Comments for VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out at Peter Pan’s Flight

fight peter pans flight

Both Images: Screenshot Credit via Jaiden Walters


  1. Stacey

    It’s time that cast and crew are notified and all parties involved thrown out. You have to show tougher consequences for these behaviors so others start to think twice about causing trouble.

    1. Peter

      Beyond a doubt! We do NOT need these people in the parks, or ANYWHERE near Disney property!!!

      1. Donna

        So sad that people can’t control themselves at the parks. I stopped going to theme parks by me for this reason. Time for Disney to throw them out immediately.

    2. Peter


      1. Mike

        This is all because you parents won’t stop telling ur kids they r so fing special. NOBODY IS SPECIAL WE ARE ALL THE SAME!! Telling everyone they r kings n queens is NOT GOOD PERIOD!!

        1. Kyle

          How white are you?

          1. charles brown

            Stop the racist crap

    3. Pocho Villa

      I’m pro-castmembers but it’s happened when all a castmember to help with unruly guest they ignored it and didn’t call for security. This happened twice! Maybe guests need to be six feet apart not for COVID-19 but to deescalate problem guests.

    4. Angie

      Un-effing-believable!!! What is wrong with people? If you can’t control your tempure…tempura…. leave the park. Seriously, you can’t keep your hands to yourself for one day? Let the kids have fun and quit being a douche.

    5. Annie Kitchen

      I hope that they enforce the rules or our family will not be coming back. When I see the type of people in line fighting, we will find somewhere else to go!

  2. They probably went crazy waiting 90 minutes for a 1-2 minute ride.

    1. NoTrust

      People are just less civil these days. They are more focused on their rights. I go to Disney often and I’m so surprised how people talk and act around children even. I’ve never encounter more drunk or tipsy people in one place than at Disney.

      1. Too True

        🤔 you’re not going to the right places then.

      2. Nick

        I noticed more drunk behavior at Universal but Disney is catching up fast.

        1. Deb

          Go to guest relations on the first park you visit to ask for a DAS since chances are you can’t use a phone. Your child with the disability must be with you at this time. Explain to the CM that they will have problems waiting in line due to Autism. You must use your phone for getting return times for the ride. There is a limit of 6 guests that can ride in the DAS group. Be advised that DAS holders use the same line as the Lightning Lane with Genie. And yes, even jerks will cut this line. Happened twice to us. Read up on DAS before you get there so you understand how it works. CM will explain it to you according to a guest that needed it from UK. She was surprised that it existed and had paid for a vacation planner.

          1. PPocho Villa

            If DAS. helps with mental parents and guests I’m for it.

      3. Connie

        That’s what happens when they allow people to purchase alcoholic beverages in parks.

        1. charles brown

          Alcoholic beverages has nothing to do with people cutting in line and when told to go to the back of the line and that is when the fight starts , I have seen it many times even when told to keep their mask on in the buildings and they refuse to . .Just yesterday in the store some lady thinks its ok to cut in line and when told by others in line she acts like she is deaf. Trouble Makers

          1. JustinJustin Moser

            100% agree. We had a 20 something year old girl smack into my sisters arm and start yellong at her because my sister told her and the 2 guys she was dragging up to wait like everyone else. The girls dad came over and started yelling at our group. My sister did eventually let them by. But they told security after the ride and blamed us. Security told us that they have a right to skip us and we have to mind our own business. So Disney is doing this to them selves. P.S. this was after waiting for 45 min. This was not at the beginning of the line.

    2. Kara

      I’ve seen this for years at WDW. It’s mostly people from outside the US causing all the ruckus. I’ve seen with my own eyes an Indian tour group try to take apart the line ropes and cut in front of people. My theory: if you’re from outside the USA you should have to sit through a Disney etiquette presentation before you’re even allowed to enter the parks.

      1. Steve

        I would say all countries have their bad behaviour guests. I’m from the UK and I had someone from the US built like Arnie trying to queue jump. I told him where to go, he wasn’t happy, and his friends were stopping him from taking it further. He didn’t queue jump, but afterwards I thought wow, maybe I was a bit stupid considering the size of him, but I hate queue jumpers, whichever country they are from.

      2. Connie

        Great idea. And they do not understand Personal Space.

  3. Debbie

    Five will get you ten, somebody was line jumping

    1. Eddie

      In 10 years, I never heard of or have seen fights in any Disney Park. But during the last year, I have read several of these posts, and also steps in one fight by myself (a guy attacked another guy with a child (!) on his shoulders). So to all here who want to throw out BOTH: you were not there, maybe on of them is totally innocent!

      People got more and more aggressive these days in general, and especially in the Disney parks, and neither Disney nor COVID nor Trump is innocent here!

      1. Jenn

        Actually Eddie, those 3 ARE innocent here (in relation to this behavior). It’s exactly those types of statements that make people think they can blame someone else for their own poor behavior.

        1. Rox

          Exactly Jenn. No accountability for bad behavior. That is the ignorant mentality too prevalent these days.

          1. Ange

            You hit the nail right on the head!

        2. Lawrence Blake

          I had one 16yo barking at my wife because she’s and walked slow.I told her to apologize or I would whip her butt…and I didn’t care if I got removed from the park….these kids don’t care….

          1. Nick

            Ok, so you’re part of the problem. Nice.

            1. Mike

              No, the 16 y.o’s parents are part of the problem.

              1. I agree. They have been taught no manners or empathy for others.

      2. Lauren Jen

        How is the 45th president to blame for entitled people at an overpriced theme park that caters to communists?

        1. Manny

          @Lauren Jen actually Donald Trump has a lot to do with our current social woes in this country. He allowed a disenfranchised undereducated segment of society to allow their racist thoughts to be brought to the for front. In other words to say what you were thinking no matter how inappropriate for this day and age.

          Also to show further ignorance you are trying to dredge up the red scare of the 50s. Really?

          The new rallying cry to scare people into thinking we are becoming more Socialist like that would be a bad thing.

          History is repeating itself by leading us into a new Gilded Age. Maybe you should open a book before making such comments and realize you are serving the same masters others did in the past by spreading fear against Socialist and Anarchists.

          1. C

            Well put – he made this type of behavior normalized and acceptable to some. The breakdown of society just needed one spark and he was it. There is little decency left here these days.

        2. Connie

          Must we bring politics into this. Not part of the issue.

      3. Carol

        This makes me worry. I will be visiting the Florida parks for the first time ever and bring my children in May. We are trading from England and this is meant to be a lovely family holiday. My son, 12, has Autism and it worry me after seeing this that maybe I’ve have made a mistake booking to go somewhere where adults will behave this way in front of children.

        1. Carol

          *Traveling not trading lol

        2. PA

          Should you plan to visit Disney as planned, contact Disney Customer Service in advance to inform them you are traveling and visiting Disney with child who was diagnosed with autisum. Disney has a “special” pass to get around park for special needs guests. Hope you and your family enjoy a pleasant experience at Disney. JAI YAO! 💖🤟🙏

      4. Dee

        What has Trump got to do with this article at all?
        This is the happenings at Disney
        Just saying,

      5. Annie Kitchen

        You cannot blame COVID or Trump! I think that is the problem Blame society and entitlement. I will wait in line like everyone else. I am no better than any other guest. Anyone who thinks differently has not a ounce of human respect in them. I would even check into mental illness.

    2. Peter

      More than likely….

    3. Ginny

      Just got back from WDW. The lines, the cost, an under developed APP cause SO much confusion and stress. Until WDW addresses what is causing stress we won’t see behavior improve, unfortunately.

  4. Chris

    I am sure there is a combination of things that contribute, the indoor mask rules don’t help. Disney charging for what is essentially a stripped down version of FP that can only be used once per attraction per day adds to it. Personally I would have said once per day per attraction for free and $15 adds additional attractions (i.e. the ones that are currently individual lightning lanes) and allows repeat attractions would make more sense and keep everyone happier.

    Another issue is Disney quietly handles these situations and doesn’t mention publicly what the consequences were. The party that started the fight should have been banned from all for at least 5 years without refund, if they were on-site guests, this means security takes them to their room and has them pack and leave immediately. If the other party has responsibility, same to them as well. And make a public scene of it so people know there are consequences to their actions.

    1. BaileyGirl

      I highly doubt that indoor masks has anything to do with people behaving this way. Further, if one doesn’t want to adhere to the policy then they shouldn’t go.

      There’s really no excuse to, as an. adult, put your hands on another adult. I am a passholder and have been irritated several times by other guests, but have never resorted to violence.

      1. Patrick

        And they should be removed from the queue. Removed from the park and banned for life. Disney needs to be more agressive here.

      2. Patrick

        Actually I could totally see someone policing the line about masks, ask a non wearer to put theirs on and thus happen. The anti maskers are horrendous people. If it’s my property you abide by my rules.

        1. Nan

          I’d say the opposite. The maskers are horrible folks always sticking their nose on others business. They hatefully yell at others and harass them. Take the shot, mask up and mind your own business. But maskers feel they can be their nasty selves.

          1. Mike

            You’re wrong. It’s anti maskers spreading the disease. Even Trump is now saying to get the vaccine.

        2. Connie

          Patrick, anti maskers at NOT horrendous people. If you are so afraid then stay in your safe bubble at home. You are the one being intolerant.
          Stop being dramatic.

      3. Jenn

        Yes, thank you Bailey!

    2. Manny

      Indoor mask requirements have nothing to do with it since most places in the North and the West Coast also have this requirement. You can add to this a vaccine requirement. Funny I do not see fights breaking out there.

      I do agree that Disney’s revenue generation through LL and Genie+ has exacerbated the situation. Disney’s decisions to put stockholders expectations above their guests has a lot to do with this.

      1. Annie Kitchen

        You cannot blame COVID or Trump! I think that is the problem Blame society and entitlement. I will wait in line like everyone else. I am no better than any other guest. Anyone who thinks differently has not a ounce of human respect in them. I would even check into mental illness.

  5. Good god, I wish Disney would raise their prices to weed out the poor’s, they’re so gross.

    1. Buzz


    2. Jordan

      *cough cough* Troll! *cough cough*

      1. Happy Traveler

        My guess is that it is a mask issue. If a business says to wear shirt and shoes and a mask then as adults, people should wear shirt and shoes and a mask. This childish behavior is unacceptable.

    3. Sick of it All

      Unfortunately both poor and rich are to entitled and that won’t change…….just people need to go when it’s less crowded, not so hot and with good company……

    4. Deb

      U ridiculous little man

    5. Connie

      That is a horrible attitude. That is not the attitude of the man who built the park. He wanted everyone to enjoy the parks. It is society and arrogance (like you) that is the problem.
      Shame on you.

  6. Patrick

    Hate to say it but I doubt they were vaccinated. If Disney required proof of vaccinations, the wrong types of people would be sidelined.

    And as others have stated, lifetime ban these people and press charges when applicable.

    1. W

      Leftists and vaccinated are the violent ones. The vaccines according to a research messes up your neurological functions.

      1. Marvin

        Good one, comrade! 👍

      2. Ed

        Just say no W.

        In World War II our greatest generation made untold sacrifices during the war. If the Pandemic happened then and it threatened to lose the war, they would have made everyone row up their arm sleeves. And Americans wouls have done it.
        Today…people can’t even handle a simple mask. And while they say America is the greatest, some people have no faith in those Great American Pharmaceutical companies.
        If World War II happened today, we would lose badly.

        1. Emmett Fields

          I agree 100%. Today it’s all about me, me, me! It’s disgusting.

      3. Glo

        No Nan, the rule is wear your mask indoors, so wear the mask indoors. Period. There is no my business or your business – it’s follow the rules!
        If people would follow the rules then the smart ones wouldn’t have to remind them to pull up their mask!

      4. Mike

        W – prove it.

      5. Manny

        Which peer reviewed research are you referring to W?

        1. KJL

          W is citing the peer review research that people should drink urine

      6. B

        OMG fox ‘news’ much?? Get real and get educated while you’re at it.

    2. Kirsten

      Patrick why do we have to bring up vaccines? This is getting ridiculous. Just cause you’re vaccinated, it doesn’t mean you’re a good person. That comment is uncalled for.

      1. Marvin

        Good person? No, it doesn’t mean that. It DOES man you’re a better person than the unvaccinated who don’t care about their countrymen.

        1. Rox

          Demonizing any group is Fascism 101 tactic. Watch out. Hitler did not get from zero to death camps overnight.

        2. Barbara Whiddon

          Not everyone is un vaccinated because they refused. Some are unvaccinated due to history of severe anaphylactic reactions to past vaccination and meds.

          1. Marvin

            Yes, but not at the rate of the unvaccinated. Nice try though. Probably works on the Faux crowd.

    3. Ed

      The masks do matter. I was at the parks 3 times in the last year. Some people refuse to keep them on and give Disney staff a hard time about it. Disney does enforce it. But Universal people ignore it. But whether it was line jumping or mask fighting, the aggressors should have been banned for 5 years.
      The younger generations are blowing stop lights on purpose all the time and acting very selfish. America had a good run but our glory days are over.

    4. M Lee

      You have lost your mind , being vaccinated does not equal non violent , nor does unvaxxed equate to violent. Ignorant entitled people are usually violent because they are all about themselves and I’ve met many a vaxxed and unvaxxed who are entitled…..

    5. Trent

      Lol. Just lol.

    6. Brandon

      A liberal sheep. Enjoy your poison while you still live.

      1. Connie

        Brandon -You are so right

    7. Stephanie

      What a ridiculous thing to say. I’m not vaccinated and I’ve never had a single fight. If Disney needs to weed out the unhealthy, I think there are things other than vaccine cards to check for…

      People are ridiculous and can be tacky regardless of their vaccine status.

    8. Happy Traveler


  7. Writing Police

    Ugh…how come none of these comments ta me tonight the incorrect use of “starter” in the fifth paragraph followed by a double period?

    Do any online publications proofread articles prior to release?

    1. Writing Police

      See what happens when you don’t proofread?

  8. Internet Avenger

    Seems this behavior become more commonplace around 2015 when a loud mouthed, obnoxious New Yorker started having raucous gatherings of mouth breathers coaxing them to “Take THEIR country back.” and settle matters by “Punching a guy in the mouth” or “Dragging them outta the building.” People began to lose their civility and think violence is the normal & first response.

    Covet a false deity and you end up with a mob of insurrectionists and thugs where true law & order once prevailed.

    1. Kneejerk

      What does Cuomo have to do with this?

    2. sundogg


    3. BB

      Totally agree. He made it ‘ok’ to be vulgar, inconsiderate, and allowed people to do and say pretty much anything they wanted. We used to be a largely peaceful nation, until that happened. No, this behavior is not ok, but he glorified it.

      1. KJL

        BB is so right!

        1. Marvin

          KJL is so right about BB being so right!

  9. How about Disney hiring their own Police Force, it takes too long for the Sheriff’s Dept. to respond to the riff raff. Sometimes there needs to be immediate arrests.

    1. Kirsten

      Glenn, Disney has their own Security staff. They take care of the problem and if they deem the situation more than they can handle, then they call the police

    2. Jake

      Disney actually contracts the orange county PD to have off duty sheriff’s work the parks. They don’t have to wait for police to drive in from off site.

    3. DLand

      Honey, ALL THE DISNEY PARKS have Undercover Police Officers from there home state working Inside & outside of ALL THE PARKS. I use to work for Disneyland in Anaheim California & know many of my local Anaheim Police Officers. So they have that covered pretty good.

  10. because, Florida.

  11. Ray

    Well, when you prefer woke liberals, this is what you get… its no longer Disney world…its Woke World… what do you expect? Everything is breaking down because real workers won’t put up with it.. customer service has gone in the crapper, due to the entitled employees and liberals who think they’re sooo special that they can act anyway they want… sorry Disney, take a good hard look at what going woke will give you… at this rate it will be closed in a few years.. sad. Used to love the place…and I’m a stock holder.. all employees from the top down should be scrapped and start completely over..

    1. Doc

      Ray, I do not think jerks and loudmouths are unique to one party.

      1. Ray

        Really? Take a look at Disney now… it will tell you all you need to know.. rides closed, fighting, cast members being extremely rude.. its like the old adage, you get what you paid for..

        1. Jake

          Lol. So you think a bunch of “woke liberals” are fighting? So much for them being a bunch of pansy snowflakes, huh? 🤣

          1. Ray

            Well, we don’t call them cat fights for nothing lol

        2. Manny

          @Ray maybe if you knew anything about business or the internal workings of a large multinational you would realize this is all driven by stock holder equity and short term gains. Disney wants to make up their perceived losses during the pandemic shutdown.

          Yet people neither have the time or the will to look at Disney’s quarterly financials to note they actually made huge profits in Disney+ to make up for those losses.

          What American corporations do not want to accept is that double digit growth every year is not sustainable and neither are the expectations of stockholders.

    2. Bren

      Ray, thank you so much for showing how intelligent you are. Made my day! Somehow I missed the labels on them to identify and to prove they were liberals. But hey, that would help if every pro Trump supporter had to wear a conservative label, and every extreme liberal also had to wear a liberal label, sure would help those of us who are just normal people trying to live our lives without each extemes bulls*!t! And since you wanted to bring politics into your statement, explain this one to me mighty one. Oh, and I guess it was liberals who stormed DC on January 6, 2021? And evidently it must only be liberals who ever cause violence? Wow, this man is a real winner! Give the man a cookie! You really are a special one! LMAO!

  12. Matt

    Maybe if you let “site” would stop showing all these minor altercations. While making sensational claims, it wouldn’t be so common. I go to Disney several times a month and never see these types of occurrences .

  13. James

    More people are rich then poor who go to Disney. I meet more nicer persons at Disney World then the rich who go to Disney. Now they are squeezing them out of the park with higher prices. Poorer persons can’t afford the drinks at Disney.

  14. Mario

    Continue to raise prices to keep these degenerates out.

  15. Romyeaux

    We had issues with line jumpers at Animal Kingdom Park. I watch an guy sneak a kid under the rope and then he and his friend acted like they were catching up to him. I told him the back of the line started at the bridge. He said his kid brother was holding his place, and I told him he did not because I saw him cross under the rope. I pulled out my phone to call Security, and they left before I got an answer. The Brazilians used to do it all of the time when I worked there. Line jumpers are a lot bolder now. You see them cut and they argue with you. I should have just called Security. They have high definition cameras everywhere.

  16. Jonathan

    Why don’t these clowns GROW UP, be adults, and realize that this is for kids FIRST. They are supposed to set the example and make the kids have a memorable, magical, experience.

  17. Steve

    A couple years ago I notified a cast member about someone jumping in line in front of us. The cast member explained there is nothing they can do and the people who did it said a more vulgar way to I told you so. The cast members heard it and raised there hands like they can’t do anything. While I agree in a situation like this people need to be thrown out Disney should have some ownership in this as well. People spend their money to give their kids a memory while Disney raises prices and lowers the magic. I have never been a company greed alert person but the company has done some real crappy things later to their guest and their invested guest like DVC (which I am one). I have been going to Disney all my life and I would have not purchased my DVC membership based on Disney lack of loyalty they have shown in just the last couple of years.

  18. Bruno

    Thugs! Kick em out!

  19. Doc

    It is not just Disney. There has been a general worsening of behavior in Society for years, especially over that last 1/2 decade. It s like, it is OK to be a pompous arrogant jerk.

    1. It’s cuz of the new programming of people from social media… People who use social media a lot have been reprogrammed to act out on everything, positive or negative & now since the reprogramming of social behavior is completely ingrained as a way of life, this programming has now made its way off the screen & into normal everyday life… It’s really not hard to figure out, humans are creatures of habits & social media has created some bad habits in human interaction… People just react & act now instead of processing the appropriate measured response… It’s going to be an ongoing problem, just the reality of the world we are now living in…

  20. Michael

    I’m ashamed the way humans act today , parents used to teach there children manners and how to treat others! Now it social media and the woke culture,what is wrong with humankind ,we should be blessed to just be alive and enjoy this beautiful world which we are only able to spend such a short time.the way it’s going is we are headed for conflict within the world,it needs to be cleaned up mankind needs to start over.

  21. James

    That was not a physical fight as title suggests it was a verbal exchange. The aggressor was held back by his own party. Both should still be thrown out period.

    1. R

      Read the article.

  22. Paul T

    I read over 50 messages and wearing masks, not wearing masks, vaccinated, not vaccinated, racism. Biden, Trump, the rich privileged, cutting in line, alcohol, long lines and lack of security were all being blamed. That covered all the excuses, except one, climate change

    1. Benjamin

      The Russian troll bots that pop up in social media generally don’t add climate change to their responses. It’s not as effective at stirring the pot and creating a divide amongst the nation, I guess. This comments section holds a few who were affected by their influence (Americans brainwashed to show their disdain towards other Americans)

  23. Robert Royce

    Maybe it’s time Disney has you select specific days for specific crowd preferences; do you want to experience Disney magic while obeying the rules and being courteous to others, or do you prefer stress, fatigue, tension, line-jumping and fighting? Pick your day.

  24. Claudia

    The lines and wait times are just causing STRESS to the ‘happiest place on earth’ and it is NOT an enjoyable experience. Greed has over ran the magic…packing in hundreds of people like cattle is not a magic experience. Do better Disney!!! We were just there in the off season…i will never go any other time. Its was a wonderful trip but rude employees and cattle lines were ridiculous.

  25. Vicki

    People seem to be much more agitated everywhere
    But if you are spent g all that money to enjoy the park, then enjoy it. Plan on waiting thst is just part of the process at the park . I have been going since 1973 the real issue is that Disney likes to pack in the people to get their money . The of the time the park can be one less enjoyable with it being over packed . Three year ago I went to boo too you and th

  26. Tom

    That’s not a fight that’s an argument. No hands were thrown and allowing someone to hold you back is your way of acting tough.

    1. R

      Read the article instead of looking art the pictures.

  27. SG

    Disney needs to limit the reservations – there are too many people in the park OR hire security at all attractions, zip tie and make the trouble makers leave!

  28. R

    What a lovely relaxing and safe place to bring your children.

  29. R

    It’s a simple fix. A lot of real security with tazers and zip ties. End of fights.

  30. Kevin

    OVER Ten years ago I was in Haunted Mansion where the line funnels down in size. One minute from the ride. My elderly parents in back of me and this 5’4 woman Spanish kept pushing my mom and dad. I said to her please give them a little room there is nowhere to go. She told me to F off in broken English. I told her in Portuguese to go home. In 6’5 former offensive lineman she stepped back as to retreat and punched me square in my sternum. Employees carted us away to Disney Jail Backstage and we were there about 90 min. They got dejected. We had a story to tell.

  31. sundogg

    Does anyone else see the correlation between the number of fights and aggressive incidents and the availability of alcohol in the parks. I can see adult beverages in EPCOT, but not the parks more geared toward children and teens, particularly Magic Kingdom. Big crowds, long lines and alcohol is a volatile mix.

  32. Selene

    This is the happiest place on Earth and we all go to live the magic and get away from every day life. Then we encounter this kind of people? Many of us bring our children, is that really the image and fear we want them to remember? These people need to be removed permanently. They should never be able to go back into any Disney theme park.

  33. Totally agree if you decide to: line jump(mind you this happened pre pandemic), cause fights. Automatic adjective from park. WDW is just getting back on its feet, if you want to act/behave “un-magical”. You simply don’t belong NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU/YOUR family has spent on a vacation. For some believe that they are better than others on the amount they have spent. I’m personally a family of handicaple. Now since people abused a wonderful privilege to help ours and other families like ours. It was taken away and modified. So let’s keep on supporting cast members, security bring WDW. Back to what it was before.

  34. Scott

    Ron Perlman hanging out in the foreground, all masked up, doing nothing.

  35. Ginny

    For the past many years as a Disney season pass holder, I have NEVER witnessed staff or visitor rudeness until the past couple of years. My belief is as a society we have fought so hard for “our belief of rights and what we deserve” that we have swung the pendulum of behaviors from one extreme to the next–we have moved from rationality to irrationality. Disney staff were always courtesy and overly accomodating truly making the park the most Magical Place on Earth. Prices were affordable, crowd control was present, opportunities to ride more than one ride were easy, staff was always cheerful and made extra effort to ensure crowds were having fun.
    Disney over the past several years has become more money-grubbing, they have raised prices of admission, raised prices of food and merchandise, have greater restrictions on strollers, wagons, and allowable items to bring into the park for tending to children, thus create more stress on family with infants and toddler leading to greater parental frustration; when you do approach cast members with concerns the answers become I don’t know or not my problem. Staff does not appear to be enjoying their job and pass that attitude on to park goers. I remember a time my ex-mother-in-law lost her purse and the cast member and security had it located and back to her quicker than she realized it was missing! THE Magic of Disney! The outcomes are much different now when items are lost! One of our last (and will remain our last) attempts to stay at a Disney property (Saratoga) was to celebrate a magical 55 birthday for my husband. We typically stay at our timeshare but I wanted a Disney Property to splurge the money on the dining plan as you have to stay on the property to be eligible! We were harrassed daily by the property staff as we have a PHOTO ID ADA Certified card for a disability dog. My husband is a 100% disabled war veteran and has a medical condition the dog is trained to perform an act of medical care to assist him when no one is around. If I am with my husband, the dog does not need to work. We attempted to leave the dog in the room for dinner (out of respect for other diners as I was with my husband to be able to care for him). We were told (even though I am paying for this room and was my home for the week, and the dog was in a properly closed in his crate) we were not permitted to leave the dog in the room without one of us being there. We were met at the door every time we attempted to leave without the dog by property management! We were also informed their policy was to complete room checks once to twice daily as they needed to ensure no guns were located based upon the Vegas Shooting of 2017. I stay in Kissimmee and Orlando frequently–I have never been treated in such a matter by ANY hotel or management. No one cares anymore, not our society, not our businesses. This is a family, state, national, and global issue. Long gone are the days of “it takes a village” to help be kind and structure one another into respectful people; healthy fear needed for respect and boundaries are now nonexistent. We don’t need politicians and wars to end our humanity, we are doing it to ourselves. No one appears to understand or practice the roots of code of conduct, morale, and ethical behaviors—tends to be “what can I get for nothing and when/how I get it is not my responsibility of the outcome, is never my fault”. No accountability or responsibility, no care, no kindness, no empathy–we are now a society of selfishness and narcissism, even with our own family and friends. The saying used to be for rage road drivers “would you treat that person that way in your living room?” Unfortunately, the times have come to “yes, most of us would”. I personally have been happier with the COVID pandemic as not need to deal with a society that is slowly destroying itself. I hope to remain as isolated as I can. And I will not be renewing my Disney Passolder membership after 15 years of renewing. As others have said before me “Wake up America!”

  36. Gail

    Stop selling alcohol in magic kingdom. Go to the toilet before going on the ride. Let your kids know it’s going to be a long wait. And make sure your family all together before going on the ride
    If they were on another ride then they miss out going with you. Go to the back of the line. And if everyone getting tired the take a break and go rest up at the hotel.

    1. Angie

      All very good advice! People need to have a plan because things are not going always go the exact way they want. And about the alcohol sales……. if a person can’t go a whole day at Disney without a beer, then that’s just sad.

  37. Capt Hook

    With wait times of over 100 minutes it’s a perfect recipe for fights and more Omicron. People pay money for this?

    1. Angie

      People have a choice in how to act in public. Nothing makes it ok to fight with other people. Doesn’t matter how crappy their day is.

  38. Eddie

    We are watching the slow destruction of the Disney brand , Disney is going down the tubes faster than lightning

    1. Angie

      Un-effing-believable!!! What is wrong with people? If you can’t control your tempure…leave the park. Seriously, you can’t keep your hands to yourself for one day? Let the kids have fun and quit being a douche.

  39. Connie

    It is sad and disgraceful for children to see adults behaving this way. I don’t understand why people have become so out of control with their tempers and social behavior. I do not accept that people are stressed that is not an excuse. Maybe if more people were made examples of by being banned for a period of time (not forever) everyone else will learn to behave.

  40. Mickeymouse3

    That’s a fight? We have a difference in definitions. Even so, this type of behavior needs to stop! I understand Disney is expensive. I understand it get hot and people get frustrated. But to get to the point where someone’s temper boils over and physical attacks happen and innocent bystanders, maybe a child, gets hurt? Sorry, but Disney needs to make an example out of these people, and an eviction should be done. Word will get out and hopefully the behavior will change.
    How would you like to be THAT parent who has to explain to your kid why you can’t go back?
    How would you like to be THAT parent who just spent a wad of cash and now can’t enjoy what you paid for?

  41. Brandon

    Having just left Disney World two days ago, I honestly can’t say I’m surprised. Between many flat out ignoring mask policies and the huge number of people holding places far into the line for large groups of friends and family, there were more than a few people I wanted to knock out. Disney needs to take a stance against line holding/cutting and out attendants at more places than the beginning and ends of lines to enforce health policies.

  42. Raymond

    Its funny how this has all started this in the increase in attracting people of colour and these “influencers” keep on banging about how white washed Disney is?

    Maybe its cause the whites are civilised.

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