Comments for Disney Reportedly Replacing the Seven Dwarfs With “Magical Creatures”

snow white and seven dwarfs dancing in cottage

Credit: Disney


  1. I love Disney

    Notice how woke Disney is: they are replacing all the offensiveness of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White will not be white, and the dwarfs will be not be dwarfs. Therefore, Disney are the good guys. They don’t care about your color or race or height, they just want you to pay for Genie+, LL, DME, parking, and all other hiked up prices. If you can’t afford it, don’t come to Disney World, whether you are non-white, dwarfs, or anything else. At the end of the day, Disney only cares about the bottom line: your money, as a good, smart business should. So stop complaining about Bob Chapek and pay up.

  2. Simon

    I don’t see all the fuss personally. Next thing it’ll mean that Santa can’t have tiny elves in his workshop, or the Oompa Loompas are banned from the Chocolate Factory! Ridiculous situation!

    1. Plutarch Heavensbee

      So. Is it going to be called Snow Brown and the Seven Magical Creatures?

      1. Pete

        Lol! You’re right, even though we know that they’re not going to change the name to that.
        Seriously, this project might be the one that begins to bury the notion of remaking classic animated films by tanking and bad press.
        What will they do to 7 Dwarfs Mine Train? 7 Magical Creatures who mine gems Train?

      2. Jim M

        The execs at Disney are morons. I’m surprised they can produce anything nowadays with all their concerns about offending somebody. No matter what you do, there will always be somebody who doesn’t like it. It’s just too bad they can’t get past this as they are now ruining every classic animated story for future generations. Just sad.

  3. Rick

    Changes like those alluded to in this article are a betrayal of the story and another example of a company selling out to the left in order to drive profits. Leave the story as is…. It’s a European folk tale to begin with. It is offensive to think that anyone believes it should be changed just because they think it will more acceptable to the “woke” community

  4. Walt’s relatives are offended by this nonsense.

    No one cares. Interesting.

    One thing is certain – this isn’t a “remake” at all anymore. It’s a total waste of time and a mockery of a perfectly innocent fairytale that’s generations old.

  5. Ivan

    We running out of things to be offended by. Aand anything to watch also.

  6. Greendadof4

    I think if you were a member of the dwarfism community you’d feel very differently.

    1. Kingunderthejill

      Why…Dwarves in fairy tales aren’t human .they are magical beings. Are they offended by lord of the rings or d&d…

  7. Backcountry164

    Except it doesn’t drive profits. People are tired of it. This will be another epic flop.

  8. Victor Rand

    I dont know what Mr Dinklage wants exactly. Dwarves not in movies, bc that wont work out for him.
    And Snow White should be a dark haired girl with pale skin, im not sure what the problem is here

  9. Kingunderthehill

    Are people under the impression the Dwarves on snow white are humans? Have we abandoned sense all together that people have forgotten these are FAIRY tales …meaning they involve the FAE. Dwarves are Fae beings….

  10. Star

    This whole thing honestly confuses me a little and I can’t tell if I’m missing something, because the dwarfs literally don’t live in a cave? Like I thought it was pretty clear in the story that the cottage which has beds with their names on it and is called their cottage by the magic mirror and is mentioned as “it’s home from work we go” in Heigh-Ho is their house and they just go to work in the mines… And yet, the story is being criticized because it’s bad for them to live in a cave? I read another article that proposed they fix the story by making the dwarfs live in a house instead of a cave and trying to understand that gave me a headache.

  11. Sebastian Hale

    I don’t care 😘💕💘🤣😅 what Peter Dinklage says about the live-action remake of Snow ❄️🌨️ White, I don’t think 🤔 that the seven dwarfs should be scrapped, because they are the important characters.

    1. Dtn218

      It’s not Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. It’s Snow Brown and the 7 mystical creatures. Not the same storyline.

  12. Dtn218

    Looks like I’ll pass on this one to. Dear lordy, Disney will self destruct.

  13. T. Weaver

    Definitely one I won’t be taking my grandkids to see, nor will I ever watch! It’s ridiculous to completely change the story and make it into something unrecognizable.

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