Comments for Disney Park Left a “Ghost Town” as Holiday Crowds Vanish

disneyland paris

All images credit: DLP Report (@DLPReport)


  1. Jarvis

    Maybe guests have been scared away by the fake media 24/7 breathless coverage of covid and cases and how everyone is dying. Also, so many tourists don’t want to be told every minute to wear a worthless mask or show your papers. It ruins their vacation.

    Just what I’m hearing, anyway.

    1. Allen

      Ah! The Trumpian spin. It’s true because I heard it from other people/sources so I can repeat it and cover my butt with a disclaimer, even if it’s propaganda spewed so that the naive among us will repeat.

    2. Gene

      You like wearing masks then? Nothing Jarvis said was false. You HONESTLY think the media, whichever one, is not biased or misleading? Let me ask you then; if you’re quad vaccinated- you’re STILL wearing a mask/staying home because you’re protecting a hyper subset of the population who cannot vaccinate, or idiots who refuse, and of course the weak. Oh don’t forget about the children! Who btw take it as if it’s a common cold. You’re gullible if, IF you believe there’s no motive in some shape or form.

  2. Tlaw

    Chepak’s new Disney.

    Shareholders better take action soon…..

    1. Julian H

      Spot on Tlaw, I agree completely with you. Disney if you carry on penny pinching and taking so many things away and yet increase the Customers Cost then you better get used to this. People don’t like being ripped off.

  3. Hatch

    These pictures of an “empty park” must have been taken before or after the park opened. We were there the 15th – 18th and you couldn’t move.
    Maybe they’re old pictures. I don’t know, but not accurate reporting.

    1. James

      You can see it was taken right as a thunderstorm passed. The ground is wet, and the clouds look nasty. I guess the author expects guests to stand out in the open in a thunderstorm and get soaked.

    2. Sana

      Oh is it. I was worried reading this post as we are going to be there on the 1st Feb. hope it’s not as quiet as it looks in the photo. I fail to understand what these people get out of spreading such misleading and silly news.

  4. Tlaw

    1) Disney’s Genie poof’ed away the guests that didn’t pay the upgrade charge.
    2) Guests are still waiting (at the airport) for the Magical Express to show up
    3) Everyone is in the popcorn line trying to get one of the new buckets.
    4) Disney’s Park reservations went into covid mode, only allowing a few into the park.
    5) it’s an Annual Pass blackout date.

  5. Nothing to do

    Tbf there isn’t anything to do in DLP right now as most of the rides are closed. Even less in Studios when all rides are open.

    Disney trading on brand name rather the experience.

  6. Rae

    We were in all four of the main parks the last three days and they are all VERY FULL. I have no idea why this article exists. Sooooo full. January 15-17th. This is supposed to be their non-busy season. Ummm no. Also it was bad weather, with wind and rain and people still came in droves. If that didn’t clear people out nothing will. This article is not accurate to say the least.

    1. Luis

      Did you even read the article? Disneyland PARIS!

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