Comments for Disney Guests Attempting to Sell Popcorn Buckets at Inflated Prices While in Parks

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  1. Mike G

    I can’t stand these idiots. When you offer them what they paid for it, they refuse as they only buy them to turn a profit. More needs to be done to hold these scumbags accountable

    1. If Disney sold these items direct to the public online or over the phone, that would be the end of the profiteers. They know it and still do nothing except limit how many items you can buy. Guess what, that doesn’t work.

  2. This is not uncommon. Currently $2 reuseable 50th bags are on sale on amazon for $15. WDW Christmas popcorn bucket–cheapest on ebay $100 plus shipping.

    1. Christian

      Wow. This is sad……not the people selling them; the pathetic people that spend their time in a line for this. (And the people in the comments section that just breeze right over it like that’s normal).

  3. Chris Kinney

    Seven hour wait to buy this bucket! This, more than anything else, should clue Disney in that WE WANT THE ORIGINAL “JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION” BACK!

  4. Margaret

    These need to be shown to Cast Member Managers and taken to higher up in the company to stop this sort of thing.
    Over $200 for a Popcorn bucket is ridiculous. Disney needs to put a stop to these eBay resellers. Shut them all down and make an example of them. It is the eBay resellers that make it hard to get some of the nicer things that people really want. Even with restrictions on the number a person can buy, they fine a way around it. If some one is selling something “NEW IN HAND”, Disney should be going after them to stop them selling the items that are in high demand.

    1. Jordan

      You do realize that is impossible. Even if they waited to sell it later, it would still go for more than what they paid for since it’s limited edition. Just look at the ps5. You can’t stop them for selling it for that much, it’s on the person for wanting to buy it.

    2. B

      They “find” Not “fine” a way

  5. Robert G

    What Disney should do, is to go on Ebay, buy these items back. Then, they can find out who they are, and revoke any Ap’s they may have, and or bar them for life. You do thus to a handful of people, and trust me, the rest will take notice!! 😡

    1. Jordan

      Lol, that would be physically impossible. They can still find a way to get it and sell it for a higher price. Only way to stop this is to stop buying it. Just like with the ps5

    2. mark

      We sold a couple locally on craigslist. No name or AP status is required on there at all. But its good to see you have this reselling game all figured out for Disney. Come at me bro! LOL

  6. Manny

    There is something you can do yourself. Start writing comments on EBay or Amazon about the seller. This is not to say you should but explaining these are used buckets and they are depriving others of a product. Yet that is what America has been historically a country of cheap traders.

  7. R

    Disney is over. It’s dead and cold. 8ts not fun, enjoyable, or even pleasant any more.

  8. DLand

    It will NEVER STOP 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You people who buy these things ase STUPID. It’s a PLASTIC TOY 🧸 Waiting in an hours long line for a PLASTIC TOY. Adults are WORSE THAN KIDS 🤣🤣🤣🤣 STUPID STUPID STUPID, but hey Disney keep selling because you’re making the bucks off of All of this STUPID PEOPLE BUYING Disney passes and STUPID STUFF LIKE THESE. Disney’s Paycheck guy is laughing all the way to the bank 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Cameron

      Agreed. It’s a plastic toy . Why do you need it? Lol. This is capitalism folks… so let them buy them up and attempt to sell them.. they have flooded the eBay market and most likely will get stuck with them (remember beanie babies?).

  9. Holly

    Look up the FIGMENT PICTURE WITH HAYLEY on eBay it’s hilarious! $600 for a photo of a woman with the stupid thing…, I believe it’s just to mock the whole idea. Point well made

  10. Not a sheep

    Who cares?

  11. B

    These buckets appear to be gay anyway. No thanks 🤢🤮

  12. Kitty

    I don’t understand how they let the resellers wipe out all the RunDisney merch before the first race so the paying participants cannot even buy any. Pathetic.

  13. vlcruz95

    Can Disney grow a pair and take these idiots to court for price gouging their merchandise 10x the original price. If you’re unemployed, why are you at Disney Parks? Get a real job. If it cost you $20, I expect you to be selling it for $30-40 + shipping. Or when are they going to slap the “not for resale” sticker on everything and expect a lawsuit!? AHHHHHHHHH!!!

  14. Debbie

    I guess it bothers me because I don’t live in Florida and my daughter is an avid Figment fan, so I would like to get one for her but not at these prices. I was at Food and Wine a couple of years ago and wanted to get her the Figment Dooney and Burke, they were sold out, but eBay had them for 3 times the price. I think for some people this is how they try to make a living.

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