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  1. Chris

    Disney should kick anyone out of the park that is wearing ANYTHING political.

  2. I was at Disneyland this fall and a young woman had on a lacy pink bra, in place of a shirt, just the bra, no shirt. I am assuming she had another shirt over it when she entered? I saw her several times during the afternoon, so she wasn’t asked to leave or put on more clothes. Are the clothing rules enforced?

  3. Claire E Derozier

    “Let’s go, Brandon” is not profanity. Maybe that’s what it stands for to those in the know, but your 6 yr old doesn’t know or care. Maybe guests should be a little tolerant of each other. When I was at the park several years ago I saw a “F Drumpfff” t-shirt. I rolled my eyes, but this is America and there is already too much censorship. I kept walking and enjoyed my magical day. Had it spelled out the “F” I would have been upset because it’s a child friendly environment. I think people on both sides need to calm down and band together to let Disney know they need to get back to Walt’s desire for an affordable family experience. Those of us in the middle politically, with our finances destroyed by COVID and increasing government tyranny need this magical place now more than ever.

    1. Ray

      But Disney has gone political too! So ..?

    2. Alex

      With all due respect: if your finances are actually destroyed, you’re not at Disney.

    3. Mike

      If you think being told to wear a mask is government tyranny, you probably are the one wearing the brandon shirt.

      1. Jarvis

        Hey doc, share with us all the medical studies that show cloth masks stop viruses. I have been asking for two years.

  4. Laura Gilbert

    In 2016 we were queuing in Frontier land to see Woody and Jessie, it was a scorching hot day around 1pm. We were queued in the sun so my husband and I took turns taking our son to the shade while we waited for Woody and Jessie to have a bathroom break. I pulled my top up slightly exposing my stomach, and I was pounced upon by a cast member immediately telling me it was a ‘family park’ part of me wanted to rip her head off for pouncing on me for exposing about and inch of flesh, but I realise she was just doing her job and I love the rules they have. Although on subsequent visits I have seen lots of ladies wearing short or crop tops exposing their whole midriff, so maybe they are not as hot on it as they used to be 🤔

  5. Walter White

    If it’s okay to wear B LM and the like, which we’ve seen all over Disney, then yes it okay for the other stuff.

    Grow up and start acting like Americans.

    1. Marvin

      So you’re equating support for social justice with derogatory insults towards the POTUS. Gotcha. No need to guess YOUR politics.

      1. Nick

        BLM encourages violence. Somehow an implied swear word is worse than an organization like that? No need to guess YOUR politics. See what I did there?

        1. Marvin

          “BLM encourages violence.” Go away troll.

          1. Alex

            He’s the kind of dude who cheered the folks turning firehoses and dogs on civil rights protesters. They said MLK’s protests were violent, too. He’s not worth arguing with.

          2. Bob

            2 billion in damages

            he’s not wrong

          3. joe

            Well Marvin how about you pay my increase in business insurance because of the BLM clowns that destroyed my business — take your Lib backside somewhere else

      2. N1111Z

        Seriously doubt if you could guess the answer to 2 plus 2.

    2. Uncle Walt

      I just returned from WDW and saw plenty of BLM and LGBQT alphabet people wearing their “pride” clothing. I didn’t see any “Let’s Go Brandon” attire but I did see one teenage girl with a “Trump 2020” shirt on. I also saw quite a few adults dressed as Star Wars characters. The worst I saw was a morbidly obese young female riding a scooter with the bottom of her shirt tucked under her boobs while waiting in line for Smuggler’s Run. All of her jiggly blubber was exposed for the world to see and not a single CM said a thing.

      1. Jarvis


  6. Jarvis

    Let’s Go Brandon was coined by a woman interviewing Brandon Brown. There is nothing offensive unless you are mentally unstable.

    BLM and Antifa are political and represent racism and terrorism.

  7. lorraine

    I think as long as there are no swear words that I am ok with it……..Lets go brandon is ok with me if disney lets people have shirts against Trump or any other republican candidate………

  8. N1111Z

    Get over yourselves ppl. Stop nannying and obsessing over what others are doing.

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