Comments for Donkey Relentlessly Roasts “Disrespectful” Guests at Universal

Donkey Roasts Guest at Universal

Credit: @sarahbarkley__


  1. Sharlene Anderson

    We truly enjoyed talking to Donkey when we visited in October. He is my favorite character in Shrek and we have 4 donkeys of our own at home. He was funny and could see that we had our daughter with Downs Syndrome with us. We were very happy with our communication with him.

  2. You can’t even put up a video with an easy click. You need to make everybody click around so that you get ad revenue. Congratulations on your new who gives a crap.

      1. Ez dic

        Crazy ads and the video is impossible to find, I won’t be back

    1. Chris B

      I wish they would lose the whole cut and paste company PR intro to begin an article. For me its get to the point of whats going on in the article.

      1. Susan S

        Never got to video. Gave up with all the relentless ads. Such BS

        1. Johnathan

          Google “donkey universal studios Disney merch” and click on the iHeart link. The video is easily found on that website

        2. J

          Not able to see anything but ads. So not using sponsors products for a time. Let us see video and maybe would watch ads

  3. Joe

    Im confused i dont see a video? What a waste of time.

  4. What people wear, as long as it is not revealing or inappropriate for public site, should be up to the people themselves. You are not going to a “BLACK TIE AFFAIR” or a “WEDDING”, so what difference should it make.

  5. Brett

    If I wear my NYC, Chicago or Las Vegas is anyone going to be offended. Will wear what I want.

  6. T-Train

    How is wearing Disney merch at Universal disrespectful? I’ve been a passholder for both Disney and Universal, and I have no problem wearing either’s merch to any park.

  7. Good Samaritan

    You can find video from the tiktok profile of the person mentioned in the article https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLeYbXWb/

  8. Grady D

    He roasted us about the town we lived in and it was very funny.

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