans as well.
          Don’t be a hypocrite.

          She was a decent actress, with the lines they gave her. Criticizing viewers that aren’t happy with the new spinoffs does not make them less pathetic. Seriously. Boba Fett, the most ruthless and unscrupulous bounty hunter in the galaxy, whose face we never saw, suddenly wakes up and wants to be a white knight and show his face everywhere? Please. Take the politics out of it. It sucks, and Disney needs to fix it.

      2. Obelov

        Lmfao. Except she’s like one of the best female, action actresses right now… carrying her own movies… lmfao.
        But ur liberal obviously. So anyone who doesn’t think exactly like u is bad at everything…
        Typical hypocritical modern liberal. Smh.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👍🏻👌🏻🖖🏻

        1. Pleiades

          Typical snowflake right wing whingeing. Sucks to keep losing, doesn’t it!? ROFLMAO

      3. Random Forest

        You claiming she was spreading this information and lies is in itself misinformation and a lie

  4. FL-Dad

    Doing a prequel for Bo-Katan and Duchess Satine would mean at least a couple of cameos of Obi-Wan Kenobi, as Obi-Wan and Duchess Satine were (somewhat) romantically involved during the Clone Wars.

  5. Jaster

    5th Paragraph you put Shand when it should have said Wen. Understandable mistake with that many names to keep track of.

    1. Mahalo

      I came to point this out, well done. You definitely gave the benefit of the doubt to the author.

  6. CJ

    More Katie Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan is a win for me (the more I enjoy Feloni and Favreau breathing life into Star Wars intellectual property, the less I think about the Kennedy lead Lucasfilms awful trilogy with new Characters that will be forgotten quickly!)

  7. RicardoDartist

    Yes concequences like Disney lost a tone of mo ey by cancelling one of their most popular Stars coming from the successful Mandelorian. If you feel Carano’s acting was not that great then Why would Disney go all the way to announce a spin off series on a character that was not part of Star Wars until Carano got hired to play it?

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