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  1. Ralf

    overuse the word ‘exciting’ much?

  2. Nick

    People should just shut up and wait for the finished product.

  3. SG

    Omg people what is wrong with you? I think this is so cool! I can’t wait to see the finished product and go for a ride. My only complaint will be the long line😊

  4. Phyzzi

    This ship looks pretty cool, and whether the frame is to protect another support structure from construction or if it’s the final product, I think it doesn’t detract from the final product.

    What honestly concerns me, though, is the omnicoaster. In all three omnimover rides I went on during our recent visit, it felt like there was an over-reliance on screens. While they were certainly good rides, it did feel like there was a certain lack of commitment, especially on Ratatouille, and while my 5 yo was very happy that the “waterfall” on the Mickey ride was only digital, I was personally a little disappointed to not actually get dropped even a little.
    Maybe the restriction of a track and the implication of at least being based on a “coaster” framework will mitigate some of this, but I sincerely hope that Disney realizes that screens are a weakness to grow out of, not a strength in “flexibility”.

    By the way, I am by no means intending to single out Disney for the use of screens, and overall I think their commitment to “real” (manufactured, but physical) environments is a huge strength of the theme parks in general. I also know full well that the construction, maintenance, and upgrade costs of these physical environments are much more than the costs of flexible digital environments and the risk of a single point of failure shutting down an entire “attraction” are much higher, but with the rapid advancement of at-home digital media (yes, I mean VR here, but also 4k big screens coming way down in price, and I also think that the next decade will bring wide viewing angle glasses free 3D into the mainstream) Disney should be careful not to put themselves into the same corner many movie theaters already have backed into, where a middle class family can provide an experience that is by some measures superior and negates much of the expense inconvenience of “going out”. Given the cost of travel, Disney will have significant pressure to maintain an “authentic” experience, and as they update and expand this needs to remain in focus.

    1. Htk

      The resolution of the projections Disney uses for its rides are far higher than a super large 4k tv.

      Aside from this, I’m less fond of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway than you are. Look how much better MIB is at Universal? Ratatouille is just awful, completely awful.

  5. Ken Brenner

    Hi. I’m a big Epcot fan, but hate the way WDW is changning its unique theming (informational, future) to just another park with rides. So, I don’t care how it looks, it is out of place in Epcot…

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