Comments for ‘Frozen’ Star Under Fire as Newly Taken Photos Surface

kristen bell police department (left) frozen 2 (right)


  1. J

    Yawn, like we didn’t already know there are Twitter wackos out there. Get a life people!

    1. Thomas McConnell


      1. Myriah Benjamin


        1. Christy Allen

          So let me get this right! You CAN’T support both cops and black people? I never knew it was just whites that were police.

          1. KG

            Exactly! Also I wonder if anyone from the hate comments has watched The Purge, cause that’s what’s happening without the Law.

          2. XialbaXia

            Right? Support the good people, cops, civilians, black, white, purple, can’t just assume that cuz the bad people of various groups get a lot of press that there aren’t good people in those groups

          3. Suzette Hartt

            Thank you for comment sense!

        2. GEORGE

          The looser who are attacking her for this probably also support Segundo the police. Yet are the first on the phone with 911 when ish goes sideways… I’m more of a Kristen Belle fan now than I was before, I just hope she doesn’t back down from taking these pics…

        3. Justin

          How is this a story? The authors of this story are horrible horrible people stoking the divisive violence. War and death are coming to our country because of news stories like this. Very scary.

      2. R

        It was such a great world, when people would mind their own business! And not take fits like toddlers, when they didn’t agree with something! Also Twitter is garbage

        1. D

          I have never agreed more with a statement!!! I feel like I’m back in junior high with people saying if you are friends with them you can’t be friends with me. People need to grow up!!!

          1. Nate

            That is only because you are ignorant of the history of the LA Sherrif’s department in particular. It is possible to support good police without supporting the awful ones in that department. Do some reading about them.

        2. Nani

          This sh** is out of control. Some people need to get a life of their own. SMH!

          1. This looks weird but I wonder why

        3. E

          So let me get this straight; we cancel people for taking photos with fans now? SMDH

        4. Craig Steven Nutting

          Exactly! Bunch of wankers

      3. Steven Parks

        God forbid you believe in law and order. Aww that’s right this is commiefornia. Good for you young lady

        1. Patricia

          You can support both not all cops are bad people need to grow up and get there own lives

        2. Tonya Hebert

          I wish people would find one more thing to worry about that clearly is none of their business!! I stand by our law enforcement also, THE GOOD ONES, there is good and bad in every group. That doesn’t make all officers bad.

      4. David

        These are god awful people that don’t even see the picture of the baby that they’re caring for if blm really cared they would be less violence and more peaceful protest rather than people braking into building and stealing everything that a store would have

      5. Demetrius

        As a black man…….Who cares!!!!!! No one. Change the narrative.

        1. k.peace.love


      6. Kyle

        NOT GUILTY! Kristen has her first amendment rights FREEDOM to tell BLM & supporters to “Get a life” Blue Lives Matter! All lives matter! BLM Stop burning cities down!!!!!! #FACTS ✔️

    2. People try and be nice to people and now that’s the New problem .

      1. tpabayguy

        She is the sweetest person in L.A. She works hard and loves her kids. You don’t even know why she was there. We love you Veronica Mars.

        1. David

          We need more celebrities willing to stand up for what they believe in, and support our law enforcement, instead of doing what is perceived as the popular view! Way to go Kristen!

        2. David

          Way to go Bell. Just sorry you didn’t bring the whole family. Police are family too.
          Teach the kids whom to trust, mostly. Hate spreaders like Biden and his group should be hung on the white house lawn. Along with the witch hilary.
          Tell those haters to grow a pair and wake up. The roses are wilting.

      2. So true !! Sadly..

      3. DD75

        She’s two-faced.

    3. Tina

      EXACTLY!! Can’t wait till they need a Cop!!

    4. BB


    5. Jiraque Williams

      i hate twitter and this clown world

      1. Ek

        Keep encouraging each other; thank you Kristen! And everyone who supports these actions.

    6. JohnA

      It is disappointing to hear people who call themselves peace advocate reproduce the violence they are fighting against in their protests. Why trying to remove her freedom to visit a place and take pictures with the people who made the experience agreeable for her. Is that bullying?

    7. Unicorn cookies

      I think y’all are being 4 year olds about it not all cops are bad and it’s her life to do what she wants with it stop being part of the problem and be the solution … Opinions are like ass holes we all got one

    8. Tiffany

      Bell you are awesome and I would like to build a snowman with you don’t let these drama sucking ass holes get to you just remember opinions are like ass holes we all got one

    9. Wayne

      Proud of her! Our police go into the messiest situations are expected to provide order amidst chaos. Supporting both anti racist causes and our first responders doesn’t require a one or the other choice….

    10. Debbie Raffaelli

      Thank you to Kristen Bell for not treating the MAJORITY of those in law enforcement who put their lives on the line for us every day with the respect they DESERVE. I applaud u and put u up on a higher pedestal. Thank u again!!!

    11. James

      Fjb.. F leftists yall calling who when blacks mug you?

  2. Walter

    More social media poopy news? It’s only Wednesday and the folks at ITM are already knee deep in social media posts… sad.

    Who cares what homegirl posts about Law Enforcement? Next thing you know the left crazies will be calling for a recasting.

    Way to report on parks related or entertainment news by the way, this clearly had nothing to do with any of the former.

    1. Terry

      Who cares if she took her picture with some police officers. Doesn’t mean those police are racist. Not every police officer in the world is racist. There are far more good police officers in this country than racist. Believe me if that’s officer is a terrible person and Kristin knew that, she wouldn’t get her picture with them…. Kristin, Dax, you guys keep doing what you do.

      1. Lae

        i live in Lancaster. cops are definitely racist here 🤷🏼‍♀️

        but also, these pics aren’t “new.” they were taken in November 2021. that was 2 damn months ago.

        1. Lula

          People are always looking for something to complain about. Not all cops are bad. Leave her alone.

        2. Jay

          Or… people think laws don’t apply to them; so anytime they get stopped, they’re “being harassed”

        3. Nick

          Everybody, everywhere is some kind of “…ist” and/or “….phobic”. So what?
          It’s been that way forever and it will be that way forever, get over it.

          Wow, “2 damn months”, that was such a really, really long time ago.

        4. James

          Lol..when blacks commit crimes at an exponential higher rate and arent arrested yes that is favoring a race

      2. DiDi

        Someone that has a son that works there told me she was there because they recovered a vehicle that was stolen from her or her husband. So she was grateful. What is wrong with that? We thank people when they return our stuff, right?

      3. Scott Bailey

        You go girl! Go get a job y’all, or find a hobby!

    2. Louisa

      I hope she’s not another Hollywood celebrity who will issue an apology. She did nothing wrong. Please stand up to these annoying people who think they can guilt you into an apology.

        1. Carol Trioli

          She did nothing wrong. People aren’t happy unless they’re complaining. Leave her alone!

      1. Veronica


        1. Smily

          You not all police officers are bad. There just as much good polices as bad police. STOP LOOKING AT JUST ONE SIDE AND SAYING ALL POLICE ARE BAD!

      2. Loki

        She needs to be like Dave Chapelle he backed up what he said and people tried to cancel him she did nothing wrong and owes no one an explination just because shes a celebrity doesn’t give us a green card to dictate their lives

      3. Monica

        Damn people, who do you call when need help, the Ghost busters. SMH at all these people

      4. Andi

        My thought exactly! When does the apology tour begin?

    3. Michelle Couch

      Kristen is just being herself, as always, a loving and caring person who wants nothing more than unity and peace. Hate an entire population bc of some shady people? Isn’t that prejudice? Can we say HYPOCRITES?! Bad fruit does not make the tree rotten. Do what you do best @Kristinanniebell and keep being YOU!

      1. Elee

        I’m just sick of her bragging about her role of Anna. Do something New

        1. CoriB

          Her middle name is Anne if you’re referring to her Twitter handle.

    4. Hilliary

      Social Media….DUMPSTER FIRE 🔥as usual.

    5. Timothy Walser

      Wow, bash her all you want. So distasteful, I am more disappointed in the morons posting hateful comments just because she supports police! News flash!! Not all cops are racist! Focus on the real problems not this bull crap.

    6. Reggie

      People can blame Twitter, but at the end of the day, frustrated fools can say whatever they want. The real problem is elevating it to the level of news. There will always be dissent. News companies who try to magnify this junk for clicks don’t deserve to be respected.

  3. Jeanie

    Instead of villianizing Kristen how about looking at this as a way of reaching out to make change. Criticizing from behind a keyboard will do nothing to help. Until there are people in the community trying to make and be the change the anger and possibly misdirected blame will continue. You don’t know what the conversation between them was. I seriously doubt she went there to support hate!

    1. Darci


    2. Ken Brenner

      Where’s the Disney Parks news here?
      So, for those that dislike the police,
      let’s start with one of the main root causes of problems in that community:
      60+ percentage of births to unwed mothers. In some places, nearing 70%.
      I don’t hear much about that.
      As a father and grandfather, I know the importance of having a Mom and Dad at home to guide them.
      Instead, these young men are looking to the street for “guidance”.
      BLM and Wokers need to look at the root cause before they blame the police for everything…
      And, what percentage of young black men are killed by other black men, vs. police? (I honestly don’t know that answer, but have an idea…)
      Regardless, to all of God’s people, hoping for His grace and mercy this day for you and your family.

    3. Shelley

      So to all these Twitter renegades, for us in the back, you mean to tell me that you have to either support BLM or support a white cop? Why do I have to choose? Isn’t the fact you making me choose making you the racist? I am not choosing. I don’t support anyone. I will support the human race that wants to work together. Stop trying to separate us by labeling and picking sides. We are not in elementary gym class.

    4. Jaay

      I want to report harassment

  4. Thomas

    There is racism in EVERY sector in every business throughout the world! There are also MORE people working in those sectors who are NOT racist or homophobic or anything else. Kristen has posted about her gratification for people who put their lives on the line every day to protect those around them. Are there problematic police officers? Absolutely. Are there problematic teachers? You bet! Are they all problematic? Absolutely not. The most problematic people are those hiding behind the twitterati.

    1. Amen!! I assume Kristen is supporting the good cops out there who still serve and protect. Nothing to be sorry for!!

  5. Queennay

    If they don’t leave these people alone. I am black but I know that not every cop is racist and why can’t they take photos with her if they’re fans. It’s not like every deputy in the place is like that.

    1. Mo

      You’re officially smarter than the rest of Twitter.

  6. Brian

    I think it’s time to stop judging other people! Just worry about yourself , live by the golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated . No matter what color or their beliefs.

    1. JulieS


  7. Chris

    Yes, there are bad cops out there, but that doesn’t make all cops bad and it doesn’t make the entire department bad, so what is wrong with promoting the good cops out there?

    1. Nonya Bidness

      How about who cares??? How about a person can support the police rather than some scumbag organization that puts criminals on a pedestal and understanding 1 bad cop does not mean all cop’s are bad!! The 2 ladies who are trained Marxists bought home’s in all white neighborhood’s to get away from the crime of the inner city and guess who they would call if someone broke into their home??? How about instead of worrying about what a celebrity is doing, why don’t we worry about what our crap President is NOT doing for us American people!? Inflation? Shortages? The economy? Border? Does that ring a bell for any of you leftists??? By the way, I like cop’s and so do all of you, because if you didn’t, you’d never call if you had a problem! Leftists go REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

      1. Chaoleo

        Do you feel better now after unloading all of that baggage? Yikes….

      2. Kris


      3. Rachel

        I totally feel your frustration

      4. VDog

        This doesn’t even go that deep Karen. This is a nice celebrity taking a picture with nice cops. And btw, she’s actually a “leftist” herself, so stop the “my side is the right side” crap. You’re just as bad as these idiotic twitter losers.

      5. Guyg

        Who cares? You do. Look at how psychotic you went as a response to someone who you agree with. The only person here REEEEEEing is YOU

  8. JH

    Yeeeeeeeah, this nonstory is over a year old, slow news day?

  9. Patricia Butler

    Yet another example of lesser media trying to get clicks by inventing a controversy where none actually exists. Disgusting.

  10. UncleMookie

    The only thing worse than the reactive social media whining is a website publishing the story itself.

    The only thing worse than that, is ME clicking on said story and commenting on it!

    Oh, the world!

    1. Jay

      Agree 1000%. I’m delating this site after this story. I want Disney news, not this Enquirer crap.

      1. DD75

        “delating” 🤦🏽‍♂️

    2. Veronica

      Hahahaha right there with you on that one. Thought it was gonna be more interesting seeing as she’s really never been “under fire” before that I can recall so I was curious..just to find this load of bull…couldn’t not comment on it after wasting precious daylight reading the crap 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Jon

    I don’t get the uproar about her posing with a few cops. Did either one of those shoot an unarmed black man?

    I get it though. These are from the “defund the police” people. Yeah, You let your city do that and see how fast the crime skyrockets from there.

  12. Symna

    Fake outrage

      1. Nick

        Exactly. If you actually read the comments on the Photo 1% are attacking her and 99% are defending her. Way to cherry pick the few negative comments to make this BS article. What a sad excuse for a journalist. No integrity

  13. Beth

    LEOs are the GOOD guys. BLM is a sham, a front for communist values!

    1. Matt

      So you don’t agree that Black Lives Matter? Also, what’s your proof? BLM isn’t perfect but their message is good and they’re probably supported by a majority of Americans, so…

      1. Mike

        Matt, you are one confused simpleton. BLM sounds anodyne on the surface, but it’s anything but underneath.

      2. DM

        The BLM movement is a good thing. The BLM organization, is not.

      3. Backcountry164

        They’re supported by radical racists and people who haven’t bothered to actually look at any of thier messages. I wonder which one you are…

      4. Gharms

        “What’s your proof?”

        Uh….the words of the creator of BLM? Is this a trick question? The quote of her calling BLM “Marxist revolutionaries” is literally all over the internet. In the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice.

        Also, you can value black lives AND know BLM is nothing more than a het rich quick political faction founded on the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot”. The fact that you conflate the 2 shows your ignorance.

      5. Christopher K McCann

        BLM, the organization, are a bunch of Marxist idiots that make money off of controversy. Their message is horrible. They don’t even believe that all black lives matter.

  14. Sallygirl2!

    I love Kristen wtg we need more people supporting the police there jobs are hard enough.
    BLM is racist I keep wondering why everyone’s lives don’t matter no matter the color we need to unite. More positive things not negative ❤️

    1. Matt

      How is BLM racist? What’s your source?

      1. Knightfal

        More like terrorist. Chicago, burns, Portland has had BLM riots for 18 months. Media silent 🤫

      2. Christopher K McCann

        How are they not racist? Give your source.

  15. James R Reese

    Drug up this non-story from last November? Pitiful.

  16. M Horne

    So sick of everything being villianized. Not every cop is racist or bad and I’m so grateful for the many good cops who sacrifice for and protect the rest of us.

  17. D

    Oh please get over yourself… You can support a cause and support police at the same time and flat out attacking police as a whole won’t help change anything you just end up alienating the good cops within the force. These hardcore Disney fans is everything that is wrong with Disney and makes other Disney fans look bad or look nuts.

  18. Invictus222

    I think you all are ignorant if you think labeling a whole department as racist. There will always be a few bad apples, in every category. Nothing is all or nothing! Also, the “BLM movement” was a set up and you all fell for it. Research, research, research. Get over the “defund the police” bit, you are literally shooting yourselves in the foot.

    1. Matt

      If BLM was a set up then why is it still going strong? Where’s your proof?

    2. Bit

      Interesting that you chose those words. The saying isn’t, “a few bad apples are no big deal,” or, “a few bad apples means the rest are probably fine. No, it goes, “A few bad apples RUIN THE WHOLE BUNCH.” Because rot, like the racism, bigotry, corruption, and hate in our law enforcement, SPREADS.

      1. Christopher K McCann

        Wrong. The reason for the saying is so that you get rid of the bad apples. This way they don’t ruin the whole thing.

  19. DAMON

    Liberal nonsense

    1. Matt

      Black Lives Matter, damn it. Don’t be a racist POS.

      1. Matt

        Your comment must be satire.

  20. Michelle Crawford

    As a person who married into a police family I can say that all officers are not bad. My family members are kind caring people who believe in protecting the public. I’m proud of them everyday! You cannot put every cop in the same category! No one knows why Kristen Bell was even there! Worry about real issues don’t just invent drama!

  21. Sandra Lorenzi

    Isn’t this old? She’s already been dragged for it. So what? Are you going to bring it back up every few months? Geez

  22. Matt

    There’s nothing remotely wrong with her posing with the sheriff department. This is pathetic outrage fomented by truly delusional, despicable, resentful people. If BLM means “all cops are Hitler and so are you if you demonstrate positive feelings towards any cop in existence, you are also Hitler,” then BLM had lost its mind and gone off a cliff into pure absurdity.

  23. Bright Moon

    No one has asked the question: Why was she there?! Not that it’s really anyone’s business!
    There are many police officers who are good & try to do good. I don’t know much about what’s going on in SoCal these days as I moved away but I do know the LAPD has good people who believe in protecting & serving the people.
    I’ve had my own bad experiences with Huntington Beach police as well as LA police. I may look “white” but once they saw I was Native, I was treated very poorly. My daughter had worse experience with HB police when she was sexually assaulted.
    All that being said, stop jumping on a celebrity just because…why not be kind and simply ask why she was there.
    I AM a liberal thinker & will always be. I’m guilty of jumping to conclusions but so try to have a wait & see attitude.

    1. Raistlin

      “they” said liberal and thinker in the same sentence

  24. JT

    Why would you report on this? People on Twitter angrily spouting their ideology… that’s not news, that happens every second of every day. This is nothing. Stop trying to make it matter.

  25. RJ Casale

    So she takes a picture with them…therefore she supports every wrong thing they’ve ever done. Is every cop there corrupt? Doubtful. It’s just a picture and in a day will be buried amongst all the other new pictures. Relax.

  26. Tom

    This is a major nothingburger. She has my sympathy.


    Not all cops or depts are bad,this them vs us attitude has to end

  28. Kevin

    Stupid all around

    These commenters and their narrow minded assumptions are stupid.

    This ‘exclusive report’ giving these morons the time of day is tired and stupid.

    News isn’t news anymore, it’s cancel culture led by idiots who are controlled by morons.

  29. Megan

    So she’s not supposed to discriminate against race, but she is supposed to discriminate against career decisions. Just trying to get the math right on this one.

  30. B

    People are way too sensitive, who cares if she took a photo with them?! Stop the judgement and shaming.

  31. Litigious Society

    This is really stupid. There are legitimate reasons to be critical of police from the unjust laws they enforce, the hypocrisy of not following those laws themselves, and the lack of accountability for the same crime as a civilian. However, the racism thing is not one of them. Any racial bias that appears is a result of demographics and crime statistics, which will inevitably result in a police officer, a security guard, or even a store clerk being biased toward those demographics; particularly, when someone also embraces cultural attributes that are associated with the ghettos or urban communities.

    Many people support police, because they are ignorant, and see police as mostly enforcing laws against violent criminals. They need to be educated not called racist.

  32. Well Ms. Bell, looks like you are about to be bit by the “woke” dog you have been petting. You see, you made the choice to support the “mob” and the racist group BLM. Now enjoy your reward and expect no sympathy from others. BTW, I am not a fan of the arrogant, lying cops either, but I surely do not like the communist, racist BLM.

    1. Sharkgirl7


  33. James

    Why do I think? I think articles like this one are lame. I can go find anyone with a terrible take and write a page about it. But to write it in such a way that it seems the terrible take is popular opinion is not only intellectually dishonest, it’s harmful to culture as a whole. The vast, VAST majority of the nation doesn’t give a fig that Bell took a photo with LAPD Officers. You know it in your bones. Do better. Make a difference with your writing, I know you could.

    1. Veronica


  34. Tim614

    Kelly… what trolls think on social media is not “under fire”, nor is it news.
    Level up in your “reporting”

  35. Kevin

    The irony here is that supporting BLM is supporting people. Period. NOT discriminating. NOT judging, generalizing or labeling.

    Those not ” supporting ” the Lancaster PD ( for taking a picture with them?!) are perpetuating the same thing they claim to be against.

  36. Ken

    Breaking news!

    Actress caught exhaling CO2, a gas known as a major contributor to global warming. Cancel her and everyone she associates with!

    1. Veronica

      AMEN!!!! Always gonna be something for people to nitpick, huh?! This comment made my day! And it’s my birthday so thanks for the gift of laughter lol

  37. Mizzyllaneous

    To put it in Christian-speak, Bell knows the difference between preaching to the choir and mingling with the Pharisees. You’re supposed to let your light shine in front of and along side of those who need light. You can’t be the change if you insulate yourself from anyone who believes differently than you.

    1. JaNell


  38. Juan Carlossch

    Policelives matter too.

  39. sam

    if making my brain hurt is the goal of Twitter users, it works sometimes.

  40. Veronica

    People need to chill the frick out… She does a lot of great things for the community and for children (and not every officer is a piece of crap…) Smh.

    1. WTF

      So she has to hate all police officers just because she’s for BLM. That’s what is wrong with this world they want everyone to think the same, if you don’t you are a bad person. All this just needs to stop it’s getting to be a little much.

  41. DJ

    You can support BLM and boys in blue. Everyone needs to get off their Twitter horse and focus on what really matters

  42. Blue


  43. Jill

    These comments give me faith in humanity again. And this story just proved, yet again, that the media tries to drive division. Get a better story no one is buying it.

    1. DM

      Booooom! Well said.

    2. Backcountry164

      The “media” pushes whatever sells. This article has gotten FAR more interaction than their normal drivel. If you don’t like it then don’t click on the article and don’t leave a response. Because doing so literally encourages more of the same…

  44. Really ITM? These are the scandalous pics? Give me a break. Stop pumping politics into your articles. We don’t come here to read those opinions, but we sure will stop doing so if it keeps up.

  45. Jamie

    Maybe she woke up & realized that BLM are the real racists. Nobody raises their kids that way except ones who feel oppressed. Maybe she feels that most cops are good. Does it matter. Everyone on Twitter that hates on it is just a wimp behind a keyboard & would never have the guts to say it in person. That’s why social media sucks.

    1. YourMom


  46. Bob

    She literally wrote about the world needing more purple people. Isn’t that what she’s trying to live ? Love everybody ! Include everyone. Come together ! When we finally do that is when things will get better !

  47. Cait

    This is the saddest excuse for news. You do realize that to make change people from different perspectives need to actually communicate, right? I wonder how the author’s actions and your own would be critizied if it was open to the world to interpret.

  48. YourMom

    Who TF cares?!?! Get a life people. Worry about yourself and how you can be a better human. That’s a full time job and then some for most of us anyway. [Yawn]

  49. Dawn

    I don’t see anything wrong with supporting law enforcement. We should support them! People need to grow up and stop throwing fits over support of law enforcement. It’s a good thing. There are good cops out there. Just because some of yall don’t want to follow the law or comply when u get stopped or questioned, dies not make all cops bad people.

  50. Call BLM when someone is breaking into your house, see how much help you get.

    1. Backcountry164

      But the response time would be immediate. So fast that you’d think they were already there…

  51. Liberty

    Curious why people find it difficult to defend the rights of Black Lives… but also support the LEOs that do their job well instead of lumping them all in the same “bad cop” mentality.
    It’s appalling that there are that many close minded & narrow-sighted humans… the very ones that would call Law Enforcement the second they feel they have been trespassed on or violated in one way or another.

    The black population as a whole can’t be judged as all being “thugs”, nor can all officers be judged as “bad cops”.

    I can’t imagine how black LEOs feel.
    I wish people had common sense in today’s world- we wouldn’t be as bad off as we are currently.

  52. DJ Broadbent

    One months-old Instagram post is not “newly taken photos” and a couple over-woke idiots on Twitter does not constitute “under fire.” What a stupid nonstory on so many levels.

  53. Airman

    Stop giving oxygen to the rants of Anarchists who would use any pretense to destroy the pillars of society!

    1. Jane

      Judging people just by how they look is wrong. Kinda goes both ways….

  54. Destiny Willis

    I feel like if you don’t know the whole story don’t jump to conclusions works here…..1. it was posted by the department not the actress, 2. It does not state why she was at the station (she could have been paying a ticket, asking a question etc., 3. The picture could have been asked for by the officer and as a nice person she was like oh yea sure, it’s for his kid or something, no problem you don’t know what is going to come of the picture after you pose for it. 4. In no way shape or form does it quote her as saying anything at all. So it’s like I’m pretty sure what she does stand up and voice her opinion about or support of holds so.much more weight than a photo without any context. But does go to show you how quick the media can turn people on someone for speculating intent behind an innocent and in her case common action. Caring about a fan, being kind, being human!!
    Keep on being your beautiful self #ms bell “anna” and spreading happiness.

    1. Andrea

      I think she was there to pick up her car that had been stolen and recovered. So she showed her appreciation for the man that found her car by taking a picture with him. How is this news?

  55. rebecca

    i think shes a grown ass woman and can take a picture with whom she chooses.

  56. Wes

    What a crock! Absolutely NOTHING wrong with what she did!

  57. Jamie Coughlin

    This is ridiculous. I wonder who ANY of those whiners would call if someone was trying to break into their house or rob them or any other bad thing. The local BLM? There are bad people in every job on this planet but there are more good ones thankfully. People need to mind their own business.

  58. ShanH

    What’s wrong with supporting those that are meant to protect?! Media is so full of lies. If she says she supports loving others, then that is what she is doing! Judge not lest you be judged! Let’s work together instead of against one another. There is no room for hatred or pulling sides. Let’s grow UP people!

  59. Evilbrad

    Only a sith deals in absolutes

  60. Janet

    Black lives matter; thats not what this is about. little kids do not understand politics; Kristin Bell is a role model… this is not about politics; Its about safety. Being a mother she understands how important it is that children know the police are there to help them. It’s preschool 101… Just because people might not agree politically doesnt mean they can’t be friendly.

    1. Angel Hedge

      Yes, black lives matter … ALL LIVES MATTER.
      I’m so tired of the phrase Black lives matter.
      It’s like they are telling people that their lives are the only lives that matter. We ALL matter.

  61. AM

    Ooo ooo ooo LOOK AT ME STIRRING THE POT OF NONSENSE… must’ve been a slow news day 🙄 Stick with Disney related subjects and don’t try to shove this down our throats to cause more of a divide!

  62. Jasmine


  63. Angel Hedge

    Seriously? Kristen & her husband are 2 of the nicest people and ya’ll wanna give her sh*t over taking a photo with the police? Get a damn life!
    Not everything that people do is racist so DON’T make it racist.
    This world is sh*tty enough without everyone throwing the race card around at the drop of a hat.
    It’s getting dangerously way out of control.

    1. Sharkgirl7

      Nice people don’t mock those that are hurting….. or threaten physical harm on children.

  64. Greg

    Cancel culture at its finest. I’m tired of whiners.

  65. Granny T

    Lol, so you can’t be for the police officers and also for black lives matters? I’m pretty sure there are black police officers

  66. Sandra

    If more folks supported cops in California it wouldn’t be turning into the lawless Hellscape it is becoming. People HAVE to give voice to the lunatic fringe of Twitter trying to make something bigger than it is. Blacks, who are living in destroyed neighborhoods, threatened daily by crime and violence WANT police presence, in spite of what privileged white liberals will have you believe.

  67. Crysta

    Seriously?? You are mad because she visited a police station who has a bad rep?? 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is why I started NOT watching the news. Nobody wins. How do you know what she went there for… and is it really ANY of your business?? So I guess we are back in grade school and if Becky doesn’t like Karen then I shouldn’t like Karen. 🙄

    1. Karl

      Ha! Love this 👍🏻

  68. Benjamin Collins

    All of us can surmise that most actors don’t read other people’s disapproval statements, twitter is a great tool if used along with twitters goal. Which is to reply & share statements with other people.

    1. Backcountry164

      Twitter is a shthole filled with crap and little else…

  69. Rebekah Wade

    The comment the LA department gave in the post was that they met one of the kindest humans ever being Kristen Bell. I’m not understanding why this was so bad? Should they feel like she is the worst or should she have acted like a witch to them? I’m not sure how bad behavior is supposed to help fix a troubled system?
    We need to be kind to everyone regardless of thier personal beliefs. How we behave says more about our character than theirs!!!

  70. JayL

    So tired of this snowflake cancel culture. All a bunch of cry babies. Do you wan a trophy because you were born? Seriously people. The fact that this is even a story is a telling sign of the deterioration of our countries society.

  71. Backcountry164

    Why do we keep pretending the moronic opinions of these Twitter weirdos matter?? They’re just miserable idiots, stop amplifying thier voices. They don’t deserve it and normal people couldn’t care less what these idiots are blathering on about.

  72. Judith

    Too bad her detractors aren’t as kind as she is.

  73. Kimberly S

    I personally think it’s great that she’s able to love all people instead of the people on Twitter that love to just hate everyone! I mean isn’t that the point of Disney movies or Frozen is to teach love and friendship but no when it comes to be a limb and antifa all there is hate so I say you go girl take the pictures that you want to take with the people you want to take them with and to hell with these naysayers

  74. Sharkgirl7

    *Taking notes*

    Being around police officers: bad

    Threatening violence on children: a-okay!

  75. Karl

    This backlash is pathetic. Shows the world the true colors of that group of people that have a problem with this…they will eat their own if they don’t like something. I PRAY TO GOD that Bell doesn’t apologize for this because it will only embolden them.

  76. Alya

    OMG people!! Not every second of every day with every single person means anything than what it shows! She just took pics with some fans probably, who just happen to also be at that particular place! When it comes down to it, everything isn’t about anyone else, so let everyone live the life the best way they can and CALM DOWN!! JEEZ!

  77. Roy

    She doesn’t judge people and neither should we

  78. Linda

    Please she is a great actress and a level head woman what is wrong w people.

  79. Laura

    It’s people she took a picture with a couple of guys in blue Protect you every single day and you’re gonna get upset about that get real my husband was A retired law enforcement get a grip and grow up. This is why I never go to Disneyland I won’t be buying their products.

  80. Cheryl

    If nobody ever builds a bridge we will all remain exactly where we are today. #kristenbell

  81. Dana

    This is b.s. Yes, some of that police dept, and probably all police depts, are corrupt. That doesn’t mean that ALL are or that she should participate in our culture that is trying people without an actual trial, aka cancel culture. It’s like, “OMG some teenager somewhere shot somone so let’s boycott teens!” It makes as much sense. She also has a long, long career and public persona behind her as a good person, so here we are trying her based on one moment in time where she didn’t consider EVERY ANGLE of taking a pic with someone.

  82. B

    Let’s just get mad about and go protest and loot some stores that the answer to everything. NOT. Ever think maybe a lot of these people who have problems with police officers wouldn’t if they were not breaking the law

  83. Aida Tucker

    I applaud Kristin Bell! She must nor have very many fans that think a majority if police are good caring people who risk their lives everyday to make us safe. Bravo, Kristen!

  84. Aida Tucker

    I applaud Kristin Bell! She must not have very many fans that think a majority of police are good caring people who risk their lives everyday to make us safe. Bravo, Kristen!

    1. Drained Soul Boy


      1. Lisa

        Nor all police are bad!! There is still good out there, these folks need to get over themselves. God Bless Kristen and her Family. Don’t let the Trolls win.

  85. Drained Soul Boy

    A person could take a picture next to a cereal box and Twitter would complain that it isn’t their favorite cereal. I will never understand why people think they have the right to control others opinions and careers. It’s the Scott Cawthorn thing all over again.

  86. Tluthre

    I guess you can’t be two things anymore? You can’t support racial equality and support the police? This is why out country is so messed up. You have to pick just one side and please everyone.

    1. Melinda

      Agreed 👍

  87. Kiki Mumenschantz

    People are so…. ignorant. Black lives do matter. So do all other lives. Its unfortunate, that so many people cannot say I support black lives and I support the police as well. Because for those who say you have to choose one way or the other, you aren’t any different than the few bad apple cops that have made it nearly impossible for the cops that truly want to help those in need, do their jobs. Yes there have been a lot of cops out there that have done wrong. But there are even more that do the right thing, everyday, but they get pushed off to the side because it’s not a good news story. Its like saying that black male robbed a store so all black males must be criminals. Its obsurd and untrue. There are many black people that have done incredible things, invented, taught, written, helped and served and protected. And they continue to do these things to make life better for ALL. People need to stop and think about what they’re saying. I support black lives and I support blue lives as well. Im proud of that, because I Can make the distinction. I say good for Kristen Bell for showing that you CAN support both equally.

  88. Great job Kristin .You have done nothing wrong. No apologies needed. Apologizing to keep the unhappy happy never works. They will remain that way waiting for the next offense to happen. Have a wonderful day ❄.

    1. Dawn

      Good for you Kristen. You go girl! Im so glad that you can see the good in every group. There is no one “good” or “bad” group. There never has been because they are all made up of human beings!! We should all try to see/find the good in people (or in what they are doing) & support that!! Promote positivity & good deeds! Our world will be better for it!

  89. Jasper

    Everyone who is bashing her needs to get a life! I wanna personally slap each and every one who whined on social media about this. It would be a very hard slap! 😁

  90. This is old news. This was news before December 2021, why are rehashing this again ? Slow news day? Dragging Kristen’s name through the mud some more ? She’s already apologized, what more do you want ?

    1. JaNell

      She NEVER should have apologized she did nothing wrong!!! However she deserves many apologies this hole story was nothing more than mainstream media “stirring the pot” again!

  91. Charles Cook

    Considering this is dated November 2021 must be a slow day in the land of ” Who can we try and destroy with BS today!”

    1. Steve


  92. AJ

    A couple butt hurt trolls on Twitter doesn’t equate to “under fire”

  93. Steve


  94. Ck12380

    People need to stop being so judgemental. Stop letting the actions of others bother you. Stop loving your life through celebrities. They’re allowed to live their lives as they please just as you do.

  95. Steve

    The truth is the vast majority of police officers are awesome and sane people understand that. Twitter is a fake disturbing fantasy land of sheeple that can’t handle the real world.

  96. K

    Totally fine she is a human and it’s not against anyone her posting pictures I’m sure those gentlemen are great people and do there job.. They have families as well.. Stop judging people when’s it’s not our job to judge people it comes down to caring people no matter race or color……

  97. Lisa

    Not all police are bad!! There is still good out there, these folks need to get over themselves. God Bless Kristen and her Family. Don’t let the Trolls win.

  98. April Beckwith

    It’s sad that people get paid to even “report” on crap like this. She’s doing as she preaches. Treating all humans like humans. People hating on her because she’s in a picture with people in uniform. Yall are the problem.

  99. Seriously, because ALL cops & 1st responders are bad?!? I’m not a fan of hers, but there is NOTHING wrong with supporting our guys & gals in blue…NOTHING! There are far more good cops then the handful of bad ones & showing them respect & support is what they need, in order to continue doing their jobs respectfully for their communities. I stand with her in this, I have & always will because without this support, our world will just continue to go to hell in a handbasket & the last several years should be evident enough to that! God Bless our officers & God Bless the U.S.A. 🇱🇷

    1. JaNell


  100. DEBBIE

    Please stop making this a negative news story! There is plenty of room between support for Black Lives Matter and thinking all police officers are bad! This is an example of reporting and from the many comments, of promoting divisiveness and hatred. Stop.

    1. Rachel


  101. Ms. Bell has her right to support whatever groups she wants to! Roll n scroll if you don’t like it! Just my honest opinion. Haters stop hating!!

  102. Rachel

    Black Lives Matter doesn’t actually help black people that need it. Get it through your thick skulls.

  103. Kenneth Mercks

    This ” cancel culture” needs to put their big girl panties on and deal with it. There is soon coming a time when they will be begging for police protection. When this country folds and anarchy is released the cops will be a welcome sight.

    1. JaNell

      Coming soon er I think than anyone realizes!!! And these cops gave been deomized and told they aren’t wanted… they still be there to protect even the most rabid of these!

  104. Tarah Rice

    Lol cops are no racist. There are racists sadly in every group. But most cops are kind, genuine people who protect us . Now BLM on the other hand is a hate group. They disgust me. They are the modern racists.

  105. Dru

    Yeah…soooo… dont care.
    Trying not to get COVID

    1. Dru

      Dont even know how I accidentally clicked on this…Saw a mask ad smh

  106. JJ

    How ironic that the woman who wrote a children’s book about respecting people who are different is getting attacked by the shrill online mob of social media scolds. And I’m No fan of either her or her husband and their white guilt complex and sex views. But come on. Get a life, Tweetheads.

  107. Craig Naramor

    Glad to see many of the comments here are about how ridiculous the reaction to Kristen Bell’s post is. If people are going to be hypercritical of every single thing anyone does that they perceive is contrary to their values then they might as well run for congress – where the same thing is happening. The degree to which EVERYTHING is becoming a point of contention is beyond comprehension. The reason Congress is more polarized than ever is because too many constituents are buying into the extremist ideas on the far left or far right of each party. No longer looking for common ground or reasoned debate on any topic.
    Looks to me like everyone in the photo was happy for the interaction and no intent of any kind can be derived from it. Some people just need to chill the heck out and stop trying to judge or apply a label to it.

  108. Tony

    Boohoohoo 😭. rather have a picture taken with the police than the domestic terrorists BLM or antifa…. Blue lives matter.

  109. Erik Wright

    Seriously? Not ACAB. not sure why she can’t support BLM as well as LACSD. Someone who hated all people of ( insert color here) would be considered racist. Why is it different for groups of people of all colors? LA is a pretty diverse area, with a fairly diverse LEO representation. This is a complete non issue.

    Furthermore, it appears she and Dax represent a “purple” population openly. Why can’t they support EVERYONE? isn’t that the right thing to do? Support PEOPLE, not an ideology

  110. Brian

    You do realize that it is possible to both support your police department(s) and thr good officers within while also demanding more accountability, better training, and for the rotten apples to be dismissed… Right? This isn’t a zero sum game…

  111. Jeff

    I never comment on these articles but GOOD FOR KRISTEN!!!

  112. CAM

    Seems to me the ones calling everyone in the Sheriff’s Department racist…lil racist!!! This world has mirrors people, time to take a look in em!

  113. Terrie Christine Snyder

    I can’t believe that people are giving her a hard time for supporting the police and black lives matter why can’t you support both. Not all cops are bad of course there are bad ones out there just like there are bad people in every race.

  114. Molly Gunn

    Seems to me after reading the comments it’s a non issue with people who like this awesome lady. The tide is changing back toward the middle and acceptance. Stop trying to divide Americans with all this bs!

    1. JaNell


  115. JaNell

    Ridiculous TWITS! I mean come on, deputy gangster? See its these people that are the problem- the world isn’t actually black and white! And like someone else says supporting our men and women in blue DOES NOT exempt you from believing black lives matter too! Nor does it automatically make you rarcist!! Keep doing what you’re doing Kristen Bell- keep being kind keep supporting police keep promoting black lives! And shout out for your book “The World Needs More Purple People” honestly the world needs more TOLERANT people, more kind people like you! But you know, haters gonna hate and stupid IS as stupid does. Black Lives, Blue Lives,Tan Lives, Yellow, Orange, White, Green and Gold lives matter too! We ALL matter and no one more than the other. Except maybe children they matter most of all. You go Katie Bell keep making this broken world a little better with everything you do! #MAGA #ALL lives matter “KristenBell is my hero

  116. Randy

    She’s railed against for supporting police but championed for supporting a terrorist organization like blm. This world has gone crazy. Blm doesn’t care about blacks. If they did they would do something about the black communities across the country that suffer at the hands of black criminals. Blacks are killed at a way higher number by their own kind than by white police officers. They don’t get donations by stated that fact though.

    1. JaNell


  117. Cheryl

    You just can’t please everyone, all of the time!!!
    Stop throwing mud at everyone and just do what is right!!! Hate produces hate and kindness produces kindness.

  118. George Horn

    Who cares if as he takes a photo. Damn you attack her for a #LASD photo. Hey at least they weren’t arresting her! Next you’ll question what phone she uses or which face wash is in her bathroom. Get over yourselves!-G

    1. Steve

      Only a racist would try to stir up this kind of garbage. We are all the same. Color doesn’t mean a thing. Get over it. Im white and identify as a Brown Asian Latino. BLM is a disgrace to all black people and whites who identify as being black. Educate yourself on the BLM movement, it’s disgusting. They do not care about anything but dividing everyone. After fighting for equality and freedom. The only things holding anyone back is their own ignorance.

  119. RB white

    And just what the hell is wrong with what she did? Nothing you liberal police need to get a life. Like taking care of your own business

    1. George Horn

      I really agree with you!-G

  120. George Horn

    *if she takes

  121. Nikki

    A person can be a supporter of both law enforcement and black lives. Like there aren’t any black law enforcement. Maybe if we stopped criminalizing both of those groups there would be more law enforcement in every color. We wouldn’t have this. Where a grown ass woman can’t speak love and happiness and not have it boil down to race and hate. Y’all are grown ass people. Start acting like it.

    1. Rick

      Thank you

  122. Rick

    Oh joy add to the hate you ignorant trash all of you get the **** over it be the change not the bigot you persecute grow the **** up people

  123. badSAM

    So by their own logic, if all cops are bad, then that means they also have to agree that all black and brown people are criminals(since it’s an all-in mentality), which would also make them racist.
    Also, who do they call if they need help? Not the police obviously. Can’t say “defund the police” while you’re dialing 911. If I called someone a racist multiple times, I wouldn’t be going to them for assistance. “Hey racist, can you make this guy with a knife go away? Thanks.”

  124. Lesley

    I would love to see all of these complainers survive without police officers. When they get robbed, assaulted or any other terrible crime. Some people are bad people not all people are bad people. Kristen Bell is a good person supporting good officers. Stop punishing all for the crimes of the few.

  125. Red

    So let me get this right. A popular actress who openly supports blm in many ways happened to take pictures with some cops, who she likely didn’t know. Gets accused of no longer supporting a movement she has proudly agreed with just because the department sucked… yeah.

  126. Lisa

    Stupid. Pretty sure it’s possible to do both. Leave her alone.

  127. Lisa

    The Blue Man Group isn’t actually blue and the Smurfs are animated. Being a police officer is a chosen profession, not a race.

  128. LAPD

    Is this a literal joke? Who in their right mind would care if an actress takes a photo with a police department, nevertheless an author of such an article.

  129. SandyJ

    So what? She did nothing wrong.

  130. Donna

    What is the big deal? You can’t support both ? We need the police and more people like Kristen Bell !!

  131. Leelee

    Being against all police officers because a certain number of them are bad is like saying you are going to hate all white people because there are some that have committed crimes that are now in jail/prisons. Im white and nothing like those criminals so why hate me? You can’t judge everyone based off a certain amount of bad ones. There are good police officers too.

  132. Lan

    Will the internet trolls please leave Kristen Bell alone. Honestly its like they have nothing better to do. Duh just kinda just answered my own question. 😑

  133. Paul R Faulkner

    Good for her. Police officers are in one of the most dangerous professions ever. Yes there are bad apples amongst them, just as there are bad teachers and bad doctors. Doesn’t mean the entire profession should be labeled as such.

  134. Tom

    Finally a moderate person adding to the solution and not fueling the fire of hate like all BLM racist. How can it be made right with so much hate!

  135. Kim

    What Kristen Bell does is her business not the media or anyone else business. Just saying

  136. Stephanie Hutton

    Seriously…cant you find something better to report than someone befriending different types of people and supporting different people? Sounds like just trying to start some sh*@!

  137. Jason

    Live and let live. Like and support whoever you want. I will still be able to sleep tonight regardless of who Kristen Bell likes or supports.

  138. Citizen

    Supporting good law enforcement professionals and supporting black lives matters are not mutually exclusive.

  139. Tanya

    Not all white cops are racist or bad cops this is just ridiculous to treat her so bad ..people have really gone to $###….

  140. To feel you have to choose between blm for the police is like saying all police are bad or all blacks are bad. This is why there is so much divisiveness . Kristen bell is known for being a kind, supportive, living woman who cares for all people. We all could take a lesson from her!

  141. Drew

    Forget the haters. You’re not in high-school anymore

  142. J

    Do not let stupid articles like this create division in our country! 99% of Americans would have absolutely no problem with this, don’t let two people on Twitter skew your opinion. By all accounts she’s a great person.

  143. Mrs R

    So a celebrity turns out to be completely disingenuous?
    I’m so absolutely SHOCKED 🙄

  144. Charles

    As long as some misguided people demonize police NOBODY will ever be able to move forward.

  145. Stacey Horan

    We support Kristen and ALL law enforcement officers! Way to go!! AMERICA would be lost without our law enforcement officers!!! Ignore them! You rock!

  146. C

    You people in the comments are absolutely pathetic. You guys can quit calling yourselves accepting and tolerant. Every last one of you are frauds and hypocrites.

  147. Brian

    Really people!!! Getting upset about this is terrible. Did your feelings get hurt again. This is the problem with Americans now-a-days. Someone always has to be offended about something. This should not even be a story. Grow up America and quit being so damn sensitive.

  148. Bob

    Minutes of my life wasted reading a nothing article that I will never get back.

  149. John J

    You are an absolute scumbag for posting this. There is absolutely no controversy here and for you to create one out of nothing is disgusting. Your bias shows more and more and this is probably the last article I will read from you.

  150. Corinne

    I thought this was going to be something serious. Wtf can police not be fans of famous people & can they not be kind in return & take a photo with them? It doesn’t seem like she is working with them, they met her. Who wouldn’t want a picture? Why would she deny them a picture?

  151. Pharma Chameleon

    uh, I’m a BLM marchin, defund the police* dude left of Bernie Sanders and seriously what the fk is the problem here. She’s being nice to some fans who are human beings, which is amazing and cool regardless of what their job is. The haters need to practice what they preach and let a little love get spread. smdh

    *defund as in move some police funds into mental healthcare and crisis intervention. This idea comes from the Clark County Sherrif here in Nevada, because they’re tired of having LEOs be the people on the ground dealing with the mentally ill homeless, and having their prison system be the #1 most populated housing for the mentally ill in Nevada. They want to do the job they were tasked with doing, not what’s been put in their laps because there’s no budget for public mental healthcare.

    They WANT to be defunded, as long as that money goes to making the job of law enforcement focused on law enforcement, not trying to house and treat the mentally ill.

    If you have a problem with that, then idk what to say.

    1. John J

      You’re completely out of touch. Why don’t you go on a ride along with the sheriff and actually see what goes on on a day-to-day? I promise you you’ll change your tune.

      1. Christopher Harwood

        John, you didn’t read the entire thing obviously.

        1. Christopher Harwood

          As in first sentence.

  152. Tarra

    People, these things are not mutually exclusive. Open your minds!! She has a right to be who she is, without your judgement.

  153. Atat

    His bless our clean and upright law enforcers in the USA!

    1. Atat

      God Bless!!

  154. Debby

    These people that are starting these online protests are the priblem. They are the ones getting people to see something that is not there they need to look in the mirror as they are not happy unless they cause drama which in turn creates this race issue.one could ask who is actually racist as they are the ones starting the trouble by seeing things that are not there or like dangling a steak in front of a lion and then crying when the lion bites their arm off. Stop the color issue within our states and start focusing on keeping your kids out of the streets all hours of the night where is no good to come from them but trouble

  155. xtremErisa

    It would appear that Cancel Culture has indeed completely lost its mind. You’re actually no longer allowed to support the police? Keep acting like this, so that you absolutely ensure that you wil be reviled and, ultimately, rendered irrelevant.

  156. Melinda

    This is so beyond ridiculous. If it weren’t for Police officers, would you ever feel safe? Stop gunning for them. I bet you wanted to be a cop as a little boy, all you rediculous haters. Jesus, WTH did Kristen DO? Nothing
    Absolutely nothing. Sorry you are so sensitive and easily offended in this life.

  157. Timmy

    The writer of this article has an IQ of 60. But she/him is woke.

  158. Deez

    Who gives a f. If you are mad at this, keep steppin

  159. Boba

    Get a life people who cares this might be a shocker to the woke crowd but no all cops are bad

  160. Mike

    Regardless, all people deserve to live! If your a criminal and do bad things you must do the time! If you resist your at fault for giving police a reason to subdue you and it will be done however seen fit! Your fault not theirs! Police officers come in different sizes, shapes, genders and colors, they have families to go home to also! No reason to not support people who want law and order! If you don’t like the United States, move to Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea. I hear they love Americans who come there to live under their rules!

  161. Steve

    Only a racist would try to stir up this kind of garbage. We are all the same. Color doesn’t mean a thing. Get over it. Im white and identify as a Brown Asian Latino. BLM is a disgrace to all black people and whites who identify as being black. Educate yourself on the BLM movement, it’s disgusting. They do not care about anything but dividing everyone. After fighting for equality and freedom. The only things holding anyone back is their own ignorance.


    Great Job! Just a bunch of Liberal whack jobs being snowflakes! A lot of their congress & mayors are now begging for police coverage now that the people are turning on them! Ha!
    These cry babies will be the 1st ones to call 911 when their house is broken into or are assaulted on tne street!
    Great job Kristen for showing your support for law officials… There are only a small 100% of policemen that are bad apples.. Just a bunch of whackos following the Lefts Socialistic agenda!

  163. Kim

    So, she can’t visit the police station? That makes her against us? C’mon…that’s taking it too far.

  164. Smily

    You not all police officers are bad. There just as much good polices as bad police. STOP LOOKING AT JUST ONE SIDE AND SAYING ALL POLICE ARE BAD!

  165. JET

    Whoever wrote this article is part of the problem today. We are so quick to “cancel” anyone and everyone, how about you focus on inclusiveness instead of trying to once again divide this country. She visited the police station, so what? Whoever wrote this article should be canceled for trying to make something out of absolutely nothing. This is the problem today, and it was probably 2 people that had an issue with it but they try write an article trying to stir something up and making it seem every one on twitter has an issue. I hope the writer never has to call 911, because guess who shows up? The police!!!!

    1. Suzanne Dawson

      I so agree!

  166. Suzanne Dawson

    So how is she supposed to be aware of every single police department that had had bad publicity? Maybe the lesson her is for us to stop picking on people for making honest mistakes!
    Or maybe even she should’ve never uttered she supported BLM if it would drag her name down this way? I mean isn’t the purpose of a cause to call attention to it anyway? Mistake or not, she has done just that!

  167. D

    My god. Who cares. So she can’t like black people and support law enforcement? I hate social media.

  168. Brandon

    Twitter is and always will be cancer. The majority of us could care less what’s spread on there. If I was her just ignore those retards.

  169. Pauly

    What a bunch of wusses. How do they know that these cops are the bad ones in the department? Also, what is the credibility of the LA Times on their information on this department? What if she just wanted to visit the police department? I wonder who these people call if they have a break in or are being chased by an armed person. Racism is bad, police brutality is bad, being anti-police is also bad. People need to suck it up and stop picking sides when there is clearly a middle ground.

    1. Anna

      Right. At least that guy is going to work everyday. Police don’t get paid much. I don’t think they sign up to do a hard job for little money without wanting to improve communities.pretty sure that’s most. Most are in the middle. The division needs to stop. Let’s come together to stop that. In honor of MLzk. Stop the division. Not perpetuate and keep renaming different racism

      1. Christopher Harwood

        Uh… Here the entry salary starts at $50k (plus all the benefits) up to over $90 and they deserve every penny.

  170. Justin

    I’m not a big LE fan. However I don’t think she did anything wrong. I also think all her haters need to STFU. Next to nobody cares what most of them think anyway. And I’m getting tired of a small group of individuals ruining people’s careers.

  171. Anna

    It feels like this agenda is crazy. Police help people too and a world where people just loot and burn things down is horrible. So if the people attacking someone with hate or more violence, that’s insanity. MLK would not be proud. Pretty sure he’d speak against BLM just like his family is now because they are real loving humans who want a world with love. Not power and politics like BLM.

    1. Eden Steffey

      So true!

  172. Drew S

    The world just doesn’t work in absolutes. All human beings are just trying to find their way on this little rock we call home. I think Ms. Bell has the right idea by showing that we should ALL be spending our energy trying to find our common ground and life similarities and finally break this insane cycle of division and hate. If we can’t figure that out soon then we surely don’t deserve to be on this little blue piece of paradise.

  173. Eden Steffey

    This is so stupid. If we are truly trying to find common ground then you can’t lump all police officers into the evil racist category. I’m so tired of this kind of behavior.

  174. Paisley

    Really?!? Not all law enforcement personnel are racist and lumpying people into one category or another doesn’t help anyone. There’s always a rotten apple(s) in every group. Kristen did absolutely nothing wrong by supporting law enforcement with a photo op and supporting Black Lives MATTER, she is free to do both! It’s about checks and balances and holding people accountable for bad behavior, not sweeping up under the rug. When 911 is called for an emergency we EXPECT those same people to put their lives in danger for US. Having a photo op and showing your support should not be such a big deal. Obviously you have too much time on your hands, maybe think about volunteering or advocating in your community. Go do some good instead of starting problems.

  175. Joe

    Twitter is really a land of people that have norhing better to do with their lives.

  176. Alex

    I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours reading every single comment and the only idiot I could find who has his head inside of his own rectorial area is some Fouchie Loving Shrew named Matt. Love to see all of the people who aren’t complete and total idiots

    1. Robert Medrano

      Right on – but when this child Matt needs help/ who does he or she ( covering all bases) call ? The police – bunch of whining children now

      1. Alexander

        I agree these people need to get a clue. People are all willing to bad mouth and ” Defund the police ” then they get something stolen and call those same police.
        My best friend in highschool was African American and his dad was a marine and a police officer am i not supposed to support him.

  177. Christopher Harwood

    So I’ve to choose between siding with the white cops or BLM? Ok, cops. That was easy. Next issue.

  178. Erin

    Frozen: The lady next to the cop is definitely not a girls version of Elsa /Anna. So , Disney you have nothing to worry about! If you run out of Elsa/Anna dolls then you have something to worry about!

  179. Susan

    How can you be upset at Kristin Bell & her friendly, respectful demeanor? By lumping all the LA cops as racists aren’t you displaying your bigotry? If more people would be courteous & respectful we wouldn’t have these issues! All Lives Matter! And all police officers are not racists! There are no absolutes in this life!

    1. Jyn

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  180. Alex

    Blue lives matter!!!!
    She did her part by supporting some boots!!!
    People just want to cry about ever little thing instead of focusing on themselves

    1. Kristen, just keep up what your doing! Proud that you stick up for your beliefs. And People, what are you all thinking? When something goes wrong, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters? Nope. The cops. They the ones that’s gonna bail you out. Risking their lives for you! Don’t let a few bad skunks smell it up for everyone else. Be a thinker, and not a stinker.

  181. August

    The sadest part of the story is that cowards and hypocrites hide behind avatars on social media. People complain about the police yet when they are a victim of a crime they are screaming about more police. Instead of complaining about police, why dont parents take responsibility for raising criminals and delinquents. If parents actually parent instead of relying on electronic latch kids to raise themselves. The next time a child commits a crime the parents should be charged or fined for dereliction of duty as a parent. It’s a parents job to instill good morals and values into thier child not society. If you are unable or to busy to raise your children correctly than put them up for adoption before you corrupt them. But what do I know, except that life is hard, so be harder.

  182. RFlair

    A story selling the idea that a picture with a police officer is a controversial act. Disney anti police anti American. This is why i dont buy any over priced woke disney crap and will not be reading any more propaganda from Inside the commies mind. Walt spinning in his grave since his company was hijacked by the global Elites.

  183. KWI

    Is everyone going insane? So, every person in the Sheriffs Dept. is guilty? You can’t support the good the department does do AND Black Lives Matter? WTF???? If your brain explodes trying to see both sides, stick to ‘People Magazine’ and it’s content/issues. That should keep y’all’s brains from exploding! WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF??

  184. Bobby kinslow

    There is nothing wrong with supporting the police.let the person complaining get in trouble with somebody watch who they call for help.thats what’s wrong with this country now to many racist people won’t you to take their side because their usually the one that’s racist.

  185. Teresa K

    First off, Anna is my fave all time character…Disney or otherwise! Kristen did a fantastic job breathing life into her!! As a little red headed girlie Anna gave me all the feels. Kristen Bell is a good person and she does good things with her influence. I get that there are some bad apples out there. But not ALL police officers are on the bad side. But hey maybe remember all the hate speech next time ya call 911….. I’m a full believer that Black Lives Matter. Every single one of them, I don’t however believe the “group” BLM honors that same belief. Haven’t seen very much positivity from them…I did however see businesses burned and looted during “peaceful” protests. Idk who did those things I just know it was done during the BLM demonstrations causing people to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the actual purpose of the movement itself. We all need to work on us. We are better than this people! !

  186. Jyn

    I couldn’t respect Kristin Bell more!! Our boys (and girls) in blue work hard to protect us. Yes occasionally there’s a bad apple in barrell but why don’t we see more of the success stories on the news? Oooh that’s right….thats not what helps the ratings. Kudos to you KB for taking a sec to making that precinct’s day. My little girl still loves you and I’m proud of you.

  187. Angela Christie

    This is America. We are given the freedom to stand for/with what we want. I hope that Bell will continue to support the police, fire fighters and anyone else that helps to keep our freedoms alive. I’m of African American, Scottish and Native American decent who supports ALL life, including the unborn who are without a voice. I believe in one race, the human race! Stand firm on what you believe!!!!!

  188. Milo

    Thats my Goodplace buddy isnt it?i think its great that she went to meet the LACSD.Im sorry if LACSD is not the right abbreviations.Those cops and the whole force need raises and more support from celebrities and stars.That be a very hard job a cop in L.A. Come see me Kristen!! i want a Ferrari please.lol joke

  189. JimInAuburn

    There is no group of people that have done more to protect black lives and prevent then from being victimized than the men and women in blue.

    They are demonized, yet they are the ones that come running when a black person is attacked, victimized or killed. They are the ones that go after the people killing black people and try to prevent then from killing more black people.

  190. Sandcastle

    She did what she felt like doing and this is a thing with these racist immature comments?! Get a life people.

  191. Bre

    The problem is the idiot that took their time to report this as a news article! The media sometimes is the one that tears people apart when they have power to do better!!!!

    1. Yasie


  192. Craig

    This is the type of thing that made me get off social media entirely. The fine folks that are damning Kristen for posting that picture and having the gall to visit AND to top it all off be nice to them. Are the same people who cry when the cops aren’t within 2 minutes of their 911 call. Someday day the chickens are coming home to roost.

  193. JW79

    Police are people. Some are good and some are bad, but there are more good than bad. If you are going to bash people for being kind to people who put themselves in danger for public good. Then don’t call them when someone threatens the wellbeing of you, your family, or your property. Call Black Lives Matter, I’m sure they’ll come save you. Otherwise shut up.

  194. MICHAEL

    Put these woke people to sleep.

  195. Andy

    This is stupid and histrionic news Kelly Coffey! Kristen Bell can support who she wants and she SHOULD support our sherrifs! Please Stop making unnecessary drama!

  196. Yasie

    To me, the point of BLM is to finally build a bridge and relationship with police officers. It has to be a collaborative effort to get change. If we alienate and demonize every police officer, we are losing the battle. You can’t cure hate with more hate.

  197. Alex

    This is the stupidest thing I have read in a long time. It’s not racist to support law enforcement.

  198. Your daddy

    Shame on this site for bringing attention to the idiots village!! You know, those lefty socialist morons that are against law and order and the police! Get a freaking life losers or better yet move to a banana republic where laws and order do not apply……I’m sure every crazy commie cook would love it there!

  199. John

    Good for Kristi and Bravo to our Sheriff’s departments!! FYI Sheriff’s are elected by the people. They are the highest law authority in a county. If anyone is going to hold accountable out of control Police departments (who are appointed by the mayor) it is the Sheriff’s departments. — Know your Constitution!

  200. Good for you Kristen don’t worry about the BS backlash from the Twitter clowns. Everyone of them bozos would or have called on law enforcement for something and wouldn’t hesitate to take a photo with one of US. And as far as BLM bring your watered down protest to the hood and make some noise about the damn gang violence here in LA!! Also the inner cities where BOB crime goes on daily and I have yet to see or hear BLM anywhere but media grabbing law enforcement incidents. Become real Social Activists and come to our neighborhoods not TV/Media neighborhoods.. Thumbs down to the negative Twitter clowns..Get a life!!!

  201. Wendy

    Aunt Jemimah, Uncle Ben,….now what? An innocent character from Frozen is now the topic of debate? What happened to freedom of expression and freedom speech? Can she not live her life without some looney liberal attacking her decisions? Just because she posed with two cops , her past decisions are now dismissed by it? It is crazy to think , freedom of speech and expression is not tolerated unless you are fully dedicated and agree to 100% to the left’s narrative.

  202. Mo Biggsley

    People are ridiculous. This country is ridiculous.

  203. Daniel

    So tired of the black vs white. Wake up people. Get a life. ALL lives matter. I’m ashamed at what this country has turned into. I think people didn’t pay enough attention in History Class when it says “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

  204. Alex

    Articles about comments in Twitter isn’t worth reading. Who cares. It adds no value to anyone’s lives.

  205. TJT

    It’s her own business who she hangs out with and who wants to be in photos with her.

    You have NO idea if these 2 officer’s have ANYTHING to do with ANY VIOLENCE within the department.

    STOP JUDGING individuals on the bases of mismanagement.

  206. Kat

    Jesus hung out with sinners. Spreading love is the way to make change. Take a good look at the reason you need to judge.

  207. Pam

    Her and husband has shown a white variety of support for different causes I think it’s great
    The people complaining who are they going call when someone’s breaking into their house or robbing them it’s the police but then they wanna bash the police every chance they get yes there are bad cops but there are many more good cops

  208. Matthew

    People need to stop villainizing the police. Yes, there are bad police officers. There are also bad black people. I seem to remember these same people saying that it’s bad to judge all black people by the bad ones. I guess that sentiment only applies to black people, huh? Gotta love double standards and hypocrites

  209. Hulk

    She should be able to take a picture with whom ever she wants to. No big deal.grow up people.how would any of you like to
    be told you can’t take a picture with that person.

  210. Jim

    I don’t always agree with Ms. Bell, but in THIS case, her dissenters can POUND SAND!

  211. Sue

    So, she thinks for herself and makes her own decisions about how she is going to conduct her life, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people are going to think? Sounds like a wonderful human being.

  212. Jane

    Good for her! Racism is defined as doing anything or making any choices based on skin color. We need to all love each other.

  213. Joey k.

    Antifa psychos are big on Twitter it seems