Comments for Parents Are Strongly Reacting to Kelly Clarkson’s Opinion of ‘Encanto’

kelly clarkson with kids

Credit: ABC


  1. Manny

    I am just going to wait about five minutes before all the negative comments start and how this is all caused by wokeness and CRT.

    At least the Russian bots are still sleeping…

    1. Team Bruno

      Lol I have seen the movie once and enjoyed it. The song is catchy!!! Loved it and added it to my play list ( I like it so much better than let it go!).

  2. Jamie

    I’ll have to watch it now. Especially coming from Kelly. She’s so hot

  3. Jamie Coughlin

    I liked the movie OK. It was good, not great but good. As an adult I wouldn’t bother watching it again but I can see how children would want to watch it over and over. I did not like the songs unfortunately.

    1. Mike

      I agree about the songs being not that great. Something about the songs rhythm wasn’t as great as Frozen, Moana, and Zootopia and those are all cg musicals that were released by Disney and Pixar in the last 25 that had great music rhythm

  4. SusieQ

    I loved the colorful movie and the songs. My grands are always singing we don’t talk about Bruno. It’s their catch phrase for most activities. I liked the characters except I had a hard time with grandmother. So she has a change of heart by the end… but no grandmother should make a grandchild who’s different feel less important. A teasing sibling, an outsider etc. but never grandmother.

  5. Er Sa

    Isabella doesn’t have the power to heal, its the mom, julieta. Isabella grows flowers.

  6. AmeliaSue

    I’m a 42 yr old woman with no kids at home and I’ve watched it twice. I love Surface Pressure!

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