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  1. I have signed this petition and many others. I have supported this man for along time. It is ridiculous to think just because of a divorce that he was not allowed to continue this move franchise. I fully hope he gets justice, and comes back to the movies. He is missed in the United States, and by rights belong Here.

    1. Heike


    2. Nancy

      Justice for Johnny

    3. Should have said movie franchise not move, and belongs not belong.

    4. Christina Sufficool

      Johnny is innocent! This is wrong he doesn’t deserve this he is a good man and a great actor/musician. He did nothing wrong and it has been proven. We want our Johnny back

    5. Danielle Mckenzie

      Johnny Depp is the one and ONLY Jack Sparrow.. HE is the movie.

    6. got


      1. Cyndi capps

        Justice for Johnny!!!

  2. Chris

    And why did Disney punish Johnny Depp? Oh yeah, for reasons people care less about.

    1. Linda Joan Yoxall

      Johnny is jack Sparrow and that will never change. Disney will never cave in because they believe they are bigger than anyone and anything. But…if they ever do offer Johnny another Jack Sparrow role, I hope he turns them down.

  3. Shel

    Obviously you can’t see a fingertip if you CUT IT OFF! A life inspired by Amelia Bedelia I suppose.
    Mr. Depp, I think you were the only one that didn’t receive a copy of your ownership papers. Let this serve as their reminder that this is your life free to live how you choose. I fully support you, unconditionally. If some of my comments show support for anyone else it is a manipulation of the mind through use of technology, NOT my truth, and NOT consentual! Mr. Depp WILL get justice.

  4. Tiffany

    This is why we have to have a sense of discernment while still holding space for survivors; they come in all shapes, sizes, and GENDERS. Everyone should’ve looked twice at what was going on in this case. Disney owes Johnny Depp a huge apology.

    1. Gwen

      Reinstate Johnny Depp, I have followed his career since 21 Jumpstart. I absolutely do not believe the nonsense being spouted.

      1. Bas

        Il faut que Johnny deep rejou Jack dans pirates des caraïbes

  5. Sangam

    I always supported Johnny Depp and will always do it as much as possible. He deserves respect, justice and the love of his true fans .
    Disney made a mistake and it’s a shame also after the profit they got with POTC

  6. I love Pirates Of the Caribbean. I still watch them over and over.
    Without Jack Sparrow it wouldn’t make any sense to me and all the people I know that love it.
    Jhonny Depp is the reason we a) love Pirates of the Caribbean.
    If he’s not going to be in it then it’s better not to make any more.

    1. Mary

      Absolutely true. Considering that Disney thought Johnny was “going to ruin the movie” shows what they know about Johnny and his fans! We stick with him and would never go see this horrible attempt of this movie without the one that made it great Johnny.

  7. Forest

    And removing him from the rides?! Which was amazing and now he is just in the final scene in the chair at the end? Disney, once again has made a complete blunder…

    1. CJ

      Wait…what? I was just at WDW in November and he still in all of the normal places he usually is on the ride? Did this change since then?!?

      1. Should have said movie franchise not move, and belongs not belong.

      2. Christina Sufficool

        We were there this summer he was still there. I love Disney but this is too much. Justice for Johnny

  8. Sandra L Yamazaki-Regn

    Whatever to the “innocent until PROVEN guilty”? Disney fired him based on rumors not facts. Maybe they (Disney) should take into consideration all the support for Johnny Depp from peers and former girlfriends who stated he was in no way the person “she” portrayed him as. Oh wait, that’s just hearsay? Rumors? Well Disney took their action based on one person and ignored the multitude of supporters close to him. #DisneyFail, #Johnnyinnocent

    1. Sandra L Yamazaki-Regn

      Should say whatever happened to…..

  9. Kim

    I signed the petition…no one else can play jack sparrow or anything else he wants to play.hes such a kind hearted person n my favourite actor x

  10. Kim

    I have watched pirates of the Caribbean so many times but if Jonny Depp is not reinstated as Jack sparrow I won’t be watching anymore Disney he is the only one that can play Jack sparrow because he made Jack sparrow

  11. Heike


  12. DLand

    Let’s move on already from this Lame Johnny Depp drama. He’s a womanizer, a cad, a drug addict, a violent alcoholic who is a Role model for kids Everywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣Yeah Disney, REHIRE HIM & Now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Shel

      What? Let’s talk about role models. A certain person
      requesting a zoom deposition because K95 facemasks were not worn at the last deposition is recently spotted (on camera) going to the pharmacy (filled with sick people) wearing a CLOTH facemask. Who is the addict?🤣🤣🤣

  13. J

    Disgusting that this entire article went without a word to the fact that we have recordings, hospital records, and firsthand photographs of the brutal violence Heard inflicted on Depp. You can google them and see with your own eyes where she literally mutilated him, severing the end of his finger.

  14. Wilma kruis

    I’m only look Pirates because Johnny is playing Jack Sparrow, he is making the movie. Without Johnny there is no Pirates of the Caribbean!!!!!. I love Disney buth they have make there respect to Johnny Depp he has make this film a great success and nobody else.

  15. Rachel

    I really think they should hire Johnny Depp back !!! He is the main character o the movie 🎥 and he is talented and awesome as a actor!!! Plus he has a lot of fans !! And they would refuse to see the movie if he is not captain jack sparrow!!! And Disney would lose money and fans would hate Disney for not to hire him back ,, he really did nothing wrong,,, and us the fans believe he deserves justice , he should not be band from making movies,, it’s not right, people go through bad divorces ,, please let him come back as jack sparrow 🙏🙏🙏

  16. No disrespect for the wife beaten Depp here but how about a petition to remove all film references from the RIDE and return it to Walt’s vision. The FILM was based on the RIDE, not the other way around. This is still news to too many people. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Backcountry164

      And which do you think is more popular?? And more importantly, which do you think has made Disney more money?? Sorry but the MOVIES have made the RIDE virtually irrelevant…

  17. Linda Joan Yoxall

    Johnny is jack Sparrow and that will never change. Disney will never cave in because they believe they are bigger than anyone and anything. But…if they ever do offer Johnny another Jack Sparrow role, I hope he turns them down.

  18. I have followed Johnny Depp’s career since I watched the first movie of Pirates of the Caribbean and have been supporting him for as long as I can remember, I know the fact that Pirates of the Caribbean would never be the same without him, it’s the same as without him in Fantastic Beasts, there is no magic or success!

  19. Maria

    He is a good actor why can’t he play.. In any movies.. There always someone worsen than him and with more faults..

  20. Scott Brand

    Johnny Depp made the pirates of the Caribbean (jack sparrow) what the are famous nobody else.

  21. Marina

    Quiero ver a Johnny Deep como el capitán Sparrow. Saludos desde Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina.

  22. Marsha Karr

    You need to hire Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparow, no one else could pull it off!

  23. Joann Hess

    Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow. There is no other.

    He’s also an innocent man who was abused for years by his ex-wife, a violent pathological liar who has done everything in her power to destroy his career, his life, and his legacy. Disney made a terrible, cruel mistake in turning on him. I hope they never live it down.

    1. Bas

      Il faut que Johnny Depp joue Jack Sparrow dans Pirates des Caraïbes

  24. Mose

    I really love this man and I hope they come back in movies and back as captain Jack sparrow

  25. Bring back johnny depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Our beloved captain. Justice for johnny depp

  26. To me Jack is like 98% of PoC franchise, please hire him back.

  27. Shel

    I didn’t know what I was getting into, but if I had to do this all over again I would, without a shadow of a doubt. Mr. Depp, you are doing the right thing. You’re under attack from every direction, and yet you remain strong, never backing down. It’s your heart that will prevail above all, trust in it as I trust in you. I am so proud of you. I am always standing with you in support. Those that want to play, or threat to make their game worse, will take everything from you if you give in. The contestants they picked are not what/who they appear to be, and, not participating. They are playing with themselves! They WILL LOSE their dillusional game by their own actions.

  28. Joanne Brady

    Johnny Depp is one amazing actor. You can’t have a better actor for Jack Sparrow or Gellert Grindelwald than Johnny Depp. Let’s give Johnny Depp the justice against Amber Heard that he deserves. #JusticeForJohnny

  29. Brett

    Where is the code to the Caribbean without Johnny Depp he has to play jack or you might as well never make another pirates at all let alone with the caricature jack sparrow bring Johnny back as jack or don’t make another

  30. Sergey

    Only Johnny Depp

  31. Shel

    Only Mr. Depp!

    One heart, made for two,
    Half in me, half in you.
    Impervious to kickstart and token,
    This heart cannot be broken.

  32. ELAINE

    Only Johnny Depp

  33. Igazságot Johnny-nak. Nagyon szeretem őt mint színészt és becsülöm mint embert. Nem igazság amit vele tettek. Igen is vissza kell kapnia a helyét a film világban. Ő a leges legjobb. Szeretem Johnykát.

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