Comments for Disney Show CANCELED Just Minutes Before Showtime

Drawn to Life

Credit: Disney


  1. Cameron

    We saw the show a few days ago… it was very good (sad to hear that they had to shut it down due to this). Hope they are able to get things running soon.
    What was surprising was how much was Disney and how little was acrobatic. Not at all like the shows of the past. It was enjoyable but now is very much a Disney show (which would account for the steep price tag). The blue fairy unicycles are by far the best act in the show. The Ukrainian/Russian Ladies at the end were lack luster. Their attitudes definitely were visible (it’s was beaming through as they fumbled a few times and took flight off the stage into the audience).
    All in all we enjoyed ourselves.
    Tip: you do not need front row seats to enjoy the show. All seats are good.

  2. Jeff Apfel

    Enjoyable show. Expensive ticket and many empty seats mid-week, but well delivered. Loved many of the acrobatic portions, the guys in the rotating wheels were amazing and the unicycle women were unreal! A nice break from the traditional Disney Park experience.

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