Comments for Guest Drops Bag Onto Tracks, Entire Disney Ride Shuts Down


  1. Crys

    I dropped my sons sippy cup on Haunted Mansion but opted to just let it go. The crew member said it would be pushed off the best eventually. But I didn’t want to inconvenience everyone

  2. Oz

    Why is this breaking
    News? Lol. Goofy goes down at least once a day.

  3. cheese 🧀

    how do you get a bag down there anyway?

  4. Nightshift

    I hope you people are getting your stuff back. I find something and like almost every night and turn it in to lost and found.

    1. RoC

      Years ago I lost my beloved Blue Angel’s hat on primeval whirl. It landed on the roof of the queue. I told the operator that I would check back the next day at the lost and found, but it was not there. I miss that hat andbtheybstopped making the style.

  5. RTeker

    Well I seem to recall these ride announcements that include to SECURE all loose items!!!!

  6. Leeann Jacket

    I can’t see the video.

  7. Leeann Jacket

    I saw it but why did he get a fast pass? It was his mistake. Lol! 😂

  8. Judy

    My backpack was around my leg on the ca screaming and it flew off they stopped the ride and got me it back everything was shredded – it dropped in front of the car as we were in the front seat my cell wallet the backpack

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