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Gina Carano as Cara Dune

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. JayArnold

    I watched Daughter of the Wolf and would say it is OK but could have been better. The locations in the snow made for amazing cinematography, and Gina Carano brought a lot of energy to her role… she did all her own stunts as usual and went barreling off cliffs and plunging into ice water etc – but the film could have made better use of her physicality. Richard Dreyfuss was a great villain but he’s half her size and twice her age so watching her beat up on him did not make for great fight scenes. A pretty good movie – the writing just could have been a little better.

    1. JW_inSalem

      She turned in a basically decent performance, but nothing inspiring or worth to seeing a second time. Some of the incidents are improbable at best.
      As far as I know there has never been a report of a wolf attack on human beings unless the wolf was rabid. The premise was wrong.
      I also have trouble believing ANYONE could survive long enough outdoors after falling into a frozen lake without dying of hypothermia before her clothes dried thoroughly by hanging them branches near a campfire. And how did her hair get dried thoroughly?
      And what made her the ‘daughter of the wolf?” She barely had even one scene with any wolves in it.
      Did I miss a scene in which the wolves adopted her, or she ran with the pack?(Apologies to Claire P. Estes, author of the book “Women Who Run With Wolves”)

  2. Windsor

    We like Gina Carano. This one was watchable only because she was in it.

    1. Tom

      She can’t act, she was awful, sorry.

      1. Windsor

        I didn’t watch it because she can act. She’s an attractive unit of a woman that I would love to penetrate.

        1. You're Pathetic

          Spoken like a true scumbag incel that she wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

      2. JayArnold

        Are you some sort of professional producer, or are you an armchair Bozo? People like John Favreau who know a little bit more than you about casting and acting talent than you do beg to differ. She does not continue to be choses for her roles because she “can’t act”. I don’t even know what that means. She can certainly act like she can kick your ass and look good doing it which fits the roles she usually plays.

        1. PeterMartin

          You don’t have to be a producer to recognize acting talent. Have you seen Haywire? The fighting is unparalleled but Carano’s acting is just awful. They even dubbed over her voice in the movie. She is the main character in the film and has much less speaking parts than many other secondary characters. There is a reason for that. She has definitely improved since Haywire but still has a lot of room to improve. I would still have loved to see her Star Wars show. Disney messed up there for sure.

          1. JayArnold

            I have seen interviews where she discussed her Haywire role – Soderbegh knew her she had limited acting experience so he deliberately wrote the role for her to be a cold, calculating assassin type character who spoke in a very business like monotone voice. He thought that would be the best way to cover her limited acting skills. The problem was is that she is not like that at all in real life. Her normal voice is warm and friendly and she’s often trying not to giggle, so the over dub was necessary to fit the character Soderbergh wanted. But yeah I think she has improved steadily since then. She’s still not a Broadway thespian stage actor type at all – but the Cara Dune character was a perfect fit for what she can do as an actress.

        2. Realist

          Gina was fired because of woke media, not her acting skills..

          1. True

            I don’t know what she said but she sucked in the mandalorian.

      3. Carl Day

        Yeah wonder why old Johnny boy used her in the first place. I guess he should have checked with you first.. he might had a hit on his hands.

  3. Rob Crawford

    Amazing how the sentiment of “South Pacific” — that people have to taught to hate — is now “controversial”.

    1. KlockoFett

      It’s only controversial on Twitter, which any sane person recognizes as a dumpster fire and in the words of Dave Chapelle “isn’t a real place.” 2% of Twitter accounts create 80% of the posts. Not sure how many Twitter accounts there are, but I’d guess 10% of the world’s population or less. Companies like Disney see outrage over what’s a historically factual post and have the knee-jerk reaction to fire Gina without realizing the vast majority of their own fanbase doesn’t care about such things, and the people who are outraged aren’t Star Wars fans (we’re just happy to finally get good content), and probably not even D+ subscribers.

      1. Potato

        Gina Carano didn’t post anything factual. She was warned THREE TIMES to stop posting controversial stuff. She insulted transgender individuals, called the 2020 election fraudulent, and mocked people who were following pandemic directions. The straw that broke the camel’s back is when she compared conservatives to Jews in the Holocaust. She’s an awful person and can’t act to save her life.

        1. David N S

          Yea but it’s her right to free speech but then again can’t have that it will hurt peoples feefees

          1. Bilbogo

            Did the government come and arrest her? Nope. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.

          2. JayArnold

            We are not talking about constitutional law here. Freedom of Speech is not only a law but the most highly valued principle in American society. When a billion dollar corporation censors, muzzles and dictates what an individual can and cannot say they need to be called out for the Fascist douchebags they are. They did not just fire her but attempted (and failed miserably to ruin her life by “canceling” her.
            Disney lost A LOT fans and customers over the bad behavior of Lucasfilm. Consequences of consequences.

        2. Carl Day

          Warned? is this a joke? warned by who? the twitter mafia..

          Literally no one is worried about what you think.. Go watch an interview with her about this.. it’s ridiculous.
          Most of the stuff she said was spot on.. too bad you have such a nail in your eye you will never see the truth. Its just sad at this point..

          mass formation psychosis in full effect with you

  4. Wing Z

    The word controversial has been tossed around so much its lost all meaning. But of course what should we expect from Twitter fans who love to toss the word around for the simplest of things. I wasn’t aware of this movie but I’ll check it if Carano is in it.

    1. Gabby

      I enjoyed this movie and am glad to see her performance she has the ability to be around for along time Hopefully she gets a great script soon

  5. AH

    The tweets were controversial only if you are woke.

    1. Roy

      What’s the opposite? Asleep?

    2. Potato

      She mocked transgender individuals, called the 2020 election fraudulent, mocked people wearing masks in the pandemic, and compared conservatives to Jews in the Holocaust. The tweets are only not controversial if you’re a bigot.

      1. Kenneth Tague

        We see you are woke… tell us how beep boop or bop hurts you. Zi and zir are just as made up.

      2. JayArold

        Potato Head – Actually she did not do any of that but nice work deliberately misinterpreting all of it. If you consider “beep bop boop” mocking you just may just be one of the biggest crybabies on the planet. She made a post the day after the election, when the results were in dispute, suggesting we should clean up the process so it becomes more transparent. No rational person would disagree. Her meme you are referring NEVER mentioned conservatives… merely cautioned against normalized the hatred of your neighbors for irrational reasons because bad things once came of this in Europe. But funny that the leftists IMMEDIATELY identified themselves as the haters and threw a tantrum over it. Like a lot of far left snowflakes your are not only a butt hurt weenie, but a flat out bald faced liar. I’d say get your facts straight but that would mean nothing to you because the last thing you want to acknowledge is facts.

        1. David


        2. Tony

          Never use “butt hurt” and “weenie” together in a sentence when talking to a liberal…….lol
          They always use the same tactics though. Accuse others of what they are doing, cancel everyone else that hurts their feelings. Never be afraid of what someone has to say, be afraid of the ones who don’t want anyone to speak.

          1. JayArnold

            Tony – Absolutely!

  6. Jamie Coughlin

    Gina’s tweets were dead on considering what has happened to this country in the past year. God Forbid someone warn people to pay attention to the past lest we repeat it. I caught up on all of Gina’s movies. Yeah the writing on some is not super but she makes them all worth watching. I loved Daughter of the Wolf but I didn’t expect Shakespeare from an action film either!

  7. DLand

    Good for her. I hope nothing for the Best for Ms Carano. Disney does “EVERYBODY DIRTY,” not just her. Cast members for All the Disney parks are the 1st ones who get treated like trash. Been there done that and will NEVER GO BACK TO WORK for the Mouse 🐭

  8. Joel

    I will not watch anything she’s in. Not because of her political views or what she’s tweeted but because she’s a terrible actor. Her skillset is in stunts and looking angry/constipated, but she lacks emotional range to do many roles. I’m glad she’s gone from Disney so I can (hopefully) enjoy those shows with better acting.

    1. Ray

      Kind of funny that even the actual movie critics disagree with you, saying that she and the other leads were the only good thing. Many in the industry see her as a good, not great actor with good skill.

      1. David

        This part is his lie; “Not because of her political views or what she’s tweeted”.

    2. JayArnold
      Just perfect…Potato Head. So tired of the ignorant haters. Disney has turned into a horrid company. They completely ruined Beauty and the Beast with political garbage. Disney has to be rolling over in his grave over the destruction of his vision. Sad!

  9. Tony

    Gina was awesome in Mandalorian! Always be afraid of the ones that want to silence you, not of the ones with something to say. The former is only afraid of any truth. Notice all of the history that one particular side is trying to erase? Notice that it is all history pertaining to THEIR side!

  10. SaM

    Is she controversial or is she just not marching to the beat of liberal Hollywood? To disagree is to be classified as controversial.

  11. DJ

    You know you can be fact checked right? This movie was not in the top 10 in the US or worldwide for streamed movies on Amazon.

    This “article” reads like a paid PR puff piece. But good on you to pander to your readers.

    1. Nomad

      What do you expect? They’re carrying a torch for her and are trying to prop up her fading career.

      She’s has a tenuous connection at most to Disney at this point, but they keep a laser focus on her. First they tried to support rumors that she was coming back, then they promoted every vacuous tweet she made and tried to attach significance to them, now they’re fabricating ratings for her more recent awful output.

  12. JayArnold

    It’s no mystery that her popularity is skyrocketing. She is decidedly NOT controversial. Normal people who are tolerant of differing opinions are generally big fans of Gina Carano, the energy she brings to her roles, and of how gracious and respectful she is to those around her. She is only “controversial” to a small faction of wild eyed wokesters, who speak through fake twitter accounts and bots. Disney has got to be the most tone deaf corporation in history.

    1. Potato

      She mocked transgender individuals, called the 2020 election fraudulent, and mocked people wearing masks in the pandemic. She was warned to stop each time. Filoni stuck his neck out for her and she spat on him. The last straw was when she compared conservatives to Jews in the Holocaust. If you don’t think she’s controversial, you’re admitting you’re a bigot.

      1. Kenneth Tague


      2. David

        Nothing but lies spew from your vile, hate filled mouth.

  13. Potato

    Gina Carano was literally warned three separate times to stop posting controversial stuff on Twitter. First she mocked transgender individuals. Then she called the 2020 election fraudulent. Then she mocked people who wore masks during the pandemic. The final straw was when she compared conservatives to Jews in the Holocaust. She is a garbage fire of a human being and doesn’t deserve any work. Anyone who doesn’t think she is controversial is openly declaring they are a bigot as well.

    1. Kenneth Tague


  14. Fluke Starbucker

    She’s a mess angry rosie odonel!

  15. Micah

    Is anyone suggesting the movie critics who thumbs down Gina are doing more than throwing rocks at conservatives?

  16. Petna

    Love Gina Carano, despite her politics. Also saw Daughter of the Wolf. She was great but the movie was not. Gina, just let Ben Shapiro and the politics alone.

  17. Drummy

    I love Carano and that she is an actual warrior. I was so angry when Disney fired her. They made a big mistake and she made a big mistake too. She should have ended her social media the moment those trans activists bullies started on her. They won.

  18. Jace

    It’s not in the top 10 in the US, according to Amazon and a quick Google. So where did they get that from? I will not get suckered into watching a movie I have no interest in just because someone says this or that, even if Gina’s in it. I like Gina’s physical presence and wish she didn’t express her views on Twitter considering she was a brand ambassador for a well known company with millions of young women looking up to her. I like her on screen but disagree with her as a person. Still, I won’t watch something just because someone is baiting me to it. When she does something I’m interested in, then I’ll watch regardless. But even the trailer looks subpar.

  19. CJ

    Gina Carano controversial? More like her opinions on Twitter became inappropriate .. I don’t feel terminating her employment and canceling a Star Wars spin-off for Disney + was a good idea when all it required was sitting down Gina Carano and showing where she was wrong (give her the chance, if she doesn’t want to except truth and the facts? then you let her walk away).

    Cancel Culture is not going to encourage creativity … it’s going to become stupid on an epic level (it’s going to be on par with Hollywood’s Communist Hunt back in the day where innocent people were blacklisted from work!)

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