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Disneyland Crowds

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  1. Annie

    I don’t feel safe at all, and I work there! No amount of PPE can protect us with such huge crowds. The park capacity needs to be drastically reduced. Drastically. It’s the only way to do Disney safely.

    1. Jeff Rhodes

      I hope they listen to you….because I agree

    2. Kathy

      I agree with y wholeheartedly. I had purchased tickets before Christmas for my family to go in January but canceled our reservation as it’s just not safe at this time. My daughter, son-in-law and I are vaccinated and boosted but my 2 and 4 year old grandchildren are not. Better to wait and go when the Covid positive numbers are down.

  2. carlos

    My wife, son, and I bought the Dream Pass in hopes that the pandemic would of ended last year. But then came Delta and now Omicron… We feel that all Disney has to do is mandate mask wearing outside at the very least, and maybe a vaccination policy like Universal Studios at the most. But as it stands now its dangerous, and I hate to say it anyone who feels comfortable with the crowds and no masks are probably of the non vaccinated ilk which makes me not want to go even more. I feel l waisted $3k on nothing because we only went to Dland during the pandeminc honeymoon in June of 2020. Whats even more frustrating is we all know Disney knows better but they dont care.

  3. Bruno

    The family and I just postponed our trip to Disneyland on Feb 10th. It seems Disney isn’t doing enough anymore with social distancing and crowd control. Plus, Feb 10 is Superbowl Weekend in Los Angeles, not good for crowds.

  4. Anj

    Even when we had a bit of pandemic reprieve, I was horrified about the unmasked crowds right on top of one another at Disneyland! The cast members are not enforcing masks at indoor queues/attractions and I simply do not feel safe going currently, yet I’m still paying for my believe dream key monthly. I wish I could put a hold on my pass… what a waste.

    I am fully vaccinated and boosted, but I am a cancer survivor, so I am also considered immunocompromised. I am so disappointed that the parks are not willing to put out new restrictions
    (such as masking up outside, proof of vaccination, etc) to protect those of us who are at a higher risk. Beyond disappointed with Disney right now.

  5. Cathy

    Good friend visited WDW following a cruise with 10 friends. 10 friends went home after the cruise, my friend went to a crowded WDW.

    No social distancing. Mask rules inside not enforced.

    After 3 days he travelled home .. Covid showed up a day later.

    WDW is a super spreader.

  6. Abe

    Should Disney have crowd control? Yes, but for more reasons than just COVID. But vaccinate and outdoor mask mandates are idiotic as these are not not effective. If you’re concerned about COVID it is not Disney’s responsibility to keep you safe. Stay home.

    1. Jeff

      Yes! If you’re that scared then just don’t go. Why would Disney add additional mandates when the parks are full of people who are satisfied with the existing rules? It would only appeal to people who probably aren’t going to go to the parks anyway. Personally I’ve been to Disneyland many times in the last few months and will continue to go and not wear a mask except where it’s required.

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