Comments for Disney Guests Served Lackluster Food Amid Potential Portion Cuts

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  1. Chris

    If you have an issue, speak up then and there so it can be corrected, don’t just post to social media. You are paying enough for the food, you should get what you are paying for.

    1. I agree with Chris. Please speak up so that you can get more food or get a refund. If you don’t complain to the Dis direct, they won’t do anything. I have never had tonga toast and it is a goal in my March 2022 vacation.

      1. JR

        Tonga toast has been part of our “leaving Disney” tradition for the last 5 years. We were sad to see on our last trip this month that they’ve reduced the size by about 25% but kept the price the same. At Kona, they’re trying to get away with giving the whole table just one cup of syrup for it.

        Mega fans, please stop giving money to Disney until they get a grip on these issues. It just ruins the parks when they get rewarded for this. We all want this place to be great.

    2. James

      You complain about food you get food with spit in it…

  2. JR

    “McCarthy noted that Disney has no plans to outright raise prices within Josh D’Amaro’s Parks, Experiences and Products division. ”

    This confuses me, because Disney Parks have been increasing prices pretty much every week. Ticket prices went up, parking prices went up, merchandise prices went up, food menu prices literally just went up. They just added the whole Genie thing as a new source of revenue. What prices AREN’T going up?

  3. Phoebe L Ho

    Smaller portions 👉 unsatisfied appetites 👉 more money spent.

    Neat little trick

  4. Edward

    So do the detractors REALLY think by speaking-up things will be rectified? Ha!….This ain’t Waffle House!!!

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