Comments for Marvel Rumored to Recast RDJ’s Iron Man With Tom Cruise

tom cruise as iron man

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  1. DarkJ

    No… Just No… Tom Cruise would be a horrible choice.

    1. Nobody can replace rdj ….👑

  2. MK

    Please anyone but him please 🙏🏻

  3. Rob

    Choose any one else as a lot of his proceeds goes to the cult religion. That demeans women and takes it on any member who doubts them!

  4. William

    This will kill the MCU. People know he is a cult member and a really bad actor.

    1. PSV

      He’s older than RDJ. They need some in their 40’s. Also he’s an ass

      1. Marlene

        No please no wtf

  5. Tyler

    He isn’t going to play Iron Man, RDJ is Iron Man no matter what. Tom cruise was originally going to play him before RDJ came along and became unanimous with the character. I could see them having Tom show up in a brief cameo where he is Iron Man but Tony Stark’s journey in the MCU is over. And no one is going to replace him ever.

    1. OBloodyHell

      }}} unanimous

      “Synonymous”, but yes. 😀

  6. Bob Boogie

    Stop with the lame casting choices. Keep Tom and Julia Louise-Dreyfus out. I would rather see an unknown actor in some of these parts than grabbing the cliche hollywood caricatures. Jerry Seinfeld as Captain America… Tom Hanks as Hulk… Whoopi Goldberg as Captain Marvel.

  7. Kim

    Oh hell no!!!

  8. DadChas

    No No No – he ruined universal’s attempt at a horror multiverse by being a diva in the Mummy Movie. Bad choice for a multiverse of reasons (see what I did there?).

  9. Imiko

    Nope. I won’t watch anything to do with him. It just puts money into the hands of the cult of scientology. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Chanel Fallon

    Some people cannot be replaced.

  11. Jenn

    For the love of all that is sacred, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Cruise has no place in the MCU/Multiverse (unless he plays a villain who gets killed off).

    1. Alex

      That would actually be the perfect role for Tom Cruise. Look up Superior Iron Man. It’s literally an evil, tyrannical version of Tony Stark from another timeline.

  12. Ew

    Say sike right now

  13. Jc

    Just no. RDJ will always be THE Iron Man and nobody will ever fill his shoes.

  14. Jake Sullivan

    Hell yea! He’d make a good fit for a multiverse Iron Man.

  15. KForce

    For God’s sake NO! Just NO!!

  16. Marsha

    What a mess Disney is making of Iron Man. Tom Cruise would be the worst choice. He could not fill the shoes of the real Tony Stark; Robert Downey, Jr!

  17. Dean Sansome

    RDJ is literally Iron Man in the flesh, absolutely no one can walk in those shoes unless they somehow coax RDJ to come back through some sort of mix up in the timeline then leave it well alone

  18. Roo

    I know we aren’t allowed this word anymore. “But are you mental!!?” No no no!

  19. Alex

    I mean, if he plays a Variant of Tony Stark from another timeline, sure I would be fine if he plays a version of the evil, tyrannical Iron Man based on the Superior Iron Man comics.

  20. Lora H

    No. No. and No!

  21. AJ

    No one can take RDJ’s place

  22. Heather K.

    Heck no! I’d boycott Disney so fast! And we love Marvel films and series.

  23. Lucky


  24. Rahavu

    Nobody can replace rdj ….👑

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