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  1. Gabb

    I really think Dos Orugitas deserves the title of the Best song in the movie, and the Best Original Song for Oscars 2022. Don’t get me wrong, We don’t talk about Bruno was maybe the best song sequence in the movie, like it has the best parts, animation, visuals, and it has a catchy tune, even one of Disney’s Best Musical Numbers, but I have problems with the lyrics, especially the:
    “Um, Bruno
    Yeah, about that Bruno
    I really need to know about Bruno
    Gimme the truth and the whole truth, Bruno
    Isabella, your boyfriend’s here
    Time for dinner”
    It turns me off in that part and I think it lacks creativity, but I don’t know why I still love this song it especially Dolores and Camilo’s parts and even Isabela’s part. And it was understandable since Lin was busy doing In The Heights and especially directing the Tick, Tick, Boom. The point is, it isn’t the best written song in the whole movie, and I really believe it’s Dos Orugitas. This song even doesn’t played on a sad tone, unlike on other movies that force you to cry because of the sad music it’s playing at the background. Crying while this song is playing is a very rare moment. The lyrics also did well creating a story about caterpillars maturing into butterflies in a fast changing world and and there more into it. I’m not a spanish-speaker, but to hear this version first, then hear the english version after, then hear this version again really helps you understand the song better. Most of the movies put the native language version on the credits while playing the English version on the movie, they did it here differently, and it was so perfect. Lin doesn’t disappoints, He’s just genius in everything. Congrats to Dos Orugitas, you deserve a nomination, and even an award.

    1. Sandy

      I agree… Dos Orugitas deserves to win!! The song depicts the rite of passage; it is quite meaningful. It describes the hardship of life and yet the ability to push forward to conquer and find purpose in life. Most importantly, the lyrics and music are beautifully written that evoke of sense of mix emotions. I don’t know whether to cry or smile.

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