Comments for INSANE Line Forms at EPCOT… For a Popcorn Bucket

epcot festival line


  1. Chris

    Me, seen longer lines at Disneyland for popcorn buckets that are sold at multiple carts in the park.

  2. Manny

    This is some how news worthy?

  3. Ken Brenner

    I cannot imagine waiting in that long of a line for a popcorn holder.
    It is strange what has happened to Disney World (including those that attend).

    1. Ken Brenner

      Adding to this:
      Could anyone explain to me why you think people would do this?
      I understand about having souvenirs from a place visited, but to wait hours to get one???
      I would be interested to hear what others think…
      Thanks, and God Bless!

  4. Waiting up to five or more hours is just stupid. Why anyone would pay over a hundred bucks for a park ticket and then waste hours standing in line for a souvenir is just crazy and another way Disney is after the almighty buck.

  5. Eddie

    We are witnessing the slow dissolution of the Disney brand soon Disney will be nothing but a crap tastic brand no one will eventually want to go to

  6. SusieQ

    Well I can’t imagine standing in line for a popcorn bucket. But I guess if you’re a hardcore Disney collector… Or a person with your tribe of cohorts trying to get as many as possible to gouge sale after they’re all gone.

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