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Dreamfinder balloon EPCOT

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  1. Thank you so much! This topic is near and dear to me… I learned a few things while writing it, too! chEARS!

  2. Chris

    I know there are a lot of people who think this should be kind of a return to an updated version of the original ride, which while I would love to see, I think would be doing a disservice to the ride considering everything that has come since.

    I think instead, Dreamfinder should come back and ask Figment for help because Dreamfinder can no longer imagine new things and we see Figment helping him along the way and this could indeed be a twist on the original ride. Where I would diverge though is there would be a second attraction added with a separate entrance where we see Phineas, Ferb and the gang are the ones building the attraction and helping Figment show Dreamfinder how to imagine things.

    This would make it where there are not one, but two high quality attractions with Figment, even though many show scenes will be the same exact ones, just shown from different angles based on the track layout. And incorporates IP in a way that those who don’t mind the IPs coming in can see it, but those that don’t like IPs can ignore it and all can be happy. They could even use Magicbands/My Mobile Magic to customize each attraction based on if the people riding have already been on the other side or not. And Phineas and Ferb definitely fit in with the imagination theme.

    Overall, it would be tricky to pull off, but done right, there would be a major payoff here, at least I think so.

  3. Jennifer Schenk

    Figment and Dreamfinder are my absolute favorite characters in all of the Disney Kingdom. I fell in love with them on my first ever trip waaayyyy back in 1987. My entire kitchen is done in Figment prints and various items picked up during Wine and Food festivals. While I wouldn’t stand in line 7 hours for a popcorn bucket, I will bug the s#!t out of Disney to make an attraction that properly displays all the duo have to offer

    1. PaulT

      You’re my HERO!!!

  4. I like the idea of bringing back the original journey into the imagination including the neon rainbow walkway. My kids hated the second one, too much darkness, and they didn’t care much for the third. But I’m not on board with having the guy from the Hangover movies.

  5. Andy

    Tell me I’m crazy… But it blows my mind Disney didn’t cater to Figment fans more. For instance you can’t buy a stuffed Figment anywhere in the park. We tried didn’t after Thanksgiving, even asking cast members who said they didn’t think any were sold.

    At the Frozen ride you can by Ana and Elsa stuff, at Ratatouille you can buy Remy stuff, but NO stuffed Figment at a ride with figment in the name?!?!? Craziness.

    1. Sheri

      We were there in October of 2019, there were actually one or two versions of plush Figments. This January, there were none. But merchandise was practically non-existent compared to what I am accustomed to.
      I hate to sound like a broken record but: supply chain.
      I’m sure there will be more product coming soon. (Not helpful if you don’t live close.) But if you really want Figment stuff Ebay can be a great source. My brother is a huge collector and gets/sells/trades alot of his Figment stuff on there.

  6. Emory Sims

    I read where Disney got sued over the Dream finder character. How come the article doesn’t mention that to the readers instead of keeping them in ignorance? There is no way that I can make this up. I am sure I read it in the Orlando Sentinel. I can’t pull the article up on the Internet.

  7. Kyle

    I’ve always thought it might be cool to go back and reimagine it but with a Victorian “Jules Verne-esque” flair to it (it’s worked for the Tokyo Seas park after all), meanwhile update the effects of the ride. Technology has come a long way since it first but would love to see the whimsy restored to the attraction, both the ride and the Pavillion.

  8. PaulT

    I LOVED the original Imagination Pavillion and ride! The turntable with Dreamfinder and Figment riding along on the Dreamcatcher was an amazing work of Imagineering! I’m so wrecked they tore it out!

  9. Scott

    I’ve been a Figment and Dreamfinder fan since I can remember. I recall having to wait multiple trips in the ’80s until I could finally “meet” Dreamfinder and Fgment. That was a wonderful experience and figment ate my hat and threw it around.

    I’m glad I never experienced the atrocity of the 2nd iteration of the ride. If I had been on the ride without Figment I would have had an emotional breakdown right then and there.

    I’m hoping that Disney is seeing how loyal a fanbase Figment and their other park centric IP has and will spend the needed time and money bringing the Imagination Pavilion back into the spotlight.

    As much as I would love a redo of the original ride I know that the Imagineers can do even better with the improvements that have been made in the last almost 40 years (dang I’m getting old). My high-level recommendations – Keep Figment (without any crazy re-designs), bring back Dreamfinder, improve the jumping fountains, and open back up the glass pyramids to the non-DVC guests. Disney Legend Tony Baxter has even confirmed that he would come out of retirement to help.

    Disney, it’s in your court. Please make imagination back to it’s former glory.

  10. Linda

    I first visited Disney World in 1977. It was all magical but Epcot stood out because of Figment and Dream finder. To this day that version stands out in may mind. No cartoon can take the place of animatronic Figment!

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