Comments for Wild Fight Breaks Out In Disney World’s ‘Toy Story’ Land Queue

toy story mania (right) and screenshot of fight in disney world queue (left)


  1. Pokejuan

    Some super bald “teens”. Lol

    1. Bobby Garrafa

      Ya so funny, what a clown you get paid for your stupid jokes 😆

      1. Bobby

        funny how people comment stupid jokes when they have no idea what really happened , let me inform you all what happened from beginning to end so you have a real story to go off of. so you can save your stupid comments and not funny jokes for another video .yes that is not a place for violance . A father was with his kids and his family trying to enjoy a vacation when a ghetto family of 6 or 7 people were walking out of toy story. They Bumped into a 4 year old little girl almost knocking her to the ground instead of apologizing to the family or the child they commented saying maybe you should watch where your fu*kin kids walk . The father of the child stuck up for his child and made a comment. the ghetto father then pushed him into the little girl a second time , but what he didn’t know was the brother of that father and that little girl was standing behind him . The brother ran up and shoved the ghetto father from behind after he seen his brother and niece be attacked . the ghetto father turned around after being shoved back went at the brother instead of the father with the child. the brother stepped in to protect his brother nieces and family . The father of that child was able to take all the kids to a safe place as his brother stepped in . The brother and ghetto father went at it swinging , the ghetto father’s sons also stepped into the fight so it was now 1 against 6 or 7 as he fought the father they fell to the ground , he was being jumped by 6 or 7 others , he fell onto the ground wrapped the father in his legs punching him so he at least had the biggest person locked in why the ghetto family all stepped into the fight kicking him in the ribs, back and head why the two men were fighting on the ground. Now feel free to comment on the actual story .

        1. Ashley G

          Thank you for the description of how it all went down. And yes, sad to say, ghetto people at DW do seem to be responsible for the majority of melees that break out at DW.

  2. Chris


  3. Trash…plain and simple trash

  4. Robert Downey

    I am sorry, but there is ZERO excuse for this. Walk away. Every one of these people should be arrested for disturbing the peace, assault and anything else they can fit on the sheet. Oh yeah and ban them as well too. This is what happens when you charge 3 times what the ticket to ride is worth, then pack the park to the brim. People get upset about waiting and people cut in line…just an example there….

  5. Cornelia

    Leaving Disney World today and I agree with the comment that this is Disney’s fault. They have created a high tension environment even with reduced crowd sizes there are still ridiculously long lines, a confusing and expensive new system, and a lot of riff raff. My kids witnessed a drunken domestic violence incident in Animal Kingdom and we later bumped into the same family in Epcot. I’m not sure what the answer is but there is for sure a problem.

  6. Kim

    That is two grown men on the ground fighting at the bottom of the pile. The kids were probably scared and trying to help their dad.

  7. Julian H

    Disney such a magical place… (Not anymore) – Disney has so lost its way, and some people just need to grow the hell up and learn to behave properly. Idiots.

  8. This is the kind of thing along with sky high prices, and long lines. Packing the theme park with so many people, that makes Disney theme parks more and more undesirable everyday. Fire the CEO’s that allowed this to happen. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, DISNEY.

    1. Hds Vjii

      There was a time when you were rejected from the park for not wearing your T-shirt properly. The rules of Disney and society have declined. The only magic Disney has today is making your money disappear.

  9. joe

    Adult fun just added to Hollywood studios

  10. What an absolute joke , people need to be growing up seems that covid had bred a load of angry stupid people

  11. Mickeymouse3

    I could almost understand if this was a high school group, lack of socialization skills, but the fighters appear to be adults who should be acting their age, not a shoe size. The video doesn’t say how or why the fight broke out, but the people brawling should have been escorted out. Period!

    1. Ang

      Walt would be so ashamed at what is taking place with his legacy.

      1. Adam

        Dang, TSM competition has become cutthroat!

  12. R

    Look, it does not matter (PRICES, LINES, ETC. ) why this happened. It ONLY matters that this DID happen. It is a near daily event at the big “D” parks now. The only way this stops is by D hiring thousands of Security Guards for ALL parks. Lines, stores, paths rides, restaurants, EVERYWHERE and given full authority to manhandle “guests” as needed to remove them and make criminal referrals for the PD. When the people refuse to be civil and abuse others, risking grave bodily harm to others the ONLY way to stop them from endangering everyone is to drop a hammer on them.

    The D has already stated multiple times NO MORE MONEY into the parks so this will not happen. The choice is yours, whether to expose your kids to this kind of garbage while spending thousands to do it.

  13. Bob Woodered

    This started out with them arguing over who should get to go first, the super express genie pass or the rocket rip VIP pass. They realized they had both been suckered and violence ensued.

  14. jjw69

    How could it be Disney’s fault. No one told these “children” to fight. We don’t know the whole story to what happen. For all we know it could had been one guy looking at the other guys wife. We don’t know.

    1. Kamm

      We DO know this should not be happening. Period.
      These people should be banned from Disney for life.

  15. Christy Leigh

    Seems inappropriate to speculate that those involved were “teenagers”. The man who eventually stands from the bottom of the pile is bald. Looks like families with people of various ages involved. Kids actually probably behave better than most adults in these places. They are the ones stressed out, angry, and feeling like they just blew several grand. Disney in Orlando hasn’t had many school groups since the pandemic and even less likely in January.

  16. Maya

    I feel for the girl trying her hardest to break things up. Bless her for being the voice of reason in this insane situation. Hope she’s left out of whatever consequences will be doled out.

  17. CJA

    Sheez, can’t we play nice together anymore? We’ve seemed to devolve to our basest coarseness instead of rising to good manners and patience.

  18. Miles Murakoshi

    People cut in line and have no common courtesy or respect. That is the problem.

  19. Buzz

    How come I keep seeing thees types of videos at the happiest place on earth and not anywhere else like say Universal or SeaWorld etc ???

  20. Adam

    Dang, TSM competition has become cutthroat!

  21. Darcy

    This is a societal problem. We see it everywhere now. To think it won’t happen just because people are at Disney is unrealistic. It’s sad but people are stressed to their limits these days and those already on the edge are getting pushed over.

  22. CJ

    A behaviour pattern from a certain Generation that is unacceptable!

    I hope they all get “banned for life” from every Walt Disney Theme Park l and Resort!

    And Team Disney Orlando failed to take control in a timely manner to protect Park Guests, Cast Members. … thankful no one got injured (that would’ve been lawsuit time!)

  23. Bobby

    to all of your comments below or above, let me inform you all what happened …. Funny how people are quick to come up with there own situations and comments at home with no life thinking they are funny. maybe if you all knew the real story you would understand the situation . let me inform you all what happened. Wasn’t a ghetto teen fight for you morons with no brain . a 4 year old girl was pushed almost to the ground by an ignorant rude ghetto family . the parents of that child stuck up for there kid as any parent would. the father of ghetto family who pushed the little girl lunged at the dad who’s little girl was pushed because he had a comment about the situation . The father who was lunged at with the daughter gathered all the kids and took them to a safe area. the dad who was pushed along with his daughter had his brother with him , which seen the situation unfold as he was standing behind the other family walking out of the toy story ride . His brother seen the father of the ghetto family shove his brother into the child after just almost pushed the child to the ground then pushing the father . That brother then stepped in to the situation and ended up being attacked by the father, as he fought back he was jumped by the ghetto father and all of his sons , daughters and wife , the ghetto dad and brother fell to the ground fighting and the ghetto family all decided to jump in , kicking scratched and punching the brother . There is your facts . Now feel free to comment

    1. B

      Define “ghetto family” and tell how you know where this “ghetto family” lives. You definitely show great pride in your racism, that’s for sure.

  24. Christina

    We saw line skipping done by a group of young adults from the Cannon School from North Carolina.

  25. Mary

    Not Disney fault at all. But cast members, in this situation, are completely useless. I’ve seen so many fight at Disney parks, specially at MK, and they don’t do ANYTHING! They don’t call security or even the cops.
    And people complain why Disney is raising its prices. To me, the more expensive they get, the better.

  26. TacoCat

    Need more alcohol in the parks.

  27. Chappy

    We just returned from two weeks over Christmas. It was our worse Disney vacation ever. The “Magic” in Disney Parks is gone. They are now simply theme parks like any other and repeated instances like this are another reason this long time Disney family will not be returning anytime soon.

  28. Steveie

    Unfortunately, this is what our country has devolved into, our politicians and big companies like Disney have all made it quite clear that in any situation, the means justifies the end. Common courtesy in the parks is nonexistent, folks walk into you, across your path, glaring at each other in defiance.
    At 64, I can honestly say I’ve never in my lifetime seen anything like this. The “Magic” is no longer there, it has been replaced by greed and entitlement, and that starts at the VERY top.

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