Comments for Guest Sues Disney For Tens of Thousands After Accident Results in “Bodily Injury”, “Disfigurement”

Guests at Disney Springs holding merchandise

Credit: Disney


  1. tvnutt

    I’d love to know what’s the relavance to have the names of employees who.worked one year after the accident? Odds are, because this was pre Covid, the restaurant has to hire new employees when Disney re opened so why would.those employees be relevant to this incident???

    1. Linda O'Kane

      They probably hope to find someone who is no longer working for Disney , who will testify that multiple people had fallen and injured themselves. That would give them evidence that is a known problem that was neglected and not corrected.

      1. Sounds like a frivolous lawsuit designed to get money.

        1. Kamm

          My thoughts exactly.

  2. Perry Winkle

    Nice. Now you can buy that 2017 certified pre-owned kia Sorento. Does anyone remember the McDonald’s fry cart in MK?

    1. EM

      Yes! My son has celiac and loved the fries! The good ole days…..sigh…

      1. anon2152

        Just so you know, as someone with celiac McDonalds fries aren’t gluten free! If you look at the ingredients you’ll see wheat 🙁

        1. Ed

          Whoa!..What?..Wheat?..Wow!..Whew!..Wait….I’m allergy free!!

  3. Carolyn

    I love how both sides ask for way more papers& paragraphs & evidence & people to talk to … than they really need. Just to make the other side wonder where they are coming from? Believe me, they don’t know either 🤦🏼‍♀️They are throwing out questions and seeing if something going to sound good enough to roll with!

    1. For sure..easy money for them.

  4. Mike

    I still am amazed that the family whose child got killed by the alligator didn’t bring an action against Disney. A week before that incident I was at the Polynesian and photographed a large alligator right off the shore with the castle in the background because I was amazed that WDW would knowingly allow such a liability to exist. This particular case may or may not have merit. But knowing people in executive positions at WDW, I know that if a legit case is brought against them they’ll defend it if it’s cheaper to bankrupt the party bringing the action with legal fees then pay legitimate damages. So, whether or not this case is legit? You’d have to weigh the facts and evidence because it may be legit or someone thinking they can make a quick buck off WDW

    1. Florida Resident

      The parents were the ones at fault. They were swimming in the lagoon with their child 10ft past signs that say No Swimming. You’re in freaking Florida. What did they think was going to happen?

      1. Sue

        In Florida any body of water has a gator or had a gator so if someone see water act like there is a gator in it and use common sense and there could even be a water moccasin or rattle snake. So do t blame Disney they can’t keep wild animals that roam all I’ve Florida out of the water. And as for who fell. Wonder if they had been drinking. 🤭

      2. Erin Moore

        They weren’t swimming in the water. They were on the sand, their toddler wavering bear the water while they tended to a younger sibling. And the signs and roots weren’t there at the time. I was also there days prior and vacation there every year. The gator lunged at the toddler quickly and drug him several feet in drowning him. Disney settled and the parents signed a nondisclosure. Your comment was uninformed and crass. And they were not from florida. I guarantee you’re unfamiliar with every danger of every state. I also guarantee most parents vacation at disney without an expectation their toddler will be snatched from the sand by an alligator.

        1. Kamm

          And you need to use spell check.

        2. Mindy

          There were definitely signs telling people not to go into the water. I’ve been going there for years and years and have also stayed at the GF. Diverting your attention to another kid (it takes both parents to do this?) and ignoring the toddler who is actually on the edge of water was neglectful and poor parenting. No way do I allow my baby anywhere near water. This was on the parents. There is no way Disney can keep every water creature out. These water lead out into bigger bodies of water, and unless we want to block off the beaches to all, the parents ate responsibly for the supervision and care of their kids. Disney is a theme park, not a substitute parent or baby sitting service.

      3. Casey

        They weren’t from Florida and didn’t know about alligators

        1. Mindy

          I’m from the West Coast and knew about Florida gators. That’s like not knowing California has earthquakes.

    2. Ed

      You can bet a pay-off happened and hopefully it honored the young boys life! This is one Disney knew they’d never win….in court or in the eyes of the public.

      1. Ed

        BTW….My reply wasn’t for this situation…it was for the sad story of the young boy at the Grand Floridian.

  5. Kim

    What kind of fall was it to cause all of this: , Plaintiff suffered bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, impairment, disability, inconvenience, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, expense of hospitalization, and medical and nursing care and treatment. The injury to the Plaintiff is permanent within a reasonable degree of medical probability and the Plaintiff will continue to suffer the losses in the future.

    Did they fall off a cliff or trip on a brick? To have all that happen it must’ve been bad but yet these never actually state what the actual injury was.

    1. Rob

      If I was to guess, I would say they faceplanted and broke some teeth.

      1. It’s “If I were to guess.”

    2. DG

      Plaintiff is lying to try and win money. Plaintiff didn’t have any real physical repercussions for their own stupidity outside of a few weeks.

  6. John

    It’s the classic story of individuals who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. House of blues is third party, but because it’s “close to Disney”, let’s throw Disney in the lawsuit too (… because they have deep pockets!). Personally, if I were Disney, I’d fight their frivolous lawsuit and then ban them for life from my venue. Who wants irresponsible patrons who only look to sue for their own inadequacies of watching where they’re walking?!?

    1. Jaxx

      100% agree!

    2. Dan

      Love it John! So right.

    3. Pat

      We’ll said John. I’ve fallen on peoples property and been hurt. Never sued. My son was badly injured at a neighbors resulting in ICU. We didn’t sue. Bricks are uneven…nothing new, unusual or unique. Granted, we don’t know all the facts, just sounds like the plaintiffs see deep pockets and found an equally greedy attorney to facilitate the money grab.

      1. Clifton Brewer

        The only weird part to this story is that the plaintiff is only seeking $40,000. I would have expected in the range of three more zeroes on their request it they were just in it for the money. It’s also quite possible that the amount reported is a typo.

    4. Kat

      House of Blues May be third party, but they have a responsibility as a Disney certified vendor to maintain their property to Disney standards. So Disney does have control over that. The property also technically is owned by Disney and operated by HOB. Not commenting on whether the lawsuit is frivolous.

    5. Ken Brenner

      Agreed John!

    6. Ed

      You really don’t have to worry about Disney…..they are as they say…”Lawyard-up”! Buy-outs are nothing to them!

  7. Jaxx

    Awwww…someone fall down and go boom and now wants tens of thousands of dollars for it because they know Disney has deep pockets.

    Maybe they should have watched where they were going. Maybe, just maybe, there is some personal responsibility here (I know, that’s “old fashioned” thinking)…..

    Idiotic lawsuit….

  8. Nova Parsons

    Money hungry grabbing patron and an ambulance chaser. She should watch where she was walking. Picked up here feet. Half of the evidence presented won’t be used the judge and lawyers have the final say. I know after being involved in a five year lawsuit where we were the defendant. For example couldn’t use the police report because the police officer who wrote the report was not going to be subpoenaed to court.

  9. Guest

    We’re they served alcohol?

    1. Sally Molter

      That was my first thought. Then socialuzing and not paying attention when leaving.

  10. Kim

    People are ridiculous with these lawsuits and bringing Disney into it. Wonder if alcohol was involved too.

  11. Dan

    FRIVOLOUS! Another example of blood thirsty, lower than pond scum attorneys suing over a stupid slip and fall and playing it up as if they fell off a cliff.

  12. Btb

    First thing my grand pop did when I was young , and visiting Florida was to tell me never ever put your hands in any body of water down here . Assume there are gators and snakes everywhere. Simple rule use your head for more than a hat rack, keep your hands out of the water , watch …. Observe .

  13. Carolyn

    I am sure this person is trying to get rich. It is a shame people do this.

  14. FL-Dad

    Suing Disney has been a cottage industry for decades.

    The gypsies would book rooms (usually the Value Resorts), have a friend/accomplice “break into” the room, “assault” someone, and then claim that Disney security was lax. Disney got wise to this scam after a pattern was established.

    These days, Disney has an army of lawyers, who will delay and obfuscate the case long enough to financially outlast the plaintiff. While winning lawsuits against Disney is possible, it is very difficult and very expensive.

  15. Benjamin Collins

    If this fall happened off the ledge of a building, that is a hard fall. However falling on pavement without signs or yellow strips these are reasonable things to be in place. Pay day for sure, next time be reasonable.

  16. Lynne

    A fall can cause severe injuries. My mother tripped on a raised bit of sidewalk. She had to stitches to her face and severely injured her knee..
    The knnee injury required surgery. It also required physical therapy. Took her months to fully recover. The guest injuries are not disclosed and some of you are making broad assumptions.

  17. DLand

    It’s funny how EVERYBODY on this thread is so quick and ready to call the person who was Injured a “MONEY GRABBER,” but still PAY the Ridiculous amounts to get into Disney 🤣🤣🤣🤣Who cares what happened to the person in question, but STILL KEEP PAYING Mr. Paycheck EVERYTHING HE WANTS by walking into ANY OF THE DISNEY PARKS. Call Him the MONEY GOUGER & NOT this person.

  18. K

    Back in the 90s on a trip to WDW we rented bikes from one of the resorts. The chain on my grandmother’s broke while we were riding, causing her to fall. Wasn’t any kind of serious injury but she was definitely bruised. We returned the bikes and told them. Later that day we got a fruit basket delivered to our room. We laughed that it was the “don’t she us” gift and getting a fruit basket for something wrong became the family joke for years. If only we had known it could have been $30K…

      1. Scott

        Was plaintiff adequately swathed in bubble wrap, wearing approved headgear, and not operating a cellphone, tablet, electronic device, nor chewing gum proximate to the alleged assault by the malicious paver?

  19. Scott

    Was plaintiff adequately swathed in bubble wrap, wearing approved headgear, and not operating a cellphone, tablet, electronic device, nor chewing gum proximate to the alleged assault by the malicious paver?

  20. Kelly

    A few years ago I was taking pics with my kids in front of the “Jenny” boat from the movie Forrest Gump, inside Disney Springs. I sat up on the black fence, next to the sign that clearly states “stay off fence”, fell face first to the pavement and broke my two front teeth out. I didn’t even contemplate suing. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Totally my fault. People are just out to get money over anything, it’s ridiculous.

  21. Ken Brenner

    What does one expect from our “litigious” society?
    Accidents happen, people make mistakes, but so many now want to blame others and/or make it a bigger deal than it actually was. I was on a jury once where a lawsuit was involved. We the jury declared both were at fault and nothing was awarded. That was in the 80s. Can you imagine any jury doing that now????
    Another sad statement against a growingly irresponsible society.

  22. Robin Davidson

    You’re basically quoting legal boilerplate for a typical slip and fall.

    The accident happened at night. Plaintiff is alleging the floor was in dangerous condition and the area was poorly lit. The discovery requests are typical, as are the requests to identify employees who might have information relevant to the accident or to subsequent repairs to the premises.

    The request for an amount not less than $30,000 is probably jurisdictional requirement for the court in which the case was filed. It doesn’t mean that’s the amount the plaintiff will recover.

    Show me pictures of the site where the fall happened, give me the statements of any witnesses, and I’ll be able to tell you if the suit has a chance. Tell me if the plaintiff was drinking that night. Tell me what the actual injuries were and I’ll tell you what the case may be worth.

    That’s a helluva lot more interesting than the legal boilerplate I see in every slip and fall case.

  23. Chance

    Welp sounds like someone took a fall and now wants to blame Disney and try to get some money out of it. That’s the sue happy world we live in. Seems to me people need to be adults and pay attention to what they’re doing. God forbid you do fall down, well that’s on you. 30k people walk those same steps daily but you fall down and it’s Disney’s fault due to neglect. Nah sounds like you just has an accident or your clumsy.

  24. Terry

    Chance, I was thinking the same thing. I ‘m in my late 60’s and have been going to Disney World since it opened and if there were a problem with the papers and people were getting hurt because of them, then there would be paper work file by the EMT’s that went there to treat the Injured and Disney would have their maintenence people out there with in hours to fix the problem.

  25. Terry

    papers not papers, damn auto correct.

  26. Sherry Sapp

    The individual will spend more money trying to get justice from the money- hungry Disney than it’s worth. Do like the rest of us. Say farewell to Disney for good. It is such a ghost of its former self. Sad.

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