Comments for Guests Dangling, Given Hard Hats After Universal Ride Malfunction

Credit: Kyodo News


  1. Chance

    So it’s concerning that the rides safety system did exactly as it was designed to?

    1. kimberly

      im with u on the Starlight cafe my fav too

  2. joy

    Ya, thought the same thing. It did exactly what it was supposed to do.

  3. Art

    Back in 2017 in Disney, we had to be walked off the Primeval Whirl because it broke down (again). It had stuttered once during the ride and then just as we were about 200 feet from the end, it stopped completely. It ended up being shut down the rest of the day, but we did get a free fastpass out of the deal. Got to ride the Avatar ride again!

  4. Jim

    I think it’s concerning that this ride has had the same malfunction twice in a row. That is setting a precedent for unreliability.

    1. Kat

      The first time was not the same malfunction. The park had a power outage.

  5. A B

    I’m confused WHY we’re they given hard hats ?

    1. Bill Hannigan

      In case a cartoon anvil fell on their head.

  6. kimberly

    im with u on the Starlight cafe my fav too

  7. robotfactory

    Wow, I spotted the problem right away. The put the train on backward!

  8. Ryan

    Looks like they were given hardhats AND safety fall harnesses (every guest out of their seat has one). That’s pretty crazy for just an ordinary lifthill evac, but Japan does have some incredibly strict/impractical health and safety laws…

  9. Andrew

    When I worked at Silver Dollar City. I remember needing to go over to the Wildfire Attraction area, and I was told the area was closed. I showed the security guard my id and told him I needed back to do my job, and he said no one is allowed back at this time. I found out later on from a friend working the photo booth there what had happened. A guest took out the their cell phone in the train dock. He was told to put it away and he did. Once the train left the station, he took it back out not realizing the security cameras watching for guest safety. The ride can safely be stopped at the top of the chain lift. The ride was stopped, the guest was ordered to put the phone away over the intercom and he refused. If the ride is stopped for more than 3 minutes, the ride has to be evacuated and the brakes have to be checked on the track. So an evacuation was called. All of the guests were taken off the ride, the man was escorted off park with a trespass. Except, there was one gues who was deathly afraid of heights who refused to leave her seat. Usually, there is a chair that has special wheels that look like a tank that is used to climb the stairs and a guest can be strapped in and brought to the bottom safely, the chair was broken. SO, to get her off the ride they had to call in a helicopter and harness the guestand lift her off the ride. I didn’t believe my friend so I double checked with the gift shop folks, and ride operators over there, and they confirmed it.

  10. SusieQ

    I opened the ITM link to read the stories. I had to exit out thinking I opened a non Disney site. Universal & Knotts Berry Farm were the top stories.

  11. Mike

    I wouldn’t exactly call being stopped on a lift hill “dangling”. Dangling implies they were hanging with nothing below their feet. I might understand the use of “dangling” if it was a coaster that hangs below the tracks. The ride vehicle was intact and safely on top of the tracks, and the safety systems were working normally. Guests just needed to walk down a long bunch of stairs. Scary, yes, but not “dangling”.

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