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  1. Benjamin Collins

    One can sermise that if it was all hands on deck, every manager from the stores should be on stage to help. The same with Disney college program managers, custodial managers. # unorganized place on earth

  2. Lorrie Farrelly

    Having been at Disneyland Resort just last week, I agree things are a mess. Crowds were staggeringly large – often nearly impossible to navigate through. Christmastime does add to this problem, but if the whole unpopular idea of reservations for the Park was to avoid such unwieldy crowds, the policy is failing miserably. My family and I, who not only are loyal Disney customers, but several are also former cast members, commented repeatedly to each other that the crowd was worse than before the whole reservations setup. Due to the outrageous cost of Genie+ and Lightning Lane, which has replaced free Fast Passes and reasonably priced Max Passes, most guests are in Standby lines. Those lines end up hours long, even for less popular and continuous-loading rides. Last week we left the Park frazzled and worn out after only a few frustrating hours, and having gone on only one attraction. Understaffing was obvious, but I must add that those cast members who were there were unfailingly kind and helpful.

  3. Jason Smith

    We recently returned from a 5 day stint at Disneyland, and the most profound thing we noticed, besides the above-stated pandemic hurdles and employee burnout/illness, is that the park is specifically less family oriented, and now more tech driven, young adult oriented. The Lightning lane services being an upcharge really hit us (family of 4 = 80 additional dollars per day) that is separate from additional upcharges to ride Radiator Springs, Webslingers, Rise of the Resistance, which are all additional upcharges on top of the $80 we’d already spent. Now it really feels like they’re catering yo the affluent in a way that it hadn’t in the past. A ticket is no longer good enough. Now you keep getting gouged, and for families during this period of time, it’s changing who the park is accessible for. Those who are tech averse are also not provided any way to enjoy the park, as devices are now all but essential.

    1. Lorrie Farrelly

      Well said, and spot on!

  4. Marvin

    Don’t underestimate Chapek’s Disney of purposefully understaffing to cut costs.
    His solution to crowds is pricing out the poorer folk. Walt would be furious.

  5. CJ

    As long as Disney 🐑 continue to pay 100% Park Admission even though they get probably a 70% Disneyland – DCA experience? Cheapskate Bob Chapek will look at the profit margin and not give an f’ !!

    Cast Members are burnt out (overworked underpaid underappreciated!) Still understaffed at both Anaheim Theme Parks? Maybe next time you don’t put your loyal Cast Members on unpaid furlough (nobody is coming back to work for Disney if they had to go find work somewhere else!)

    Park Guests need to stop going – take a vacation away from Disney Theme Parks until that upcharge Genie + / Fast Lane is discontinued – and maybe there will finally be an operating Monorail / Parking Trams!

    I am sorry if you are a paid Passholder who feels like they’re getting jipped (basically you are!) This isn’t Walt’s Disney Co anymore, this is a Company that has become so greedy it is tarnishing the name of Disney as a brand (along the way it’s going to tarnish the intellectual properties under Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilms!)

    Go to Knott’s Berry Farm, go to Cedar Fair, go to Six Flags, go to SeaWorld, go to Busch Gardens, go to Universal Studios (just take your 💵’s somewhere else until Team Disney Burbank gets the hint!)

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