Comments for Guests Beg For Disney To Retheme “Nightmare” Attraction


  1. SarahELuvsDisney

    Personally, I’ve always liked Autopia at Disneyland. I am disabled and can’t drive a real car and my significant other and I love piling into an Autopia car and letting me drive. We’ve had some wild adventures on Autopia like the time we got a car with no steering or brakes and it just jolted us back and forth the entire ride. We couldn’t wait for it to be over, then they asked us if we wanted to go again, LOL.

  2. Eggrollbanger

    They should tear it down and put 2 egg roll carts in its place. Bon Appétit.

  3. Jim M.

    I would say if kids stop riding the race cars, then tear it down. Otherwise, leave it alone. Have all you adults forgotten how much fun it was to ride in a go cart when you were a kid? Get over yourselves! Why is it that the Disneyworld we all loved has turned into one controversy after another from those who want to find fault with everything, thanks to social media and those who have nothing better to do with their time!

    1. Deb

      Bravo Jim M well put

  4. Phoebe L Ho

    I’ve not been on this Magic Kingdom attraction, but if I ever went there, I wouldn’t do it. Because it’s too much like our Autopia. Loud, jolty- and filthy with the reek of gasoline. I mean, even most real cars don’t smell that bad!! The fact that both of these rides still use gas when they could certainly run on electric power shows how downright selfish management is.

    1. Kris

      Sick of the blood sucking green and suddenly woke bs. Can’t we just enjoy the parks like we did as kids?

      1. Raymond

        How is the smell of gasoline necessary to enjoy the parks?

        1. Emma McQuillen

          I love the authentic smell. Its half the point.

      2. PdXDisFan

        Everything in the parks needs to be refurbished or updated at some point. If it can’t be converted to electric, it needs to be replaced entirely.

  5. TotalDramaDisney

    I’m hoping they scrap the whole ride and free up more valuable Fantasyland and Tomorrowland space.

  6. Anonymous

    The time to retheme this to “Wreck It Ralph” was before the sequel. Sugar Rush would have been awesome, but Disney pushed it aside in favor of memes, (shallow parodies of) Princesses, Gal Gadot, and an ugly violent game. Retheming this to Slaughter Race would be *worse* than what’s currently there.

  7. PdXDisFan

    I want the ride to stay, but they need to convert it to electric. If that can’t be done then they need to replace with themed better to Tomorrowland.

  8. disneytothefuture

    replace the cars to look like deloreans and have them “hover” and possibly take guest thru different time periods. 🙂 lol

  9. Erin Finlen

    Yeah they need to fix the cars so they are more environmentally friendly but when we went in November with my two older stepkids and my young 4 year old son this was the only ride he wasn’t petrified of (we had him all excited for Ratatouille and that DID NOT go well). He and I went on it over and over and I would gladly wait in line for 30 minutes for this just to see his face light up like it did when he got to “drive.” This “demolishing” is more of adults forgetting that kids need to have fun too.

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