Comments for Guests Spot Animal Climbing Side of Disneyland Ride


  1. Veronica

    Once zoomed in it looks like it’s carrying a kitten in its mouth.. so cute!

  2. Kelly Vance

    Its the Disney Cats that roam Disneyland. Walt had them there for rodent control. To catch site of one is very cool.

  3. Sherri

    Somewhere around 2010 – 2015 I used to see the same kitty at DCA by the Taste Pilots Grill by Soarin’ over California each week I would go. A long hair ‘Tortie – I nicknamed her ‘Annabella’. I started bringing some dry cat food for her – she really liked that!!! I stopped renewing my Annual Pass around 2016 – 2017 after having one since 1985 and I really miss the ‘Land and DCA so much!

  4. Tammy

    I used to work at Universal and they have them as well. They are in fact for “pest” control. With all the food that gets dropped on the ground it’s impossible for the janitorial staff to get all of it so it attracts rats. Well the best way to combat rats and a much less offensive way than laying rat traps, is having a bunch of cats

  5. Patrick

    Saw a WDW cat on the roof of the entrance to Coral Reef restaurant years ago, before I even knew that Disney used feral cats for pest control.

  6. Michelle

    I pet a couple of them when there were sitting in the grass at Grizzly River Rapids in California Adventure. Also saw one sitting on the rock above the exit of Raiders of the lost Ark people watching one night.

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