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  1. DeLaun Fifield

    Am I the ONLY person (who is hispanic BTW) who see’s all this focus on RACE as simply RACIST??

    When did we suddenly become so damn sensitive?? Can’t you people simply sit back, relax AND ACTUALLY ENJOY a movie without focusing on race??

    I thought we were supposed to be living in a “post-race” world when Obama was elected?

    Thats right-we elected a BLACK president!!

    Yet somehow the narrative that America (and EVERYWHERE ELSE it seems)-is racists STILL persists!!

    STOP IT for crying out loud!! These are animated films mind you!! My gosh are we that insecure about something that we can’t help??

    In the (much better) 80’s NO ONE was crying about racism the way babies of today seem to. But these same cry babies are crying about EVERYTHING these days-even Pepi-Le-Peau got cancelled….

    Consider this: (which means-THINK FOR YOURSELF:) When EVERYTHING is Racist then NOTHING IS racist!!

    Maybe we need to just focus on treating EVERYONE with love and common courtesy~things I hardly find anymore from millenials, or ANYONE born after 1990…

    1. Jessica H

      Media representation is important to how kids build their perspectives on their own ethnic-racial group, as well as that of others. … Exposure to negative representations can also negatively affect children’s future professional aspirations and undermine their sense of self.

      1. Pozer

        Media representation is important when it’s genuine. When it’s shoe-horned in artificially for the sake of “good corporate citizenship” it’s just tokenism: it’s saying nothing matters more than a persons race/gender/etc. it’s dehumanizing.

        It’s also frustrating when anytime a white person is cast in something, or made the director, social media erupts like it’s somehow worse than Emmet Till to cast someone from the group that makes up 70% of this nation’s population. Like, how about the social media warriors take on Bollywood for almost exclusively hiring Indians and not other South Asian peoples…. Or, or we simply allow people to exist and to rise as far as their talents and connections can take them instead of attaching moral worth or economic “desserts” to skin color… because parts of the US did that exact type of thing for a long time and people are still super mad about it. Weird that many now seem to say we SHOULD judge people by their immutable brith characteristics before ever considering their humanity (we just need to flip the hierarchy of who tops the racial totem pole)

    2. Jasmine

      I’m sure you’re not the only one, however that doesn’t make you any less ignorant. How naive and short-sighted to believe that just because the better candidate (who happened to be black) won, all of a sudden racism isn’t a thing? Turning a blind eye to a problem doesn’t make it go away. Acknowledging there’s a problem doesn’t make someone the problem, it’s the first step in fixing it.

    3. Him

      Yes you are the only one and you’re also an ugly racist who clearly doesn’t realize that much of the fight for civil rights happened in the 80s. You were just too racist to notice. Hope that clears things up 😜

    4. Ehnona Count

      I’m with you. Imagine judging a CHARACTER by the contents of their CHARACTER and not the color of their skin. For real there is something fundamentally wrong with you if you can find inspiration from someone completely different from you . I’m also Hispanic and my array of favorite characters from different stories is diverse. Both men and women. Black and white. Human, robot, alien, or animal. People need to focus on making good characters and the love will follow naturally.

    5. Diana

      Spot on DeLaun Fifield! Let’s all just respect each other as human beings.

    6. K80

      Hells yes! I have been feeling this way for years.

      Wanna make people racist?

      Make everything about race.

  2. Julio Rivera

    I grew up with Disney and honestly, why for the sake of “wokeness” are to forget the source material? As the excerpt above stated the stories Disney has used for their movies, the characters happen to be WHITE. Simple as that. It’s not a choice…it’s accurate. When the protagonist has been of color I have yet to see them “whitewashed”. Encanto is a celebration of Latin music, colors and culture, far from “whitewashed”. Now, having praised Disney for their diversity I must say I’m disappointed in their choice for an upcoming live action film, SNOW WHITE. The lead is to be Latina…SNOW WHITE…I’m Latino and I know how wrong that is. SNOW WHITE, people…it’s in the name. Disney you don’t need to be “woke”! You have a diverse library of characters, don’t ruin it now…

    1. Him

      Lmao imagine being stupid enough that you’re mad a character with a color in her name won’t be portrayed by the whitest person on the planet. Get a life fool

      1. Questions

        Her name is because of her skin color. If you know the story she is called snow white because her skin is white as snow. What if the character of Black Panther was played by a latino or Asian. According to your logic this shouldn’t matter. It also shouldn’t matter if black Panther was played by an albino person. Who is a minority as well. Would you support this?

      2. Nomad

        You are the only idiot here.

    2. Kelsey De Jong

      Maybe they’ll give her a modern name but her nickname will be Snow White for some reason….

    3. K80

      As more stories from different cultures are becoming more well-known, they are using the stories to create new content.
      Disney doesn’t whitewash. Never has.
      In fact, I think the first time I ever saw someone dancing in a wheelchair on tv was Disney. They have ALWAYS incorporated different lifetyles into their shows.

      Also, what’s wrong with representing a family with two parents that live in the same home? (NOTICE: almost every Disney show is about a kid who overcomes having ‘lost’ a family member- in fact, I can think of one animated that the kid had both parents, except brave.) What’s wrong with hetero relationships? What’s wrong with using white people in white stories?

    4. Matías Barrera

      Sorry but the latinos are white too!!!!

  3. Philip Ion

    You know, Tiana still looks pretty black to me, so I don’t see how she’s been ‘whitewashed’!

    1. Jonathan

      I think because of the hair? That’s all I can come up with

  4. M.W.

    The only thing I want to comment on is that Brave was set in Scotland, not Ireland.

  5. Heather Dingley

    People of color come in all shapes and sizes. To demand Disney represent black people a certain way is ignorant and discriminatory. The same goes for hispanic representation.

  6. brown is me

    I don’t think it’s whitewashing BUT I absolutely love the representation in the new Disney films!

  7. Risten R.

    I’m part Sami (via Norway), can I get offended when Frozen gets lumped in as “whitewashing”. Kristoph was a psuedo-Sámi character.
    We are Indigenous.
    Stop trying to erase my culture.

    There can be caucasian ‘looking’ in many races.
    Did you know Sámi’s have strong Chinese DNA? Neat, huh!
    Yet my cousin-in-law is from India, and she looks more white than my First Nations first cousin.
    Genetics are fun!

    You’re ‘racewashing’ by your erasure of us.

    1. Bruh there is no “Erasure” of your guys culture, your just trying to be a victim cause you think it’s cool

      1. Joe


  8. Rachel

    Funny how everyone is complaining about “white washing” black characters. Yet it’s ok to black-wash white characters?

    Disney is making a live action The Little Mermaid, with a black lead, and a white villain! And what does that tell you?

    They need to stop being a baby about things that can’t be changed due to the era they were created in! Along with history. It’s in the past, everyone agrees it wasn’t good. But complaint about something that happened in the past isn’t going to help the future.

    How can we move past it and look to the future when the past keeps getting brought up?

    1. Him

      Call me when black-washing is used to completely remove white people from the film industry. Call me when it’s used in films like Birth Of A Nation to depict white people as violent predators. Call me when white people have to deal with any of the struggles and stereotypes about their race that poc do. Call me when black-washing has anywhere near the systemic power that whitewashing does. Until then shut up and educate yourself Karen.

      1. Drew

        We found the troll, just read all “him’s” comments…… We are all allowed out own opinions. I stopped watching Disney movies when the woke culture started to change old movies. I’m 39, I definitely don’t want my classics changed to make a no father raised child feel more comfortable. No one made sure I was comfortable watching stuff growing up. Hell kids weren’t even allowed opinion on stuff. Let’s go back to if your under 21, still live with mom and dad, or don’t work your opinion should be keep to yourself.

      2. Questions

        What about the entire chanel BET. Where is the representation there? How can you forget about the new Aladin movie where they put a white prince in only to make him look like a fool and make the white man look bad?

  9. Quenlin Evans

    I have to be honest here, this stuff has gone too far. As a POC myself, seeing that basically nothing makes the Black community happy does disappoint me. Representation means an EQUAL amount of recognition for groups, not MORE recognition for CERTAIN groups. And don’t even get me started on Black actors playing previously white roles. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of what we’re fighting for? Whitewashing is terrible, but it’s also terrible the other way around.

  10. Him

    Lmao imagine trying to use a super old Tumblr post as evidence. Butt out of conversations about color, Karen 🤣. Especially if actual people of color are sharing their thoughts and experiences

  11. johnf

    Maybe if more parents taught their kids race doesn’t exist ( there is no definition of what’s black or Latino except in people’s racist opinions) and to select role models based on behaviors instead of the color of someone’s skin, racism could start to go away.

    Sadly, too many racists insist on pointing out how important race is to them.

    And they ironically call people who ignore race the racists.

    1. Drew

      RIGHT we are all HUMAN. We are the HUMAN RACE. Can we focus on that for a while. ALL LIVES MATTER. as a black man in America it’s racist to put a color in front of LIVES MATTER.

    2. Joe

      These same racist also love to race swap white characters in the name of fake diversity

  12. Questions

    Is it “whitewashing” when you cast a Latina actress for the main role for the movie Snow White? I mean its not like her name , in the story, is that way because her skin is White as snow. But maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe when you make it live action the story doesn’t matter anymore just how many people you can please by representing them.

  13. Joe

    Tumbr is full of the same social rejects that ihabit this comment section. Those people are deatached from reality its hilarious. Take what they say with a giant grain of salt. They’re not worth the time of day. This is ame group that thinks bisexual superman was a good idea. They’re not happy till they ruin every franchise in the name of faux diversity.

  14. Emory

    So I hear a lot of what ppl are saying and from both sides and maybe i look to into things. But the one things that did stand out to me about Encanto is the differences between the second generations. Latin American cultures have the same colorism (read: racial) issues ass the rest of the world. Although Julieta and Pepa are sisters and the mothers to the youngest Madrigal generation, they seem to have to completely different roles in the larger family, as does there children. It’s seems that throughout the movie Pepa, her Afro-latino husband, and their children almost always seem to be working. Especially during the open number “The Family Madrigal” when Al the characters are introduced. There clothing even seems to be of a different design and appeal than that of Julieta and her euro-centric husband who is always seen in a suit. Their children, except for Luisa who whose exceptional strength makes her special, are almost always seen just walking around. Even the Mirabel, who has no powers initially, l rarely helps out and is always out doing her own thing. I just thought it was dynamic that made think. 🤔

  15. Ann

    It’s getting WAY out of hand! How come none of these issues were not such a big thing back in the 80’s where everyone’s feelings got “offended” over every little thing now. It seems like some of these companies and businesses all of a sudden after how many years are changing their ways and labelson merchandise, but I don’t see society actually changing their ways as to how they treat each other! I also don’t see how certain people have changed when they don’t like something that happened by burning and looting other people’s properties that have nothing to do with the issue on hand is that fair to that person? Know I got off subject a bit, but where were these people back in the 80’s who are complaining now has things suddenly changed WHY so concerned now that’s the question I have or is it because something has been started to make things begin?

  16. Matías Barrera

    really, read the note with everything that was happening on the internet and how they made us invisible, as a Latin American and as a Latino (so that you know we are Latinos who speak a language of Latin origin from birth); It bothers me a lot because of the great contempt and ignorance of Latin America. What we feel is that they put their progressive agenda in us, that we don’t care about anything, it’s more those who tried to make us invisible and insulted us were those of us who are white. that’s why we talk about blackwhasgin here !!!! say that we whiten our skin, that we are not only Latinos, of everything! It really is the least we receive!! That’s why the #shutupGringo2022 I have to thank! Incredible how they unite Latin America despite the fact that we are so different (in fact, the Mirabel family is the perfect reflection of Latin America since in my own family we have skins that range from brown to white and we have dark or blonde hair). Another thing that bothers me is how they mess with the issue of race, which does not exist here! I tell you! here we know well that races in human beings do not exist, and Latinos are the clear example for our variety in a single family (and I am talking about my father and uncles for example). Oh I forgot! here we don’t call them Afro-Latinos, that’s another thing so that they continue to win the #shutupGringo2022 since we call them people of color. We have discrimination, but not the absurd and ridiculous one seen in the United States and they want to convey to us. Greetings from Argentina

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