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expedition everest animal kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Kayla

    Really hope this will include fixing the Yeti. That animatronic was groundbreaking at the time of its inception, and is still quite impressive today. Sadly, not many people realize the extent of its movement. There was a televised special that teased the Yeti when the ride was about to open. I was young but remember it vividly!

    1. Jordan

      Unfortunately, they won’t be doing that. Joe said that in order to fix it, they’d have to take the mountain apart and take up a lot of time to reinforce it the way they need to in order for it to be able to move the way they want without causing damage. That’s something they want to do, but since it’s a big draw to the park and it would take a lot of time, they don’t have anything planned. More than likely, it won’t be fixed for a long time

      1. Jim

        They had tons of available time in most of 2020 and 2021 to make these improvements or to fix it the way it use to be. Why didn’t they do it then?

        1. Charles Ward

          Disney is becoming more well know for reducing perks, reducing ride experiences limiting access while INCREASING the cost. It is no longer a desired vacation spot for me.

          1. Jordan

            Here’s the thing people seem to keep missing; everyone is suffering after covid and having to raise prices to make up for that. It’s not like it’s just Disney being greedy.

        2. Jordan

          Because like I said previously, it would take too much time and a lot of work to get it up and running. At no point did they know how long the lockdown would be and they couldn’t exactly have a full team working on something. Hence why a lot of rides that were supposed to be done by now are still being worked on, that and they didn’t have the money to do it

  2. Patrick

    Yeah, this means we will be done with AK by noon on our next visit. Guess Pandora and then lunch and park hop at 2. At this point they should just turn the acerage into a mall. Or at least drop the price to about 70 a day.

  3. Erin T

    This is frustrating. How did they bring back the Expedition Everest 5k and not have the ride be open for that event? The 5k is on March 31. I was really looking forward to riding this since I haven’t been to Animal Kingdom since 2000 before this ride existed.

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