Comments for Guest Tackled and Hit as Intense Brawl Breaks Out at Disney World

Fight in Disney World

Credit: @disneyax


  1. Jeanie

    “Not prohibited”?

    All these people saving to share the love, be kind, etc. so why do we have so many idiots that can’t seem to function in polite society?

    1. Robert

      Because humans are idiots and some are uncivilized swine with no sense of decorum. It is honestly disgusting and they should be banned for their immaturity

    2. Victor Nazarian

      I think the concept at play here is the word “guest”. We are all invited to attend at the wonderful place called Walt Disney World where even though we pay at the door so to speak, we are participants and contributors to the happiness. When people fail to bring something positive to the ‘party’ they fail to contribute. Not everyone participates the same way but we all owe it to ourselves and each other to be good, positive guests at a place that does more to enhance happiness, healing and well being than almost any place on earth.

      1. This! Well said.

      2. John Pena

        Great comment. Also, well said.

  2. Juri

    Not “prohibited”? I think you meant not “permitted”.

  3. Lee

    I know what caused the fight because I was there. Basically one of the women ran into the other with her stroller. You can see me and my brother standing in the video. Literally on my birthday. The two women were ready to fight and they did!

    1. Michael Faussett

      If the fights keep happening Disney company as the right to close there park’s for the rest of the day are year so all you trouble maker’s need to thank about it. So all i can say is go to the park’s and have the best time of your life and get along with your family and after guest.

      1. yoyo

        greedy man chapek will never close doors due to fights. He is to greedy for that. He has essentially caused this with his greedy money grabbing, magic killing insanity.

    2. Dulcie

      People use those strollers like battering rams to get through the crowds. They fact too many people now cannot exhibit common courtesy to others is what causes most of these altercations.

    3. Laurie

      Yes the people with strollers always run into the crowd I’ve experience it they should had have a separate lanes for stroller walking that way nobody gets hurt these people think they own the park or better yet get rid of strollers let them Carry their kids or let the kids walk

      1. A godfather

        @Laurie …I’m guessing you don’t have kids. Accidental bumping with happens when people try to rush out of the park at closings. It happens with strollers, wheelchairs, scooters etc.. so what no kids, elderly or handicapped people can go to the parks and enjoy like everyone else? People need to practice patiences, just be aware and enjoy life.

        1. Jenna

          Exactly! I have bad knees so I have to use a scooter. I try my best to not run into anyone and to be courteous but a lot of people just don’t care & they will walk right in front of you, yet give you a dirty look if you run into them, like it’s my fault becausethey cut me off and a scooter can’t stop on a dime. So many times I get cut off from my family because people just push and shove and don’t care.

    4. Lancelot

      So unfortunate you had to witness this Lee. I’m a Disney Vacation Member and love this place for me and my family. Im so happy that ive never witnessed such a brawl and if this were to occur i would be so upset that i know would impact me going. The people that come here and exhibit such a crude and unwelcoming attitude needs to learn how to leave such emotions at the gates. This situation could’ve been avoided by simply words such as, “oh I’m sorry.” How many times have we gone to Disney and caught up by all the things that we get distracted, hence the motive behind an “attraction park.” There need to be more proper interventions in place at the gates and and around the park to assess people better. More conversation around customer’s experience and safety needs to happen from the top and how they keep staff equipped to recognize and deal with such behaviors. Rather, the money hungry CEO and people at the top only care bout one thing. Poor walt would be sooo distraught at the disgust on how things are being managed. I hope my trip at the end of February is a good experience. Sorry for the children and adults that witnessed this outrageous display.

  4. Lee

    Took place between two guest, the man was a husband trying to stop it

    1. Valerie Walsh

      My Husband and I are Disney pass holders and are handicapped and in need of scooters. A lot of problems could be aliviated by making special lanes. I’m very careful but children and adults just walk in front of me with our even looking. I haven’t hit anyone yet , but with the crowds, pushing and shoving, it’s inevitable. Disney isn’t fun or magical anymore. We are concidering giving up our passes.

  5. Denise

    Seriously, stay HOME if you cannot control yourself in front of children! I know people with mental health issues are having a hard time right now, but the stress of a Disney trip will not fix the problems. These people need to be removed from the parks and not allowed back.

    1. Peter

      WELL said!!

  6. Sue

    Anymore you see and hear more of this people have no consideration for other plus fight in front of children they should be banned for the parks it’s bull you pay a lot of money to go and then you have to see idiots fighting. Crazy. People think they are entitled and are the only ones in the park

  7. Jessica

    We recently visited Disney World and it was a pretty bad experience, it was extremely crowded, I almost witness what couldn’t be a terrible accident because the exit at Winnie de Pooh is not properly secured. I brought it up to the attendants and they responded extremely rude.
    I paid for extra for what it seemed a fast pass only to find out you need to download the app and reserve the ride. Total waist of money.

    1. bubbe

      you can’t blame disney for you not knowing how to work something you paid for. shoukd have stopped and asked how to work it once you realize you needed to do something

  8. Denise

    When I worked at WDW a guest came in building with stroller open (no child inside). I told them I would park it for them, and they were insisting that there was no stroller parking. While they were inside I parked stroller with all the others, making sure theirs was right at the sign. They came out and saw it, and I told them to have a nice day!

    1. Dave

      Typical,never many blacks at Disney but when their there,pants are down their ass and just looking to start trouble.

      1. Dave ver 2.0

        Classy. Did your parents not love you?

      2. Lonnie

        I couldn’t agree more.

      3. Ari

        If you looked at the comments before you, you would have seen that the guy with his pants down wasnt fighting. He was breaking up the fight between two women! Which could have been something other then black because not everyone is a racist like yourself and normalize interracial relationships!

      4. Willing to bet that these so called fights are amongst locals- quit giving the locals a break on price and make them pay more for attending and im sure the trash will stay home!

        1. NotArod

          Makes sense. I’m glad you figured it out.

        2. FL-Dad

          Orlando Local here. Discount price? Almost $1000.00 for a “Sorcerer” Annual Pass. We are a family of three. $3K is nothing to sneeze at. Where is this discount you speak of?

          1. Mark Kaplan

            Gone are the days of the $99 special like they had at Universal Studios…….

      5. Jamie Coughlin

        Wow because other people who aren’t black NEVER act like idiots or wear low riders. Where are you from? I want to know what area to avoid.

        1. Htk

          But the vast majority of fights are started by and between black participants. Call it what you want but it’s a fact. Out of the few hundred times I’ve been to the parks I’ve seen 3 fights, all were blacks. Two of which were some guy attacking their female friends/girlfriends/wives. There is enough of a cultural and genetic difference to support the scientific fact that low intellect = violence and poor behavior. I think we are seeing this on display regularly.

          1. Jim Trebowski

            You’re. A Republican

          2. Pam Beesley

            This comment is always hilarious to me because I am both black and white. My white family are all plain white trash and proud of it. 20 of the first cousins only 2 have gone to college and live off government money and beer. All of the cousins of my black family have bachelors degrees, good jobs and would never fight like that in public. These racist comments are funny to me. You have no idea

      6. Bren

        So all you blaming it on “blacks”, which by the way, your bigotry is showing, anyways, what were your comments on the fight that happened the other week at Studios at the Toy Story Mania ride? They weren’t “blacks”, but white. So still want to keep insisting “blacks” are the only problem? Did you comment the “whites” are such a problem, or did you just not comment at all since they were white? Bigotry has become a much bigger problem in this country, and ignorant comments like these are just fueling it for the next generation. Time to quit passing it on since eventually the white population will be the minority, and the tables could be switched. Time to get along, and quit generalizing. Enough is enough with the hate. People can be stupid no matter the “color” of their skin, and these comments prove it too!

      7. Michelle

        Such a racist
        Comment. The “whites” were
        Fighting just
        Last week at Toy story mania and also the “whites”
        were fighting at Land of the lost. And trust me there’s more. So it’s not a white
        Or black thing you ignoramus….
        It’s a home training thing.

  9. Bobby

    Food for thought:
    If security or CMs were more diligent about dealing with people that ram others, cut in line, or harass others, some people may feel more empowered to tell a cast member, as opposed to throwing hands at Disney. People who fight often feel that doing so is their only choice, as no other figure of power is on their side, even if they’re in the right.

  10. David Kinsman

    I find people are paying more attention to their electronic devices than where they are going

    1. Mike

      This is the truth!

    2. Mark Kaplan

      You mean too busy photographing and getting on video the altercation because they like drama and boosting their Social Media account cred…..

  11. Stephen Austen

    Our experience was when parents fail to supervise their kids. At the Magic Kingdom’s monorail stop, before the TTC, our pulled up to disembark.
    One large family group, with parents looking-on, watched their kids jumping over the queue fencing, jumping a huge line. They boarded the monorail as soon as the doors popped open, swarming aboard, before anyone disembarked.

    Kudos to alert CM’s who took them off the cars and moved them to the end of the line. Problem solved…

  12. Michael

    Back in the day, they did a study to determine the precise distance people would walk to get to a trash can before they just threw it on the ground, and made sure there were sufficient trash cans.

    I guess it’s time to research how far apart security personnel need to be to keep jerk-wagons and line cutters from being their idiot selves.

  13. Jim M.

    Disney is to blame for making a bad situation worse. Having to plan and follow a tight time table to get to all the rides is stressful. Then, putting everything on a phone app to follow just adds to the stress. Disney has managed to turn what should be a fun and magical time into a place where all manners and civility have disappeared. Add in high prices, long lines, and packed parks and this is the end result. And yet, Disney does nothing as they rake in your wasted, hard earned money for a nightmarish experience. If they can’t get their act together, then they should close down until they do!

    1. Jennifer

      I’ve noticed that since Disney started serving alcohol rude behavior has increased. Just like the majority of airline passenger problems involve alcohol. If you can’t spend 12 hrs with your kids at Disney without consuming alcohol you’ve got a serious problem. Serving alcohol was just another way to make more money at the cost of civility .

      1. Alvin

        Jennifer. I agree. Alcohol makes mean drunk meaner when they are already pissed off about waiting in line.

        1. KaysBlake

          Yes-alcohol has made it worse!

      2. Amber

        I have to say that I agree with that.

      3. SB

        You’re right alcohol is much of the problems that go on. Can’t spend one day without a drink!!

    2. Chance

      Disney doesn’t care about “our” feelings and how “our” trip is. They only care about green. This has been proven by there outrageous price hikes and removal of perks. They don’t care about these people fighting and getting kicked out of the park at all. They leave 3 more replace them.

    3. Amber

      I have to say that I agree with that.

    4. KaysBlake

      Well said@

  14. Steve Eldredge

    I am not condoning this behavior, but…

    Disney is very very expensive, when you charge people a lot of money, their expectations are high.

    Add in all of the other crap, park reservations, genie plus ride reservations , individual ride reservations, dining reservations, crowds, long lines, being a slave to your smartphone, etc. A visit to a Disney park can be and most often is a pretty frustrating experience.

    The necessity to plan every minute, to constantly refresh genie plus, watching money drain from your wallet, and competing with everyone else to try and do the things you want to do is very stressful.

    So, you have thousands of people packed together, many of them stressed out, frustrated, and disappointed. What do you expect will happen?

    1. But


    2. Perry Winkle

      No one is forcing them to go.

  15. Marion

    My last fully ENJOYABLE WDW visit was 2019. I have been back since and it has been very disappointing. As other posters have mentioned…higher prices, slave to phones, alcohol, INSANELY long lines of which I have NEVER seen ( and have been going to WDW since 1989) for nearly EVERY ride…does not make for a “magical” experience. Seems that there are constant reports lately of fighting, people jumping out of rides, rude cast members, rides breaking down, overcrowded parks etc. It is just not worth it anymore.

  16. Shell

    Wish the link to see the video was as convenient and easy to use as the ones for the ads.. All I see where it says see video below are hashtags and they don’t always lead to the vide.. Just show the video.

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  18. Rox

    Sadly, it is the current state of the world in microcosm. People acting like animals. No filters, no consideration, no accountability.

    1. Cori

      Don’t insult the animals.

  19. JMC

    I have a feeling we’re going to see this more and more at Disney as prices go up and people are on edge about spending so much and not getting the magical experience they envision in their minds. It used to be felt your experience was worth what you paid but I have a feeling that people now are on edge feeling they’re being bled dry for an experience that doesn’t live up to what it once was. Don’t get me wrong bad behavior is never condoned but you’re seeing more and more of what may not have happened as much in the past . I Disney has to bring back some of the magic and heart in the experience. It’s getting a bad tinge.

    1. Amber

      My opinion is that Walt would be turning in his grave right now if he saw the things that were happening in the parks now. Walt wanted the parks to be a place where families could come and enjoy everything Disney.

      1. yoyo

        you are right Amber. Name should be changed from Walt Disney to Greedy man Chapekland. Should be illegal to use Walt to further his, Chapek, deepening pockets.

  20. Alvin

    “Please know that fights such as this are not permitted to take place on Walt Disney World Property.” I thought it was permitted and it was teaser for MMA Disney Style new attraction. Where did this guy learn to write and who edits his material.

  21. Bob

    I once saw this big rat attack this dog. I think it was justified though. Seems the dog hit on this big girl rat.

  22. Tinks17

    In 2019, my then 10 year old daughter was verbally and physically assulted in the Stretching Room of HM. We were long term APs, I had a 10,9,7,6 year old. We tried to be respectful but safely together. Somehow my daughter knocked into a grown adult woman’s $2 popcorn refill. She started screaming at her. I was like here is $ 2 it was an accident. I didn’t know until we got out and into the next que, that she actually hit her! So I found her and confronted her. Her husband claimed he was an AP and had rights and literally threatened me and said meet me out side. I found a CM but they said get in the ride and meet someone outside. So I did. As I was talking to the CM, the people who assulted my CHILD and threatened me, walked past and another guest came and told them yes I was being very truthful. I was offered FastPasses and foe them to be “watched”. We left.

  23. Colleen Philibotte

    Cosmic Rays? Really there are better options…


    Keep living your best life !

  24. Lynn

    Sadly, as the prices go up, the magic goes down. I’ve been a DVC member for 19 years and with all of the money grabbing changes, our family says, What would Walt do? The Disney experience is moving further and further from Walt’s vision. Obviously prices increase as time goes on, but all of the increases and added costs for things that used to be “included” all of a sudden make for a less than magical vacation.

  25. Keith

    This is not the first time will not be the last. As a kid, I witnessed two adults get into a fist fight while waiting in the opening night line of Tower of Terror. We had been waiting for 90 minutes in a line that had not moved much and knew it was at least another 90+ minutes til we would get to ride so tensions were high and things happened. It was sad and it had me down as a kid and I decided I no longer wanted to wait in line and choose to go back the next day to ride. It is so sad that people feel that have to choose violence.

    My issue though with this article is that it talks about fights in Disney World, but then has a photo of Toad Hall from Disneyland. This is triggering since they have removed Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride from Disney World some time ago and some of us will never get over it.

  26. Herb

    Just not worth going there anymore. Overcrowded, prices are ridiculous, and the lines are so long now you barely can get on any rides. The Magic is gone, I’m happy we had our trips there when it was fun and magical.

  27. Rob

    Welcome to Obidens* former united states of america. Where EVERYTHING SUCKS EQUITABLY. NO DIFFERENCE ANYWHERE IN aMexica. Scummy worthless people doing atrocious evil things without serious punishments and gaining fame for doing it. Congratulations lunatic leftists you got exactly what you wanted and voted for. No empathy.

    1. Brib Tosh


    2. Jarvis


  28. Alice P Davis

    Oh, surprise. Guess who?

  29. Lloyd Bonified

    Another day, another brawl at the happiest place on earth.

  30. jo

    It seems to me that people have an underlying anger about going to Disney. People should assess their emotions before booking a trip. I know kids want to go but if have bad feelings before you even leave your home, its not worth it. So ask yourself when booking a trip. Can you handle the lack of magic and increase in price? How do you feel in your gut about giving Chapek your money. Ask yourself is it really worth it. Find some place to go that causes anger before you even hit the final booked button.

  31. jo

    find someplace to go that DOESN’T cause anger. thats what I meant.

  32. Tom

    The world is out of control. Years ago you DID NOT see this at Disney. And don’t tell me otherwise. We went yearly for 20 years and not once did we ever see a brawl. People are nasty, cruel, miserable and ready to fight today. Glad I have my old memories of what it used to be like.

  33. Robert

    Those darn Amish folks at it again.

  34. Jack S.

    I think the biggest reason for fights breaking out is the removal of the FastPass system. Genie+ and Lightning Lane has done nothing but increase the stress level of guests. We have been coming to Walt Disney World consistently for over 30 years. I do not recall fights breaking out while we were there. Now it seems like we are hearing news about fights on a Weekly basis.

  35. Bev

    I have been an annual pass member for over 30 years. Never, ever, have I heard of or seen such behavior. Course language isn’t even tolerated. To me this like getting in a brawl at the Cistine Chapel. Have we lost all sense of courtesy? My heart is broken as I hear more and more reports of such behavior at the Happiest Place on Earth. Way to go Mom and Dad!

  36. Bev

    I have been an annual pass member for over 30 years. Never, ever, have I heard of or seen such behavior. Course language isn’t even tolerated. To me this like getting in a brawl at the Cistine Chapel. Have we lost all sense of courtesy? My heart is broken as I hear more and more reports of such behavior at the Happiest Place on Earth. Way to ruin it for other families as well.. This event would have totally triggered me ! Way to go Mom and Dad!

  37. CJA

    Pretty soon the CMs will have to carry Tazers to control knotheads from hurting others or to protect themselves. I do wish people would remember that Walt wanted us to be a child at heart, not childish.

  38. William

    I last visited Disney World exactly 18 years ago. It takes a lot to plan for a trip to Disney World from San Diego.
    Any place at Disney World is the last place to see a fight break out. Same goes for Disneyland. Guests plan to go to see a fight break out or instigate a fight.
    Did the covid-19 virus bring out the worst on from these people or have they read about past fights at the Happiest Places on Earth?

  39. Michelle

    I waited 4 hours in one place to get a great view of the fireworks..we had lunch on the floor waited to one of the greatest shows. But less than five minutes before the show started a family of adults all stood in front of us..pushing us back out the way so they could get the best view. I was so cross…didn’t fight. But got them moved by staff. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Fighting with kids watching in the happiest place on earth is wrong

  40. Mr White

    There is a direct correlation between certain groups of people being encouraged to the parks and the increased violent behaviour since Disney, started its “woke” agenda. Certain groups just can’t control themselves.

  41. Kelly

    It seems like a lot of this sort of behavior has increased since the park prices started going up. I’m sure the plan was to remove lower incomes from the park, but instead these fights are showing what happens when a lot of entitled people are jammed into the same place. Walt would be saddened to see what the happiest place on earth has become.

  42. TAI

    We visited Epcot on 1/21/2022. My 3 yr old grandson and I were in front of Mexico when his shoe fell off causing him to abruptly stop. I get that it’s annoying when people abruptly stop in front of you, and I myself try to be very conscious not to do it, but this happened so fast that it was almost unavoidable. I apologized to the people behind me, but the woman behind us on her scooter was obviously mad and the woman she was with said very loudly “just run him over”. I was stunned. Later that evening as I was entering the Creations gift shop in Epcot there was a verbal altercation at the entrance to the shop between two groups of guests that was extremely foul. A man was screaming at two teenage girls calling them the “C” word and assorted other sexual terms and threatening them. Again, this was a stunning display of bad if not despicable behavior.

    Two days later at the MK we were walking behind a lady carrying her child (who looked to be about 18-24 months old). The child was holding a Disney gift card and dropped it on the ground. I picked it up and began to go after the mother who was unaware that this happened. She was in a rush and it took some effort to catch up to her as I have a bad left knee. When I finally reached her I tapped her on the shoulder and said “excuse me, but you dropped this back by the Jungle Cruise” (which was a distance from where I caught up to her). She looked at me, took the card and replied “okay”. I did not expect a ticker-tape parade, but perhaps a “thank you” would have been nice.

    We have been to Disney World, Disneyland and Disneyland Paris MANY times, but this latest visit may be our last. Between the excessive lines, high cost and bad behavior, the magic appears to be gone.

  43. mickeymouse3

    I find it hilarious that some of the guests are trying to break up the fight with one hand, while doing their best not to lose their souvenir/leftovers that are being held in the other hand.
    No excuse for this type of behavior tho, especially when kids are there to view your lack of self restraint!!
    If you fight at Disney…Lifetime ban!

  44. Jarvis

    Yeah, but he wearing a mask? That’s ALL that matters. And was it pulled up covering his nose? Was he asked 113 times if he had a mask, would he put it on and was it over his nose? Be a good communist.

  45. MF

    New Disney Rule: No strollers or scooters allowed in the parks!

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