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guardians of the galaxy cast in benatar cockpit

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. JT

    I’m not sold that we won’t see these characters pop up here and there. He specifically states “the last time people will see THIS team of guardians”, which does not mean “the cast is officially done in the MCU”. Who knows how these stories will develop.

    1. Patrick

      *AGREED!* Those characters left alive & actors who want to come back can always renegotiate for VOL. IV

      1. J

        Yeah, this is all a stretch. This team could even mean some members stay guardians but are on a new team. Also this didn’t the first time they have said that about this movie even.

      2. I can only imagine that everyone in the GOTG want to get the Hell away from Disney. It seems like everything Disney touches, it turns into the Neverending money grab. Just look at the Star Wars franchise. It’s a real tragedy for the MCU.

      3. Jeramy

        James Gunn is a pedophile.

        1. MuTru

          You know what libel is?

          1. swamp

            our boy drax 😥

          2. StarFord

            You know you that if a libel plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must prove, by clear and convincing evidence, that the defendant acted with actual malice in making the defamatory statement? This is not libel. Play again. Oh, and Gunn is in fact an asshat but he’s a liberal asshat so he gets a free pass.

        2. Richard J Wroblewski

          Feige is destroying the MCU. Endgame sucked and there is less and less interest for everything coming afyerwards because Feige is a no talent hack. The entire universe is 5 years out of sync because of the terrible, non-scientific, stupid Endgame movie and Feige thinks that is okay? He is a sh*t storyteller – they should have left Favreau in charge – Feige SUCKS!

          1. Ray Bryant

            So Avi Arad would have done a better job? Lol!

        3. JFoo

          So are you mad he abuses kids or that he’s done making movies for you?

      4. MastaWolfy86

        Personally I was extremely iffy on Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket since Rocket has been one of my all time favorite characters, but after GOTG Vol 1, I can honestly say he did my character some true justice and I couldn’t be more happy about that. I just hope he isn’t done with the role completely. I would love for him to randomly pop up and continue his work in cartoons or even video games. That would just be amazing to be honest…
        Same with Vin Diesel as well. He gave Groot a voice that was the most Groot of all.😊👏👏👏

  2. If this is true, I wonder if they will sign any of the current GoTG actors to new contracts? Or maybe James Gunn is referring to himself and a couple of actors that will no longer be a part of future MCU movies? I’m curious and excited about it. Also- I definitely need to watch Peacemaker 😅😅

  3. BeeSting

    It would be cool to see Peter learn to draw out his celestial power similar to how Thor learned that his hammer was just a conduit. At the end of Vol.2 you see him hold out his hand in an attempt to make something. I feel like this would be a good rout to go after seeing Eternals.

    1. Dominque

      But he lost his celestial powers once he killed his dad.

      1. saijanai

        That’s what he thought, but Celestials draw their power from themselves, not something else.

  4. John

    Come on they’re freaking actors not athletes playing a contact sport. Just entertain me and stfu.

    1. Guyg

      I don’t even understand what point you’re trying to make. If anyone needs to STFU it’s athletes who play contact sports

  5. Agree with the voice here, they get paid too much, get em young pay em low keep them for the next 10 movies… increible whats happening

    1. swamp

      our boy drax 😥

      1. swamp

        why did it reply to your comment, sorry bout that dude

  6. sm753

    I used to think the GotG movies were pretty good until I played the game recently. Better writing, better character development, better (voice) acting.

  7. No complaints with the GOTG, no matter who’s putting the movies out. Marvel has done a fantastic job with these characters. It would be a shame not to see them.again.

  8. You

    All the male characters’ names are referenced correctly, but the one female lead is captioned backwards…easy edit, fix it.

    1. Andrew

      Came here for this – every actor is listed with their (character name) except for Gamora (Zoe Saldana)

    2. Annoyed

      Glad this has been brought to light. I was coming here to say the same thing. Still hasn’t been fixed!

  9. BoDuke

    This is where Dave Bautista really shines. For some strange reason he is great at portraying a dummy with lots of muscle. Almost as if it’s art imitating life for him.

    1. saijanai

      I’m just sorry thta he thinks that everyone wants to see his abs as the only reason he’s in the movies.
      He could easily explain wearing a shirt:
      “As I age, I find myself disgusted at the sight of my flabby body and I wanted to spare everyone else that same disgust.”

      Delivered in that deadpan unselfconscious style that the character is famous for.

  10. Anonymous

    No he isn’t.

  11. Aaron

    Eh, he says this is the last time you see this exact team, that doesn’t necessarily mean individual actors won’t crop up in future projects. These are Marvel and the actor’s decisions to make, not Gunn’s.

  12. Devin

    I don’t mind it being the last volume, but I would like to see the characters in future music projects.

  13. JSH

    Gunn said it was the last time you were going to get this team… DRax and Groot and Rocket are leaving…

    1. Groot and Rocket can be done by other voice actors. This group may be going but the characters remain marvel ip. The franchise is not dependent on high profile voice talents.

      1. Celia

        I love these movies GOTG is awesome. The first two was and I am sure the next one will be as well can’t wait to see it, Chris Pratt is such an awesome actor I seen him in tomorrow wars such an awesome movie I was on the edge of my seat brilliant job. But they all did a great job in GOTG. Keep up the great work Guys.

    2. John

      Guardians has been my favorite series of all the Marvel movies. I’ll be sad to see them end that series. I’d watch dozens and dozens of those films, as many as they keep making.

  14. R. M. D.

    I guess it’s better to go out on top than ride the train to Suckington station. I will miss them. Guardians of the Galaxy was where I learned to love movies again. So good bye you buncha losers standing around in a big circle looking like losers . Farewell

  15. Superfun

    The golden age of the MCU is almost over. Sadly. Externals wasn’t great. We’ve seen the origin story of Marvels best characters and some great story arcs but there’s nowhere great to go. I hope I’m wrong. We may see some good new story lines like Mandolorian did for Star Wars but I doubt we’ll see 15 years of 20 great movies again.

    1. Zedd

      They still have to introduce the X-men, Fantastic 4, Ghost Rider, Blade, Punisher and Daredevil to the MCU.

  16. Britt

    People get older and have to move on to doing parts that let you show the real actor you are. Dave Bautista is getting on in years as is all the other cast members. But wouldn’t it be nice to see him in classic who done it. And not just some cheap side show. Let him show us how good an actor he is.

  17. Frank McKinley

    Didn’t know Vin Diesel was in the GOTG🤔

  18. Tell me this is fake ☹️

  19. Ray Bryant

    I think they’re done with Guardians but I don’t think they’re all done with Marvel. Wouldn’t be surprised if some end up in the next Avengers.

  20. ShotgunNinja

    Why did you switch the order of Zoe Saldana’s name and character name, and no one else’s?

  21. Click Here

    Thats quite the extrapolation, that the entire cast is just done with the MCU…midway through phase 4…

  22. Some of these comments literally lowered my IQ as I read them. Tkahns yusg!

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