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  1. Brooke

    I don’t understand this at all. It’s a great theater, best IMAX screen in OC. Reopen it later in spring. So it looks like Earl and Sugarboo are returning. How is this offering us something new? The addition of the soccer store Pele made no sense either. The most puzzling is the greeting card store in the place of what was the insanely fun Star Wars VR experience The Void; which beat anything in Galaxy’s Edge. A lot of odd choices being made.

  2. CJ

    R.I.P. Downtown Disney in Anaheim …. well, honestly it died when Team Disney had the stupid idea (which became an epic fail) of planning to turn that space into a 4th Resort!

    It was a nice AMC Cinema, there was a Rainforest Cafe, along with a House of Blues, a Build-A-Bear Workshop (it’s just depressing to remember what used to be there and how easy it was to obtain parking!)

  3. Debra Rusovick

    Absolutely not! I don’t understand why it needs to change.

  4. Carebearmenace

    No. The Earl of sandwiches was so good. They are not closing temporarily they are closing for good and it’s sad.

    1. Kat53

      I hate that Earl of Sandwich is closing also. It was a must go for us. We have nothing near as good where we live and I always looked forward to eating there at least twice during our visits.

  5. Disney ruined Downtown Disney in Florida when they changed it to Disney Springs. All of the new stores are over priced mall shops that offer nothing more than what you can get off property. The crowds have made it an unstoppable experience, just too many people funneled into the space, just like the theme parks. We would sometimes go to downtown disney to get the Disney experience without the huge admission fee, but like the parks, we will never give back there again.

  6. Phyllis Johnson

    This is awesome news. More of our favorite stores are closing down. Disney eliminated their bus service from the airport. And while so many of these favorite things are disappearing, along with some appreciated/valued services, Disney’s prices keep skyrocketing. Who can deny going to Disney now — with half the fun at twice the price! I can hardly wait to refi my house just to get enough money to hand Disney for a trip half as long!! What brilliant marketing!!

  7. Dhk

    I sure hope they bring them back after this renovation! Earl of Sandwich is amazing!! Sugar boo is nice to have around too. But I’m sure they will make this more like Disney springs, I’m sure of it.

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