Comments for Disney Ride Evacuated After Child Refuses to Remain in Ride Vehicle

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  1. Dan

    Slap that child

    1. T.O

      Oh hell no! Why did the parents even allow the child to stand up, much less get out of the boat?

      1. Carole

        The parents and the kid should be slapped and banned from Disneyland.

        1. Cindy

          My thoughts exactly

          1. Patriot Alaskan

            Aren’t you being a LOT extreme!!? 🙄

          2. G

            Stupid little cunt

        2. Cait

          A parent can’t force their child to do anything, they can only encourage the right choices. Every single son or daughter has done something that their parents warned them not to. At the end of the day, our children are going to do what they want and all we can do is our best. We do not know the circumstances of the situation or factors that could have led to this happening.Having a child act out doesn’t mean that the parents are bad parents or that they should “be slapped.” Lots of young children out grocery shopping with their parents have temper tantrums in the store sometimes
          and it doesn’t matter how good or bad the parents are, it’ll still happen. I’m sure the other people on the ride were not happy they were stuck, I wouldn’t be either but we need to start showing more compassion for other people and they also recieved fast passes for other rides to make up for everything. Raising children is hard and bringing them to a place like Disney is even harder, especially when we have been stuck inside our houses for so long that children aren’t used to being out in the public so they are still getting used to how to act. Disney is over stimulating on top of it all and it could be hard for the child. The thing is we don’t know. The parents are probably already embarrassed and upset enough. Not only did this happen in front of all these people and now people are judging them over the internet, they also did a nice thing for their family and in return their son acted this way. I think they’ve been through enough and I honestly feel bad for them. Also violence is never the answer..

          TLDR; We don’t know the situation so it’s not our places to judge. The parents have been through enough and there’s only so much a parent can do to prevent their child from acting or doing certain things. At the end of the day children do what they want. And violence is never the answer.

          I’m sure there our things your children have done that you aren’t proud of, should we judge you and your parenting entirely on that? No. Would you think it was fair if random strangers on the internet got to hear about what happened and then got to judge you without even knowing you or the details of the situation? Without getting to have input in what was being said? Leave them alone. We are all going through enough these times, kindness is important and needed.

          1. JR Ewing

            Maaaaan don’t nobody want to read your long ass, lecturing post Karen

            1. kara


          2. Yasmar Notlob

            You need a TLDR for that TLDR

          3. Enrique

            That’s exactly the reason why he did what he did,
            the “mommy can’t force me to do anything” starts with the parents, i might not be able to force you but believe me i brought your ass here your going to do what i tell you to do or we are leaving period! This kid is a brat because his mommy and daddy thought him exactly what your preaching on your post, until your FN adult your going to do as your told! That’s what kids should be taught, that and respect for their elders

          4. Rici Tipton

            My parents said don’t do something you can bet we didn’t do it. Raise your kids to be jack offs but everyone was raised right

        3. Tim


      2. Steve Kovach

        Lil punkass needs a whoopin! Take is spoiled ass home. My dad would have whooped my ass for thinking about jumping ship… 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

      3. Peter

        Yea, WHY?????? Some parents, I don’t know……..

      4. Kim

        That family should have received a fast pass right out the front gate. If the child doesn’t listen and parents have little control, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay.

      5. Princessa

        Why would I slap my son? He got off the boat because his two brothers were fighting with him, and I was in the boat in the back with my other kids

        1. VQ

          If you can’t control your own children who don’t have enough brains to listen and get back on a ride instead of causing it to be evacuated, you don’t belong in public.

    2. Paully

      He’s lucky he didn’t get killed or have a leg or arm ripped off..

      1. Jordan

        Not even lol. He’s just lucky he didn’t fall into the water and have his whole day ruined by wet pants

        1. Bob

          Is that kind of parenting that cost us harambe

          1. Jordan

            Comparing a kid getting out of a boat on a water ride versus a parent willing putting their kid over the side to see a gorilla exhibit is completely different….

      2. Puckless

        That would be a lesson he’ll never forget, and one less awful kid potentially ruining a ride for others in the future.

      3. Peter


    3. Lauren Sims

      It doesn’t say the age of the child, however, it appears the child does as he/she wishes despite the rules and being asked and “pleaded” by the parents to get back into the boat.
      I think Disney needs to open a guest experience called This is Social Etiquette and If you want to be a Disney prince or princes this is how one behaves.

    4. Jaxx

      AMEN! If that had been MY kid, there would have been no “pleading” to get back in the boat….and when they DID get back in the boat, I’d make sure they NEVER endangered themselves or anyone else like that again!

      Then we would have left Disney. Walked right out the gate.

    5. Cindy Genest

      Oh so sorry, not. This is what is wrong with society. If the child is special needs, then the parent should know their child’s limits. He should have been sitting between them to control the situation. If you cannot, don’t expose your child to danger so they get harmed. Sheesh

    6. Nadia

      Slap those ‘parents’.

    7. anoush

      My mom would have gotten out the boat slapped me, pulled my a** back in the boat in a MINUTE. SMH

  2. Tracy

    The picture of him standing there with his arms crossed made me LOL. Every parent has seen that face! Straight back to the hotel room for you kid!

    1. Kevin

      Kick the child and the parents out of the park. No refund.

      1. Lisa

        Yes, if my kid did that it would be back to the hotel and your vacation is over. He needs a good smack. Disney should do something too, due to the others riding having to stop for this spoiled kid.

      2. Patriot Alaskan

        Aren’t you being a LOT extreme!!? 🙄

        1. Lady

          Wow, this is where I’d expect the abusive parents to hang out, on a website about Disney dreaming of vacations they can’t afford, instead of watching their own kids while lecturing this random family how they should be parents. Lol obviously half of you have not gone to Disney. It’s full of kids! Crap like this happens alllll the time. Everywhere in that park. But good for you telling those parents how to do their job! Keep on advocating for slapping, spanking, and belting every kid you read about! If you wanted a relaxing vacation, Disney Parks are not it. Go on stress relieving cruise or spa week instead. Geesh.

    2. Jennifer

      Maybe he was forced to get on the ride because the parents wanted to ride and they couldn’t leave him alone. He could have been terrified of the drop, but I would have thrown the fit before getting in the boat. No need to slap anyone.

  3. Lauren Jen

    This is what happens when parents don’t punish their children. Give them ipads at 6 years old. Smart phones at 8. Take them on a vacation that cost thousands of dollars. Ridiculous.

    1. Jordan

      You don’t need to punish them, just discipline them. I never truly got a punch of stuff like that, nor did I get punished, but I knew never to do stuff like that

      1. Jenn W

        @insidethemagic I implore you to please take the video down. You have no idea if this child has unique needs or was suffering from trauma. It is irresponsible reporting to share a video of a child without the parent’s permission, which I am certain they would NOT have given. Please do the right thing and take it down.

        1. I totally agree with u I was thinking the same ,unlike nearly everyone else wants to beat the kid it’s disgusting they dnt know what issues the boy has

          1. Wes Warren

            If I was Disney, I would had thrown them out and banned them from the parks for a safety violation.

        2. Shirley Smith

          If your child display’s during a public visit, we have the freedom to post it. This was not posted by Disney, but by a person who was inconvenienced. It’s not up to you to say what our tolerance levels should be to people who cannot or will not control their off spring. If they can’t handle certain situations, you as a parent should be aware and should not have allowed that child on that ride. You pay too much money to go to that park to have to deal with someone else’s problem.

        3. Backcountry164

          You have no idea either. Stop making excuses for people who almost certainly don’t deserve them…

        4. Joem

          The child can’t be identified from the photo, No need to take it down.

        5. Kevin P

          “I implore you to please take the video down. You have no idea if this child has unique needs or was suffering from trauma.”

          That doesn’t matter. This is clearly about parents that have no control of their child. Modern parenting at it’s best.

      2. Lauren Sims

        You can’t tell any defining characteristics of the child. Except they appear to be where they are not allowed. How did he get there is the question? Where was the parent to prevent their escape from the boat? Parent responsibility especially in matters of safety is paramount. If the child has “issues” and can’t be managed, maybe they should plan for these kinds of situations and have a plan of how to address. This looks more of a case of parental neglect and it was allowed to happen. This isn’t funny either in the comment about “every parent has seen this look” it’s inconveniencing so many people who have paid a lot of money to be there. They should be asked to leave the park

        1. Shirley Smith


      3. ElleJay

        True, but if people who go to a shared space should have the ability to behave in a manner which does not disturb others’ enjoyment.

        1. Jordan

          Yeah, I definitely never acted this way either, but I don’t see this as someone that needs to be punished like how these people are talking about punishing him. Good disciplining is all that is needed in this situation.

    2. Ruben Reynoso

      Exactly, Lauren Jen! This is exactly the behavior you get from children whose parents want to be friends with their kids and can’t or won’t be disciplinarians. It is a parent’s duty to guide their children in how to behave in public. If they can’t behave, then either A) don’t go out in public, or B) stay with them so you can correct bad behaviors as they happen.

  4. That kid deserves a spanking immediately.

    1. Shirley Smith


    2. tvnutt

      Ok, I can understand some people posting that the photo of the child shouldn’t be up. Maybe if it blurred out the face that would be better but it’s still hard to identify the kid with the mask. That being said, trauma or special needs is not the issue. Parents of such children know if the child can handle the ride or not. The parents know what will trigger the child. This is irresponsible parenting, plain and simple.

  5. K

    That child needs to get a nice belt on the butt. Some parents need to do corporals punishment badly. Some kids are just bad.

    1. Shirley Smith


    2. Tracy

      Kids are not bad, parents who have no clue how to parent, and then beat them with a belt, that’s bad!! that’s probably the way you were raised and it’s really sad) there are other ways to correct kids without hitting them.

  6. Joy Annette

    It is possible this child has special-needs. A child or person with autism and/or other intellectual disabilities will do things that are not rational or logical for reasons that not everyone understands. We don’t know if this situation is simply bad behavior, or if maybe some other force —like intellectual disability, drove this child to make a poor decision that isn’t out of malice. Please show some grace and understanding.

    1. Jennifer Gates

      O no not acceptable special needs or not this behavior is not ok and should be escorted put of the park period. People always use special needs as an excuse that is not an excise

      1. J

        Possibly the worst comment I’ve ever seen

    2. R

      Too bad; behave or get out. Special needs should not be an immediate excuse for lousy behavior.

  7. Sarah

    Very disturbing how many comments in this thread endorse child abuse. I hope it is just tough talk from people without children, like some “if I were that parent” blow-hardness is. Thinking that any of these words about hitting children are coming from people who should be the most tender protectors in their own little ones’ lives is just too upsetting to contemplate. What I originally came here to share is that I wish Disney employed restraints on Splash because of the potential for incidents like this. On my last ride I spent the entire drop twisted around to see if a dad needed help keeping his son in the seat because he was so scared that he was struggling to get out. Very possible this kid panicked after passing by the drop and realizing what was in store. (Self protection, not stubbornness, is what I see in those crossed arms.)

    1. John

      You need your assistance spanked

    2. Shirley Smith

      It’s NOT CHILD ABUSE and it’s people like you who have be apart of the reason people can’t deal with their kids today. Sometimes you do need to spank a child, not all need it, but there are those that do. That child should have under NO CIRCUMSTANCES been out of that boat. He could have been hurt, and it’s clear to me, the kid was being unruly. If it had not of been for all of the comments, you would have been the first one to say something about the parent, but now because if you and people like you, we can’t properly discipline those children that need the extra mile, when time out won’t work. Obviously, you’ve never dealt with a child that “knows” the rules and uses them against the parents. How about minding your business and letting grown folk handle their children, you don’t pay a dime to raise.

    3. Spare the rod not the child

      If your “Special Needs” kid can’t play by the rules of society (Especially in this case when its for there own safety as much as others), then unfortunately they can’t participate in that aspect of society.

      I do however blame the parents and not him, either he can’t be controlled well enough and shouldn’t be out, or they have just ignored him jumping out the boat, it takes some doing to do this.

    4. Liz

      That was my first though too!!! Kinda sad the site is allowing all of them to stay up. Survivorship bias is real and it’s sad.

      1. Joem

        What is “survivorship bias”?

    5. FL-Dad

      I had a particularly willful and disruptive child. He would even physically lash out in anger. Yes he was disciplined. However during one particularly bad day, we called the Sheriff’s office for assistance. The deputies came over and said that he needed his butt beaten, just don’t leave marks. That child is now a very successful adult.

      I agree with others here. Discipline your child(ren). If the cannot handle the crowds, noise, overstimulation, etc. then please do not bring them to Disney until they can function. Do not make everyone else the victim of your bad parenting and coddling of your “perfect” child(ren).

      And for the love of all that is Good, do NOT wake your kids up at Zero Dark Thirty, drag them all over the parks all day, and then be surprised when they are screaming and throwing tantrums in the afternoon because they are tired! I see this all the time in all the parks. Be a responsible parent and let your kids nap during the day!

    6. Kevin P

      let me guess, you have zero kids or you were born after 1990

    7. K.C. Cooper

      Worth noting that at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disney Resort, Splash Mountain has had lap bars since 2011. (however, the logs are designed differently)

      It’s time for the Disneyland (Anaheim) version to get lap bars, too.

  8. Charles

    If that was me. I would show the child this video each we went to Disneyland without him. Why can’t you go? Did you do this last time we were there? Then you are not allowed to go.

    1. Jessica

      I like this approach, plus it means that the adults can still go and enjoy the magic. Lol!

      I still have a video of my daughter when she was maybe 4/5 yrs old having a temper tantrum when we went to the store. She is almost 12 and she says “I never had temper tantrums”. I show her the video. It’s a learning experience for them.

      P.S. Even though I have kids and love the Disney Magic we have with them, I am all for an adults only trip! LOL!!

  9. Lori

    I blame the parents.

    Before getting on the ride show the child the drop to make sure they still want to do it.

    If the child has special needs make sure the ride will not scare or upset them. If you are not sure make sure the child is not going to get out of the ride.

    Explain to the child before going what will happen if they misbehave.

    His actions effected other children on the ride. These children may have had special needs too.

    1. Jessica

      Agreed. My daughter doesn’t have special needs, but we showed her many YouTube videos on how Tower of Terror would be and she was excited to go on, but wanted to get off as soon as the door opened to show the entire park. She stayed on with me but vowed to never go on it again. LOL!

      1. Deb

        We had a Dr Dobson’s strong willed child and when she started acting up it was always because of over stimulation and being tired. Didn’t take long for us to figure out that naps were a requirement for her till almost her teens! When given the time and opportunity to calm herself she became a delight instead of a nightmare! We always took time for what we called “people watching”. Found a quiet spot warm in winter cool in summer and let everyone appreciate the moment. Each park has an almost 30 minute ride where you can do this too. Ride the train, people mover, or grab a snack in the shade. Kids will usually follow “your energy”. Have conversationBEFORE you go and stick to the rules you made together. Y’all will be happier and so will the kids. (We are annual WDW pass holders)

        1. DLand

          Love Dr James Dobson. He’s such a Blessing. People should read his his book, “Tough Love.” It’s Perfect in this situation.

  10. Brittni

    I jumped out of a ride when it stop running as a child, he was scared, its called reflex’s….

  11. Hannibal

    This new generation is so entitled! Standing there with his arms crossed. Next he will be voting. Then in college. And then! Then he will be deciding how you live your lives! Seriously folks. Kid had a moment. No need to thrash him. A little kindness here as a small video gives absolutely no context.

  12. Juan

    I grew up on mexico and if I did that I would had gotten the belt or chancla(sandal) this new generation getting spank on butt would be fine unless has special needs then that’s a different thing all I’m saying is that we can’t discipline our kids without cps saying it’s child abuse

  13. Martin

    I think about doing that every time I go on splash or grizzly. There’s some kind of drive to fulfill a curiosity or the ride from a different angle. Walk around the really cool set they built. For a brief second that kid was brave enough and stupid enough to do something very few people get to do and then reality hit. We all do something like this at some point if we’re not totally boring.

    1. Misha

      I’ve felt like that, too, but this kid was being an asshat. There was no curiosity involved.

  14. Rick

    Parents wanting to be friends…people, stop being so damn scared of being a parent. Take control of your own children before they grow up and society deals with them.

  15. Trisec

    The family should have received fast passes to the exit. Asshats.

  16. Courtney

    I almost got out of the boat in the Small World ride at Disney World. It got stuck in the last room before exiting for 4 full renditions of the song, I started to have a panic attack.

  17. Julian H

    Come on people we are all surmising here, no one knows what really happened, but we are all to quick to blame the parents or blame the kid, spank the kid etc for all we know there is more to it than we know.

    Perhaps if there were better lap restraints then the child would have been safer and not be able to get out. This is a private matter between the family and Disney to resolve its not our business, and to everyone sadly stuck on the ride n this situation Disney did do the correct and fair thing by stopping the ride before anyone was hurt and it appears provided a ride voucher or other for everyone disadvantaged.

    1. tvnutt

      True, we don’t know the whole story. But, the parents and child are in the wrong in how they all reacted. You don’t exit from a ride like that. If that child had gotten hurt you know the lawyers would be there ASAP. I don’t care if it’s Disney or a supermarket. If you kid does something like this, regardless of the situation, it’s wrong.

      1. Julian H

        True both parent and child are in the wrong agreed, but again we are not in the know on this. However had Disney made the ride safer i.e. had a better lap restraint or other then this would not have happened. The fact the child got out in the first place will most likely have the lawyers running anyway.

    2. Kevin P

      “we are all to quick to blame the parents or blame the kid, spank the kid etc for all we know there is more to it than we know.

      Perhaps if there were better lap restraints then the child would have been safer and not be able to get out”

      Ummm yeah, the parents are responsible for their children. Special needs or not. Also that ride has been operating for decades without lap bars or seatbelts because they are unnecessary if you follow the rules. Sure let’s change the ride because of one set of parents that can’t control their kid.

  18. They pleaded with the child to get back in the ride?! Seriously? They should have gotten out, grabbed his little a$& and put him back in the seat. Then they should have taken his little butt straight back to the hotel and kept him there until the flight home! GD spoiled brat!

    1. Misha

      Yup!! My thoughts exactly! Who just lets their kid stand there and throw a tantrum?? What if they were close to the drop, just gonna let him swan dive off the edge?

  19. michael

    And thanks to that little turd, I bet they will now install safety restraints or seat belts

    1. Jordan

      ….You do realize they have that at the one in Disneyworld, right? Tons of rides like this have belts on it and still are fun. Don’t understand how this is a bad thing

  20. Have security remove all of them from the theme park. And, give that family a 5 year ban from all Disney theme parks and Cruise Lines.

  21. Misha

    Ummmm there were no videos, just ENDLESS ADS.

  22. Laura

    This is the cruelest group of people I have ever come across. Please take this story down. The child nor his parents deserve this kind of hate.

    1. Chazatl

      They do deserve the criticism not the hate.
      The child was special needs but the parents are still responsible and should have been held accountable. Just having an extra sensory child is not an excuse. Be prepared.

    2. Krod Mandoon

      Explain yourself

    3. Cindy Genest

      Oh so sorry, not. This is what is wrong with society. If the child is special needs, then the parent should know their child’s limits. He should have been sitting between them to control the situation. If you cannot, don’t expose your child to danger so they get harmed. Sheesh

    4. Barbara Martin

      If that was my kid I’ll beat him in front of all the geauest make him or her so embarrassed and leave the park and ground the child until they graduate high school.

  23. Tammy Cosby

    “…parents begged the child…”?? Aw H*ll NAW!! The parents should’ve had control from the beginning so the kid shouldn’t have ever had a chance to get unbuckled, much less get out of the boat! Does anyone know if they were dejected from the park or if there was anything else done? That was just ridiculous!

    1. Cindy Genest

      No buckle on ride.

  24. Sounds like lack of discipline. When they say remain seated keeping arms and legs inside the ride vehicle, it is for safety. Disney should have kicked them off and let the others on the ride go on.

    1. Joem

      He got out after the ride broke down, according to the article.

  25. jo

    Very sad for the little boy. He doesn’t have any parental guide or help learning self control. People are born knowing how to manage their behavior or have self control. Parents probably need parenting classes. Little boy needs love and an adult to teach him. I feel bad for the kid. Just imagine what kind of adult he will make. So sad.

  26. Chazatl

    In defense of the child as it turns out the child had some special needs.
    I know this sounds like an excuse but anyone with a special needs child knows that this is not an excuse.
    The parents still need to be punished and consequences. Because as many know who have a special needs child you make the appropriate preventative measures.
    So it’s still on the parents.

    I’m a Disney kid and know about their policies. The family will be banned from Disney and kicked from the park. Enjoy six flags or somewhere else.

  27. DLand

    Just from looking at the photo of the child, you can SEE HIS ARMS ARE CROSSED & He wasn’t going anywhere. That’s what you would call a REBELLIOUS SPIRIT. Yes, I said it. A REBELLIOUS SPIRIT.” He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he got out of the log & he WAS NOT GOING TO BUDGE. Me, as the parent would have gotten out of the log myself and picked him up and put him Back into the log or found an Exit and walked him out. That’s me. My children did not dictate to me what they were going to do ESPECIALLY at a Disney park. After all of that money 💵 spent, to maybe be asked to leave because of a mule headed child. Oh heck no.

    1. Cindy Genest

      Ditto. Would have left the park and my kids would have had a handprint on his arm for weeks for being forced to the car.

  28. Krod Mandoon

    This is what happens when snowflakes raise children…

    1. Kevin P

      exactly, these parents today actually bargain with children.

    2. Jordan

      No, it’s just when parents don’t know what they are doing or have had to deal with a lot as it is.

  29. B

    “The parents pleaded with the child…” Lol – that’s not parenting.

  30. Aurora

    About 1977 three young girls were riding autotopia they stopped their cars ran around & switched cars. One of the girls caught her leg on the hook then used to hook the seat belts. In order to get her leg loose from the hook & get back into the vehicle, she ripped her leg open. Bleeding profusely she had to be taken to a local ER for I assume stitches.

  31. Cindy Genest

    This is what parents want, so they can sue Disney.

  32. Lisa

    I was on Small World in Disney World when some kids jumped from their boat to mine. When I pointed out that they would be found out they went back to theirs. Then at the exit they managed to jam their boat under the rails backing all the boats up.

  33. Oliver

    That boy should be punished and his punishment should be no Theme Park for 1 year and no toys for him unless he behaves.

  34. Dan

    I put this squarely on the parent(s). Luckily this kid wasn’t seriously injured. To those who rush to physically punish the child; who may be a special needs child, you do know that physical discipline almost never works. A special needs child, depending on the severity probably won’t understand why they are being physically disciplined. Unfortunately due to the safety of the child and others on rides with him, he shouldn’t be allowed on those ride because of the safety concern. Huge liability for Disney!!

  35. Jamie Coughlin

    Why didn’t they just remove the child and parents and let everyone else continue on?

  36. Buzz

    Those parents and the child should be banned. Little punk with idiot parents.

    1. Kevin P

      100%, banned for life

  37. Clare

    They should be banned ! We were there that day , they closed the ride . Went back to MK last night and it’s. All boarded up and scaffolding around the top . We couldn’t get on that ride because of that little brat . No chance now . Not sure if they’ve now closed it for Reno or repair . But they will have to now put procedures in place to stop things like this happening again . If a child doesn’t want to go on a ride what’s the point in forcing it . He was lucky he didn’t get hurt but he also shouldn’t have been allowed to get out

    1. Ann

      Amen! That family ruined it for HUNDREDS of families and their kids. Judging by some of the ridiculous comments- ineffective, enabling parents twisting into pretzels to fabricate all kinds of excuses, even blaming Disneyland!! That family probably had zero consequences. 😡You go to Disney and wait HOURS in line all day, and this defiant brat can’t wait 10 mins? Not buying it. At All.

  38. Kids do unpredictable things and make poor decisions sometimes – special needs or not – in all sorts of places, including Disneyland. We all did as children. If you visit places with lots of kids, like Disney, you will no doubt witness kids, and some adults making poor decisions. ( Have witnessed adults physically fighting there.) Maybe some patience and sympathy for that family is in order. It could be any of us. For those ready to shout at or “spank” your child in that situation, considered how you would feel with that image going viral on social media.

  39. Ken Brenner

    I’m a father of 3 and grandfather of 11. As with many things in our society, I cannot identify with parents “pleading” or talking to a child to not do something wrong (special need or no special needs). Before retiring, I used to fly a lot and saw LOTS of mis-behavior by children on planes and in the airport. The parents normally would NOT take them aside and sternly sto the child’s poor behavior. I see so much permissiveness in our society, and this one is another example.
    If the child was special needs, the parents should have physically prevented him from getting out of the boat.
    What I see of parents these days is basically, no responsibility, no discipline, and little to no use of the word “NO”.
    If you want a root cause, there it is.

    1. Ken Brenner

      P.S. (Please forgive the mis-spelling above in the first comment)
      The child standing there with their arms crossed does not indicate fear, only arrogance and disobedience. And for the record, reasonable physical punishment is different from abuse and should be used as needed. Poor teachers these days – have to put up with so much from the children in the classroom, and worse – from their irresponsible parents.

      1. Ann

        Absolutely correct. Parents afraid to parent created that defiance. Its an epidemic.

    2. Right

      Agree 100%

  40. Lynn Walker

    A whole entire butt Whooping would be had. He would experience what it was like growing up in the 80’s after we were done taking everything and putting it up. That’s so embarrassing.
    As a parent I understand sometimes your kids loose control so I empathize but as soon as we stopped I would have been right there snatching him back and we are taking the emergency exit off the ride and out of the park. DONE.

  41. Kevin P

    WTF is wrong with these parents?

    That kid needs the crap smacked out of him.

  42. Jon

    Do parents STILL SPANK?

    If you do, aren’t you concerned about CHILD SERVICES (Department of Children and Families (DCF) /
    DFPS – Department of Family and Protective Services / Child Protection and Permanency / etc/) getting between you and your child?

    I know first hand of some people LEGITIMATELY trying to DISCIPLINE their child, then having the child go to school and “REPORT” the parent. Brave New World, Indeed!,

    I was really surprised that this was the knee-jerk reaction of so many people! And please, I’m talking about STANDARD CORPEROL PUNISHMENT that is used as part of an overall plan to DISCIPLINE the child. I’m not talking about a parent belting their child, slapping them, or doing ANYTHING out of ANGER OR INCONVENIENCE to the parent. I think that’s where so much negative criticism comes in about this practice.

  43. Kay

    Does anyone know if the kid had special needs? Because it seems like we are really only getting one side of the story here. This article just goes to show how quick to judge people can be 🙄

    1. Right

      Why do you automaticalky assume the kid is “special needs”? Why do you think being “special needs” is an excuse for ALL problematic, inappropriate behavior? You do realize the entire point of main lining “special needs” kids into school was to improve their behavior through peer pressure and interaction with peers and adults. It was NOT to force non “special needs” citizens into changing, adapting, excusing or obliterating social and societal norms. The prejudice against “special needs” people is staggering. Things said like, “They can’t help themselves”, “they aren’t to blame”, “we need to accept their behavior”, etc.. It is EXACTLY like saying a black man committs a crime because, “he had no choice based on his life”, “because that’s what THEY do”, “because he was raised in a bad area or he was poor”, and the MOST condescending and vile one of all is “because he is a minority”. ALL of that is DISGUSTING, PREJUDICED AND RACIST. Yet so many believe a kid should get a free pass due to his “disability”. WHAT/ HOW will that serve him when he is a hormonal teen or as an adult?

  44. Jon

    If YOU WERE the parents…
    What would YOU DO?

    Removing the child by FORCE is going to be recorded by 300 cell phones and played on.the evening news… And probably in court!

    Getting off the ride would be a safety violation and potentially dangerous/fatal to a non-employee…

    Do you have TIME to wait for STAFF/SECURITY/POLICE?

    It’s easy to lash out, BUT the parents really WERE in a TERRIBLE SITUATION IRREGARDLESS of how the situation unraveled!

    1. Right

      The ride was stopped then the kid gets out.
      Parents could have sought the nearest exit. Could have left the stopped vehicle and taken the kid away.
      The could have called for assistance from cast members to get the kid out themselves.
      But better than all of that they could have actually parented the kid in his 8-10 years. Kids know by age 5 EXACTLY what their parents allow for behavior both at home and in public. That kid did it because he KNEW he could. PURE DEFIANCE. PERIOD.

  45. Michelle D

    Sorry, but any child that young should not be in a different ride vehicle than their parents. According to the videographer, the child was in the log in front of them and the parents (who are yelling at the boy to come back to the boat) are in the boat BEHIND the camera. Not sure why the parents thought that was a good idea.

    1. Right

      A child by age 5 knows exactly what their parents will or will not allow. Both at home and in public. That kid is between 8 and 10. If you think that is too young for a very slow floating ride at DL, well it clearly proves you are not around kids much.

  46. Don west

    Whip his azz. Make sitting down a really problem for a looking time.

  47. Minnie

    No children have a short attention span, you can’t expect them to wait 15 min on a boat ride. Disney should of evacuated everyone after 5 to 10 minutes!

    1. Right

      Short attention span?! Have you never watched a kid on a video game? OR doing ANYTHING THEY WANT TO DO?That kids body language is pure defiance NOT boredom, NOT fear Straight up DEFIANCE. He did it because he knows he CAN. PERIOD. Every adult knows from one look at that photo, that it was NOT the first incident that the kid has done this kind of rude, inappropriate behavior. Every adult knows that it is NOT the first or only time ANYONE in that kids vicinity was inconvienced, or had a day RUINED by that kid. It may have been the grocery store, dept. store, the park, the playground or whatever. That “family” clearly need professional intervention.

  48. Erin

    Children have a short attention span, you can’t expect them to wait 15 min on a boat ride. Disney should of evacuated everyone after 5 to 10 minutes! Disney is at fault , not the child or parents!

    1. Ann

      Can’t wait 5-10 minutes? Geez can only imagine how your kids behave. Parents like YOU are the problem, not Disney!

  49. Erin

    Children have a short attention span, you can’t expect them to wait 15 min on a boat ride. Disney should of evacuated everyone after 5 to 10 minutes! Disney is at fault , not the child or parents!As a passholder ,I’ve seen Disney screw up! This is one of those times that Disney screwed up!

  50. Erin

    Disney knows they screwed up that’s why they gave fast passes! They really need to do a better job training thier cast members on situations like these! How to evacuate after people are sitting on a ride for 5-10 min!Especially a boat ride!

  51. Erin

    They really need to do a better job training thier cast members on situations like these! How to evacuate after people are sitting on a ride for 5-10 min!Especially a boat ride!

  52. Sara

    That’s why spanking everyonce in a while is good….I grew up without the whole “spanking is child abuse” and most of my generation is “trauma” free but we know respect and boundaries

  53. Lori

    Back in 2008, a similar thing happened in Disney World. It was extra magic hours until 3am and it was around 2:30. We walked on to Splash Mountain getting all the way to the loading dock, but weren’t allowed to get in. When we asked what was going on, we were told that they were waiting for security to eject someone from the park. They got scared at the final hill and jumped out (this was before there were lap bars). Yikes! I don’t understand people. And I believe this case was an adult, too

  54. Sandy

    Nobody said beat Debra. You really are reaching with this one. Calm down and go and take your zanny bar with your red wine.

  55. Mary T

    If kid cannot obey the rules of the ride, the whole family should be forced to leave park tor the day.

  56. BW

    I would have left his a$$ there and taught him a lesson. My now 12 year old tried me once and threw a tempur tantrum on the grocery store floor when he was 2. I got down close to him and whispered “I hope the grocery store takes really good care of you” and then walked over to the next aisle and continued my shopping. He NEVER tried that again.

  57. Kristen

    This is me when I was about 8 or 9. It wasn’t at Disneyland but a local theme park called, “Calaway Park”. My friend invited me to her big sisters birthday and my parents let me go thinking her parents would watch us. Wrong. They just dropped us all at the gates and left. So her 15 year old sister was in charge. Everyone wanted to go on the log ride which is basically the most popular ride in the park on a hot summers day. You basically sit 6 people single file in what appears to be a giant log and go down different sized steep slides on a track, in water. 2 hours later and it’s out turn. I have never been on it before and am scared to death. We proceed to get on the ride. So the first drop was obviously the smallest, but I hated it and it terrified me so much that while we were floating along on a straight away, I saw my chance and jumped off onto a little grassy knoll. The problem was there was nowhere to go from there. Several logs came by full of people afterwards, before the ride operators knew what had happened and lots of people urged me to get into theirs, but I just sat there crying. They had to shut the ride down with hundreds of people stuck in line for an additional 2 hours on top of the regular 2 hour wait. I made the local news and the whole crowd clapped and cheered when I was rescued. I still won’t go on that ride and I’m in my 40’s now lol. Oops.

  58. Margaret howard


  59. M

    First of all, the fact the parents allowed that kid to stand their for 15 minutes shows they have no spine. That kid and the parents should be banned from the parks. If I ever pulled something like that when I was a kid, my parents would have grabbed me in seconds and I would have gotten the belt at home.

  60. Jay

    All these replies are pure cancer.

  61. Ann

    Tell me your child is a spoiled entitled brat without telling me…
    That kid is old enough to know better.
    And where was parent while he unbuckled himself and got out??
    I hope that brat’s family didn’t receive pass for the other rides! They deserved to be evicted from the park after pulling this!

  62. Simkat

    Look at yourselves wanting to attack this kid just for being a kid. And he may have had an invisible disability such as autism. And since Disney no longer caters to them (thanks to those who abused the privilege), they have to wait in line like everyone else. Those people who were waiting got fast passes to other rides so it’s no big deal. No one was hurt and it was a small bump in the road. Laugh and move on. You’re forgetting who DisneyParks are for. The children.

  63. Hope

    Have any of you given thought to the fact that this child is autistic? There are no outward signs that he may have problems. It’s not an obvious look. But inwardly he may have been overwhelmed by the experience. Frightened even. Slapping the boy, as some have suggested, certainly isn’t what you do with a medically challenged child. And No! Don’t say his parents shouldn’t have brought him to Disneyland.

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