Comments for Fans Irate About Disney Park Pass System Extending Into 2024

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  1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    I still dislike the Reservation System. If everyone in America AND the world would vaccinate, maybe we can whittle down this pandemic and the Reservation System will expire soon enough.

    1. Trent

      And the animals. Don’t forget all the animals would have to vaccinate as well in order for your theory to work. This is due to this virus having the ability to be transmitted from animal to human/human to animal. They don’t talk about that much, but I will because I think ALL science should be represented, not just the science they want you to hear.

    2. LeeleeXeda

      Yes because that’s worked so well for other countries that are over 90% vaccinated… Oh wait, no it hasn’t. I don’t understand people’s inability to think for themselves and see it’s not making a difference.
      I also don’t see the issue with the reservation system, we used it and it wasn’t a pain at all. Did a whole week, just had to plan days, oh the humanity 🙄

    3. Scamdemic

      These vaccines don’t work. They injure or kill a lot of people. Don’t be naive.

  2. Pete

    The park pass system isn’t going away. Nothing to do with CV19. It’s a way for Disney to micromanage park resources and slice staffing as thin as possible knowing what the actual guest count will be for any park. Numbers boy Chapek won’t give that up without a fight.

    1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

      A distinction without a difference.

  3. Dogman

    We will keep our 6k, go to Universal. Have twice as much fun for half the price. I’m so sorry Walt.

    1. Victor James

      Yep universal despite its consistent covid protocols restricting gift shop access and masks etc was much smoother than Disneyland which was a cluster. When meta verse Disney comes out maybe the masses will dissipate. Having to use an app and stare at the phone while park hopping and reservations to pick up food not dine in

  4. Victor James

    This and the genie+ are just some of the nickel and diming Disney and other companies are doing behind the guise of Covid protocols. Yet they still have folks crowded in lines and gift shops and cut off limits to restaurants and rides and maskless for staff. Double standards and silliness.

    Spent a lot more money for less this time around at Disneyland incl staying at the hotel. Magic morning hour is gone, pch grill closed at paradise pier.

  5. Victor James

    Disney world I hear is no better with the crowds. Guess it’s the new normal we have to get used to. Staff was helpful when asked but their masters and superiors are to blame. Rides shut down unexpectedly with long lines and folks waiting for long times. Never experienced this before at Disneyland. Space mountain 400 minutes wait and toontown ride was like 300 mins wait to name a few

  6. Trent

    Once my annual passes expire I will never visit a Disney park again.

  7. Adela Alvarado

    I have been to Disneyworld 6 times and I will not be returning, 1st this on line crap, then paying extra for Genie + in order to reserve rides that are not 50yrs old, then you have to pay extra on top of that for some of the newest rides, when I went on one ride I have to pull up the my disney app and scan it to enter so on the 2nd confirmation stop and the phone wouldn’t scan and they almost didn’t let me get in even after clearing the 1st check point, crazy, plus paying an additional $9 per person to get on Ratatouille thank goodness it waa just 2 of us not 10 like our last trip. If you don’t understand how that works you have no chance on getting on that attraction, no line for that ride only on line, you can get on a virtual que but it books up very fast, poor kids were crying , awful, never again

  8. Clare Lipponer

    We were just in Disney world for marathon weekend. We had a great time. While the reservations were necessary, it was not horrible. The lightening system was not bad. As a special needs parent of 2, it worked good. Disney has done a real good job opening up the park and keeping us safe.

    1. LeeleeXeda

      This is how we felt. We went the week after Christmas and it was crowded yes but not unbearable. We used the genie system and only waited in line at Hollywood studios. Everything else we used the lane and timed it with breaks and meals.

  9. Lita

    I prefer the reservation system. I hate going to Disney Parks when its over-crowded.

  10. Peggy

    I’ve decided that after going to. Disney every year for most of my adult life that I’m done with the parks. Between the rising prices and the reservation system it’s no longer enjoyable. I can go on a 2 week cruise for the price of 5 days at Disney and have less stress than going to the parks. Disney has taken away the magic.

  11. Marc Mercier

    I visited Magic Kingdom in early December 2021 and had to use the system. My problem with it is not being able to decide when I want to visit a park based on the weather or any other unforeseen circumstance that would make me change my plan. However, on the day I visited, crowds and wait times in standby were really not so bad, the longest wait experienced was 55 minutes. Doing away with the Park Pass system would be welcomed.

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