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  1. Chris

    I hope someone punches you in the face for such horrible article writing. Your title and lead image is so misleading and is a waste of everybodies time.

  2. You suck

    Wow I hope you step on a lego for such a misleading article

  3. Garbage

    I know you’re getting paid to get clicks but this is seriously misleading, I clicked on the article out of sheer curiosity as to how you’d spin it to make this into an article, and I’m even more disappointed than what I thought I would be. Please work somewhere where they don’t make you do this

  4. Jason

    So the 60th anniversary…of a title that came out in 1972 (or so you say). You actually wrote that. Do you not proofread?

    1. David

      Nope, she sure didn’t. In fact none of these so called “writers” EVER do. I have yet to read an article on the internet, oh I’d say in the last 2-3 years that doesn’t have either a grammatical error, misspelling, double word or missing word typo and the list goes on. I mean, not only do none them proofread they’re too lazy to even click the spellcheck button! I mean c’mon, I proofread my texts for cryin’ out loud! I would definitely be proofreading, spellchecking, and grammar checking anything I wrote that I was gonna post on the internet for the world to see. It’s really kinda sad…and pathetic.

    2. Proof read next time

      Misleading with Andrew Garfield pic and 1972? Spiderman first appeared in 1962. How did you mess that up?

  5. Tiger

    I’m not as harsh as everyone else here lol but c’mon. You guys know what you’re doing.

    And honestly 99% of people don’t care about the comics in any way, they only care about the MCU movies/shows. You clearly seem to know that and why you constantly title these comic book articles in this way.

    Maybe best thing is just be upfront you’re discussing the comic books or don’t bother?

    1. David

      Ugh I think 99% is a bit far fetched there stretch. I’d say more in the ballpark of a 60/40 maybe even 70/30 split on the not caring about the comic books and only the movies. There’s a lot of fan boys and gals out there and they’re as much about the comics as the movies.

  6. Ian

    1972 is not 60 years ago, so which is it? 60th anniversary OR 1972? Cause it cannot, this plane of existence, be both. Also, your crap title and picture combo is a lie. Don’t use movie stuff to drag people into your poorly written and non-proofread drivel.

    1. David

      Nice…. nice and she doesn’t know lol can’t ask her questions that provide the truth as the answer lol

  7. Kché.P

    Only clicked on this article because of the title and picture. Shame on you, ITM & Caitlin Tasker. FYI: Amazing Fantasy Issue #15 released August 1962.

  8. AlanHeller

    So I think they deleted the Article, because the Title ans Photo are still there, but the Website just automatically goes into Comments and there is literally nothing else here.

  9. Grim

    Oh for gods sake, how many reboots do we need? Daredevil was ben affleck, but wait a minute he’s batman? So is there going to be a daredevil reboot now? Fantastic 4 saw chris Evans take on the role of the human torch but he’s captain america so they rebooted fantastic four (which flopped), now so you writers say Tom Cruise is taking on the Ironman role? Make up your damn minds!!!

    As for the spelling and grammar in this article? My youngest son could have written it better.

  10. Zack Ranagan

    You suck for this, you really really suck for this.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s scummy. I was hoping there was a comment section, and it did not disappoint. Definitely a clever way to get reads, but I really hope you understand how much you suck. Though I know you have about as much shame as those people who scam the elderly.

  11. Joe

    You know what you did and now I’m blocking all news from this site. I hope you got what you needed from this click. You’ll never get another

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