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  1. Patrick

    Good that Disney finally made things right for her. Shame on them for only taking action when they were being publicly embarrassed on social media. The Disney of not even 10 years ago would have immediately taken action an offered a discount or a comparable compensation right away.
    That’s the Disney we all loved for generations. They are determined to kill off the generational good will that brings their children to Disney Parks and watches their movies. That’s a loosing game that they cannot recover from.

    1. Andrea

      I agree with you. My family would go to WDW twice a year. We haven’t been back since Feb. 2020. I’m happy we did not buy into DVC. We’ve enjoyed spending our money on other vacation adventures. If Disney continues on this path, they’ve lost us as customers forever.

  2. GregR

    Disney is dropping the ball. What happened to the carrying cases? Are they going to only offer the plastic bag now? For over $200. Disney is on a downward spiral.

    1. VDog

      My local burger joint said they’re out of individual salt packets. Other fast food joints will tell you they’re out of lids, or utensils. I have no clue how this so called shortage is created, but everyone seems to be out of something these days due to ships stalling out at sea. I do agree that Disney should have temporarily cut the price of the experience before all of the hoopla had to happen though.

      1. taximom4

        ships stalling at sea. plus truck drivers getting covid so less trucks onthe road. plus workers getting covid so not getting raw materials to manufacturers. and manufacturers … you see the chain of events? its not just disney. we are dissapointed when they don’t do the normal treating the customer great, but this plastic bag was a fail. glad they fixed it. sorry it took social media for them to.

        1. Jason

          Unfortunately anymore the ‘normal’ doesn’t seem to equal treating the customer great. There are more and more of these “prices go up while service level goes down” stories these days, and a LOT of them about Disney.

  3. Jeffrey Lyon

    The tag on the case specifically states it is blade, hilt, case, kyber crystal and cloisonné pin. With instructions on how to change batteries.

  4. Freedomrocksusa

    It’s great news that the company is taking an action to rectify the issue. However, is the lack of proper cases going to be the norm, or were they just temporarily out due to a supply chain issue? Seems strange that the store wouldn’t have the same number of sabers vs. cases. It knows how many people it can schedule in a day/week/month.

  5. Anonymous

    No way she should have had to work that hard to get a refund. I have participate in Disney customer service training for work – they are no longer following their own advice.

    1. Michael

      They haven’t for years. Getting rid of Traditions was the start of a decline in service over a decade ago. WDW has been heading down hill since then

  6. Bob

    It’s the Cheapek’s way now. Literally everything has turned to **** since he took over.

  7. Wayne

    Have to agree,I have been going to Disney World since 1971 we were just there the 1st part of December, a very different feel across the entire property.

  8. Mike

    Why would someone pay $200 for a souvenir like this? What a waste of money.

    1. FL-Dad

      Ever been to a convention for ANY interest?

      If you’re not a Star Wars fan, then yeah any SW related memorabilia is a “waste of money” but has emotional value to that person. Try to open your mind and broaden your horizons.

  9. As long as people continue to pay the prices that Disney has set, for everything, service, products and expectations will continue to lower..
    too bad this is NOT the Disney I remember 25, 15 or even 5 years ago.

  10. DLand

    I guess someone WHINED HARD ENOUGH for a “TOY!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 A $200.+ “TOY.” You can see where there perspective & Top Priority on life is on. A “TOY.” 🤣🤣🤣 & Mr Paycheck is LAUGHING all the way to the bank 🏦 🤣🤣🤣🤣 because of people like this 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Dragonfly

      She paid to have the experience with her daughter. The “toy” was for her nine-year-old. And yes, watching your kid build their own high quality lightsaber on a family vacation to Disney is an excellent way to spend $200. Hope you find some joys in life so you can stop griping about everyone else’s.. that’s no way to live.

  11. Jan

    FYI: The case was a piece of cloth with a strap not what I am think you were assuming was a hard case! So the remainder of your statement was not pertinent! As far as breakage in a plane or running into it.

  12. Oskar Ortiz

    Does anyone knows if this also happening in Disneyland at California? Or its only going on at Florida? Thanks.


    When you’re Right you’re Right but sometimes ya just gotta B#&ch! You go Girl!

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