Comments for Popular Disneyland Coaster Will Soon Be Temporarily Unavailable

disneyland at night matterhorn

Credit: Disney


  1. Roger Moller

    My wife and I are bravely taking three of our grandsons in Mid-February, so we should be okay.

  2. CJ

    I have lost count how many times the Matterhorn has been temporarily closed for rehabs and repairs (seriously, last year a chunk of the Matterhorn broke off!)
    I’m grateful the entire steel track was replaced and updated, however, I had to stop riding the Matterhorn after the original toboggans were replaced (they are murder on your lower back and have no leg room!) and I wish they would bring back the more leg roomy toboggans!

  3. Penelope Cavalarie

    Not worth riding anymore since they decreased the speed by 25 mph or more because all the idiots that were jumping off the ride to take their picture with the Yeti.

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