Comments for Disney Responds to Recent ‘Snow White’ Backlash From Peter Dinklage

peter dinklage (left) snow white (right)


  1. Nyron Grindlesprocket III

    Why don’t they make snow white a transgender and please everyone?

  2. Nell

    I believe that Disney has made a good choice. As far as I see it the little men could very well be played by children of different origins and they could be brothers . Let’s not cry over spilled grapes.

    1. Kristina burden

      Really change Snow White to a Latino but take tiger lily out the ride. So what are you saying that Latino are better the an native American?
      What Disney needs to is keep everything the same!!! And just make new movies with race in them!!
      The people that keep yapping is
      Are miserable and needs to see a psychologist.!! Because they have nothing else to do but make but to make everyone else around them unhappy.
      Writing history is NOT the answer.
      If they don’t like the movie don’t watch it !!! Plain and simple!!!!
      Stop changing the past it happens years ago. Get over it damn it .

    2. Andrea

      Disney needs to stop remaking and ruining the best cartoons of yesteryear. Start making new movies, not live remakes.

      1. Lisa

        I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I believe the problem is they can’t come up with any new ideas so they just keep rehashing the past ones. Sad really…I’m thinking Walt is turning over in his grave!

        1. Kristina

          The sad thing is the one that is really racist they haven’t did anything about
          Steam boat Willy

      2. Helen Clark

        There’s nothing wrong with staying with the original movie. If you think by changing everything we grew up with is wrong Then maybe it’s too personal for you. Keep it the way it is! Final answer!

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