Comments for Disney Replaces Carrying Case With Plastic Bags For Expensive Droids

Droids from Droid Depot

Credit: Disney


  1. They should give them a nice 50th recycle bag. The clear cheap bags are used for self check out in disney retailers. Disney needs to think more about the people and customer service.

  2. Terry

    Another bean count from bob paycheck pay more for less the new Disney motto not the most magical place on earth but home of the pay more for less fire bob chapek change.org

    1. Do better Luke

      Don’t be gullible Terry, this isn’t permanent. Luke just likes to make things look worse than they are in his articles.

      1. Lauren Jen

        I mean the company is worse than it used to be. It is slowly sliding downhill.

        1. Jordan

          Well, you got to consider that we are still dealing with the pandemic and not being able to return to normal. Saying they are going downhill when other places are doing similar things is not fair

  3. Nicole Anderson

    Visited Droid Depot @ Hollywood Studios in mid-October 2021. We were given a plastic bag way back then for our BB8 droid.

  4. Lauren Jen

    Stop giving them money.

    They only listen to money guys. Don’t buy these trash Chinese plastic toys.

    1. Jordan

      You clearly have never built a lightsaber, those handles are solid metal and are completely custom. You act like they are doing this to get more money out of people when they are just struggling to get supplies

  5. M Lee

    I don’t know , when we bought our droid in January 2020 we paid the extra for the droid backpack. Are those also not available?

  6. Tim

    We were planning to go to Disney but with extra costs and issues. we found looking for alternative vacation that now for same price and budget we can get a 7 day Beaches Vacation for the same price.

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