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disneyland monorail

Credit: Disney


  1. JN

    It was the ‘Parking Lot Trams’ or the ‘Monorail’ and you get one choice only.

    So every other year, Disney will shut one down for so-called refurbishment (even though it was just refurbished).

    Another Bob Chapek idea?

    1. Bob Chepek is ruining the Disney Company and ALL PARKS! What was the Disney Co. board thinking putting him in the position of CEO! They’ve lost alot of loyal guests. He’s about the money, not the guests. Rides breaking down constantly seems more like an “inside job”.

      1. K

        Suprised it didn’t close down years ago. It has no purpose. It used to be an easy way to get from the hotel and back in the golden years. Time to move away from it.

  2. Vincent Caminiti

    There goes Walt turning over again…..😢

    1. Juanita Kay Pence

      Yes, truly hope it is temporary. If not shame on them. Walt was so proud of the monorail.

      1. Its very sad how they are truly destroying Walts idea of happiest place on earth.


    2. Bob

      Ah yes, Rotisserie Walt strikes again!

    3. Gern Blanston


      Walt was cremated!


    4. K

      Walt said the park would never stop recreating itself. No purpose for the monorail. People are not getting in line to ride. I remember the days there was a line. It was to get to the hotel and back. Mo krail is no longer needed and costly. Let’s use the track for something new.

  3. Kirk

    Could this have anything to do with the construction of the proposed and often hinted reimagining of Tomorrowland?

    1. CJ

      I thought the same thing, too Kirk (then again, I was hoping the bean counters at Team Disney Burbank would fork over the 💰 to fix the above ground tracks for the Peoplemover – so that Disneyland could have that in operation again).

    2. Julie

      Sure hope that the Monorail down for long. At the end of the day 5:30 or 6PM we like to ride the Monorail from Tomorrowland to Downtown Disney to have dinner & shop.

  4. That’s what happens when you let MBA’s run your company

    1. At best Bob Cheapskate has a tax preparer certificate from H&R Bloch.

      1. Mo

        If it’s a ‘High Speed’ attraction, then how about we go faster than 14 mph? | The temp closing could be due to the ongoing Pandemic and/or recent surge in covid cases… and it being a not so swell idea to be in enclosed spaces with others (1/3 opening windows on the vehicle or not).

        1. IF anyone is really worried about exposure to ANY pandemic virus, they probably AREN’T at Disneyland! Just a thought! Just another great excuse to blame the pandemic!

          1. Darrell Schill Darre Schi


    2. Manny

      Wow a dig at being educated that is original.

      1. RoC

        There are a lot of instances where highly educated people try and run a company, but screw it up royaly and sometimes the companies do not survive the overly regarded educated person.

  5. CJ

    I want to wait for more information from the Walt Disney Company .. if the Disneyland Monorail is going down for maintenance? that could mean:

    _All Monorails are getting A/C installed
    _The Track is getting tlc in Tomorrowland
    _The Track is getting tlc the whole route
    _Next Gen Monorails coming soon
    _Monorails getting a Covid Cleanup
    _CAL OSHA wants some changes (and maybe so does the Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA – with regards to access)

    The fact remains, Park Guests pay 💯 admission price … but they are not getting a 💯 experience while there is continued rehabbing throughout the Theme Park.

  6. SWH

    I have been a Disneyland fan for nearly 50 years and have never once said “gee can’t wait to ride the monorail!”. It’s boring and is limited in usefulness. I actually prefer the old Disney train for usefulness. The monorail should have 2 routes. One that goes to DCA with at least 2 stops in DCA and ends in DTD. The other route has a new stop in DL before ends in DTD. Otherwise, just tear it down.

    1. Liz H

      Hi, for some people who have limited mobility and walking from the park is difficult the Monorail is a life saver. But there is a huge COVID19 surge in Southern California and plans to work on Downtown Disney near the Monorail entrance and Tomorrowland as well so that may be it. I am not thrilled with many of the changes at Disney, but I have found over time they get it right.

    2. Julian H

      NNNooooo The Monorail is excellent for moving people around, if this is closing down it will because Disney is not wanting to pay the repairs and want to pocket the money, such shortsightedness, Disney has lost its Vision.

  7. Donna

    I really hope they reopen the Monorail! I have been going to Disneyland since 1966! Sometimes 3 times a month! My whole family has a pass or whatever it is they call it now. We ride the Monorail every time we go to Disneyland! Disneyland is famous for the Monorail! Please bring it back as soon as possible!!

  8. Eddie Starr

    Do you hear that ringing ? It’s the Disney Death Knell, I am so thankful we cancelled our trip there , sounds like the place is sliding headfirst into failure.

  9. Chris

    Disney Monorails aren’t going anywhere, people. Relax.

    1. Julian H

      Chris – I love your optimism:-

      The Disney Express – Gone
      Disney Magic Park Hours for Guests stay on Property – Gone
      Disney Overnight parking for Guests stay on Property – Gone
      Disney Parades – Currently still Gone
      Disney Free Fast Pass – Gone
      Disney Free Magic Bands for Hotel Guests – Gone
      Disney’s Magic – Gone (No longer the most Magical Place on Earth, bu certainly the MOST EXPENSIVE

      The list goes on – But you Relax Chris.

      1. Trudy

        Hi actually we were in Disneyland December 27 28th and we saw a beautiful parade and the California adventure park it was Encanto themed with beautiful dancers musicians it was amazing

      2. Calm down Karen

        None of those things are even slightly comparable to a monorail system.

      3. Patti


      4. Julian- you are spot on! Totally agree! So sad what has become of Disney!

  10. Matt Benjamin

    The monorail was the 1st sign you were someplace special when you arrived. It has and always will add to the joy of being at Disney. It’s what Disney is all about and if it’s removed permanently, then something is lost and the magic fades away. Huge mistake if they don’t modernize and upgrade the monorail system!!!

  11. Terry

    Fire bob chapek change.org stop the destruction of magic

  12. Rroe

    If any Monorail needs a refurbishment, it’s the one at Disney World in Orlando. Constant problems and 50 years old.

  13. Manny

    I wonder what part of Walt’s dream didn’t you understand? He was a capitalist, a Republican, and a conservative. He created Disneyland to make money. He then envisioned DW to that that on a larger scale by fixing the mistakes of DL.

    The problem is not Walt’s dream it is stockholders, and a board of directors expectations.

    Please stop waxing poetic about Walt and do your part to make quarterly earnings dismal, the lives of board members impossible, and sell your Disney stock if you have it. Then you will see some change.

    1. I will miss the monorail. I loved riding it in the past

    2. Patti

      My! Aren’t you a burst of Disney magic? Not sure what your problem with Republicans is, but your bleeding heart is leaking all over. Walt may not have been an angel, but who is? He did have remarkable vision and I can’t imagine life without Disney. It touches so much of what we experience.

      1. Manny

        @Patti I do not have a problem just stating what Walt was and yes he was a visionary. I am stating that waxing about Walt is not going to affect the bird of directors or CEO of Disney but other things will.

        Also next time try to form an argument instead of ad hominem attack.

  14. Fran

    Is this the FL or CA monorail?? I’m from the Northeast so I honestly don’t know.

  15. Tonee

    The Monorail “is” Disneyland! Why would they ever get rid of it? What’s next, Haunted Mansion? Pirates? Bad decision Disney!

  16. yoyo

    greedy man chapek killing more of the magic. So long monorail. He is such a selfish, greedy, anti disney scumbag.

  17. John

    I would assume it has to do with the construction that they are starting in that area do to them building the DVC hotel right next door.

  18. Ginny

    Sorry to hear the news. Rode on it many times it was fun.
    My grandchildren live in the area and loved it when we were visiting a Disney Resort.

  19. Very sad news. Higher prices to enter but no monorail

  20. Kat

    Did none of you read the article? It is temporarily down while they demolish a building and start some renovation in Downtown Disney and do some maintenance. This is normal. Rides and attractions, including the monorail, need major maintenance every now and then. The one in WDW had an overhaul 25 or so years ago. Calm down. Not everything is Chapek trying to take something away.

  21. Brooke

    I was really disappointed to hear that they weren’t going to reopen the AMC movie theater. I remember the long lines to see Black Panther there in their amazing IMAX screen. Seeing Gravity and gripping our chairs to hang on the screen was such high quality. We’d go see the new Disney movies there whenever they came out and then would head into the park to buy the merch. And the Earl of Sandwich has hung through so much, giving us really delicious sandwiches and salads at an AFFORDABLE price. All of it being demolished for a patch of grass (see the other exciting patch of grass planned for Toontown) and a truly tacking looking midcentury nightmare group of stores. So who is the genius who decided to extended the severely outdated Tomorrowland out to the Monorail station in DTD? Tomorrowland always polls 100% as the least favorite land, and TDA takes that data and decides to double down. Chapek must resign and take DAmaro with him. They have been dismantling the magic, the entertainment, the quality, the experience daily.

  22. Steve Tabor

    Everything needs refurbishment over time!

    I remember we always requested and were seated up front with the “engineer” for a panoramic view of the park.

  23. CJ

    So it’s actually related to Downtown Disney’s tear down and revamp (complete with that Southern California mid-century modern touch coming soon!)

    It’s wrong that Disneyland – DCA Park Guests have to walk from the Multi Level Parking Lot to the Theme Park Entrances (and it’s wrong not to plan ahead with shutting down the Monorail for rehab!)

  24. Angel

    You’re writing and lack of knowledge for vocabulary is starting to show with the grasping of straws to get attention. Please do better with your commentary as it leave much to be desired.

  25. Amber

    you are closing it on valentines day!!! you guys need to come up with a different day.

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