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  1. David B

    I’m amazed that people are STILL trying to diss Capt Marvel. That had terrific box office and reviews.

    1. Sarah

      I don’t understand how anyone who has read the Carol Danvers Capt. Marvel Comics could say anything against how Brie Larson portrayed her. She is exactly that way in the comics…sometimes stoic, sometimes charismatic, sometimes silly, but always down to earth and a very loyal friend. I’ve watched the movie over and over trying to figure out its faults. They are surface level at worst. I just wish they didn’t turn Lawson into a woman – honestly my only complaint. I’ve read Higher Further Faster, I’ve read all of the comics, etc. And the movie does NOT deserve to be on this list. She is inspiring. But maybe because I know so much about her character. I probably have a bias. But I’m glad they focused on the fact that she never gives up and always tries again…she is strong not just physically, but in character as well…and that is something anyone can aim for.

    2. Mike M

      Except Carol actually has real issues and a variety of emotions in the comics. She was evan an alcoholic for god’s sake. The Captain Marvel movie portrayed Carol as some unrealistically stoic and basically perfect person who’s only real difficulty in life has been sexism. I mean she didn’t even have to face a real challenge in the climax of the movie except for the 3 minutes Anette Benning was beating her up in her head.

  2. Nathan

    GotGVol2 is solid & shouldn’t be on this list. Leaps & bounds better than anything else on this list. Eternals is the MCU’s most ambitious film trying to put a superhero spin on The Bible. Not sure anyone was asking for that. It’s Soooo boring.

    1. Vi

      Lol eternals and gotg vol2 were so good other than that those movies were boring and bad, even if incredible hulk doesnt fits in the mcu it wa a good movie swap it with thor

  3. Anon

    Duck this list and duck you all!🤬

  4. Malik Roberts

    In my particular circle of Comic-Con going friends, family, and acquaintances, as well as those of my “non-nerdy” groups (fairly big clubs, all) none of us like Captain Marvel. Brie Lawson was just plain boring. Not likeable or loathsome, just flat boring. As was the comic book Carol Danvers.

    1. Lucy

      These are definitely not the worst Marvel movies….. just an article wrote to get fans attention

      1. TrashTruck

        Captain Marvel and Eternals are definitely the worse Marvel movies to date.

        The only 2 films on this list I’d argue about are Incredible Hulk and GOTG 2.

  5. Neil

    Extremely pleased that Iron Man 3 wasn’t on the list. It’s my favourite entry of them all.

  6. Ashish Kaushik

    Am not agreed with the last one ” eternals “. I actually enjoyed this movie more than shang chi. I don’t know why people or critics didn’t like the movie it has a concept not exact plot as in the comics but this movie works for me and really enjoyed it.

  7. Avni

    I totally do not agree with this list. How can you do this?
    Like the worst rating ever.

  8. Anees

    How could you add incredible hulk, its just an amazing movie

  9. Name

    Obviously people are more likely to comment that they disagree, but I will say that I thought of what I thought were the worst movies and scrolled down and it was exactly the same ones – plus GOTG2, which I thought I was alone in not liking!

  10. lou

    Captain Marvel is my favorite. Brie Larson is a goddess.

  11. Legit view

    Lol. Not the worst movies, just the ones you didn’t like. GOT, Eternals & Captain Marvel we’re better than the first 3 avengers and all Captain America’s except Civil War. My guess is that you don’t really like the space aspect of them huh?

  12. Mile M

    This article leaves a lot to be desired . Most of the critiques are valid, but The Incredible Hulk being one of the least MCU-like movies when it was the second in the universe is a ridiculous reason to include it in this list. Also, calling Eternals derivative and generic is just a-factual considering it’s one of the least cookie-cutter MCU movies since Phase 1. Alright, that ends my rant, have a good day.

  13. Ste Dre

    How can you dare to put ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Eternals’ on this laughable list?
    Captain Marvel has gotten so much hate from woman-hating man-babies that is should be excluded from criticism for that reason alone! Plus Brie Larson is such a strong, beautiful, brave woman!

    And ‘Eternals’ is the first superhero-ensemble-blockbuster-movie by an Asian woman!
    Criticising something as important as that is like denying the struggle persons like Brie Larson and Chloé Zhao are enduring every single second!

    ‘enough said!


    1. John Osires

      You got it all wrong! It’s only because we know women are capable of delivering strong performances when acting and directing that we criticize bombs like Capt Marvel and Eternals. Why is it so hard for some people to accept that gender is not a get away card for doing a bad job??? No one blames the rant the pre-mcu Hulk movie on hatred over Asians… Ang Lee is hell of a director, but that script and CHI… Same goes for the aftermentioned movies, does not matter how much you love Bree Larson, her Cap Marvel is awful (both acting and character development) and the movie script is terrible. Same goes for Eternals, the director may have some talent, but it did not show up this time around.

  14. Chance

    I’m not sure why people love endgame so much. Honestly it and infinity war while visually appealing had little going for them. In Infinity War the avengers didn’t fight to win and defeat Thanos, the Logic Thor wouldn’t “go for the head” after he lost half of the Asgardians reinforces the point.

    They fought to make a sequel that would let them kill off/finish character plot lines to start phase two, and highlight how childish and useless Peter Quill is.

    It also amazes me shang chi isn’t on this list, it was boring, the comedy was extremely forced something that has become common since they came out of with guardians of the Galaxy.
    In avengers and Iron Man the comedy flowed naturally and was in line with the characters particularly the Thor/Hulk and Loki/Hulk scenes.

    There was honestly no need for a childhood friend/love interest in Shang Chi and only detracted from the movie.

    I mean the highlight to lead us to endgame is Spiderman and Iron Man playing handsome with Thanos for ages instead of just cutting his arm off and you’re supposed to convince me Earth’s mightiest heroes are fighting to save the universe instead of Disney plotting to make a sequel?

  15. Ta.PotatoGod

    Only one i agree with is incredible hulk and thor the dark world

  16. Aviral Mishra

    You guys mean Black widow was better than all of these?

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