Comments for Disney Guests Plant Chairs in Middle of Main Street, U.S.A., for Firework Viewing

Disney Guests set up chairs for Disney Enchantment

Credit: @the_hamilyfamily


  1. SarahELuvsDisney

    This is the entitlement that people have in the parks these days that people are complaining about. There is no respect for other guests. You are not free to move Disney chairs wherever you want whenever you want. That inconveniences people at the facility you stole the chairs from, and it is unfair to other people who can’t sit on chairs. Disney does not have enough chairs to go around. This attitude of “me me me” is what is ruining the Disney theme parks.

  2. Tracy

    Is this really news worthy?

    1. Jimmy

      None of this stuff from blogs is newsworthy lol

    2. Ralphie Wilson

      You can tell none of the stuff here is news worthy by the fact they have to add the whole history of Disney to every post to make it more than one paragraph long lol.

      1. DJTluvsputin

        Thats about the advetising. Guess ya dont get it

    3. DJTluvsputin

      Yes it is… There is penty of rudeness outside the parks.

  3. Rick C

    Yes it is. Shows how entitled people act while showing no respect for others.

  4. Mary Turner

    There has never been “respect for others” at Disney World because guests are in competition with other guests to get the best experience for their money.

    1. Pks

      How true. It seems the majority of people at DisneyWorld leave what common sense in their car !!!!

      1. DJTluvs putin

        It was a bit rude to take chairs from where they belong for their personal use but they atleast complied without a fuss.

  5. sreve

    Ah..the ENTITLED probably arrived via Spirit..
    big front seats of course (those are first class..lol..). Disney is losing the very people that have made them so successful. the everyday family of 4 who scripted and saved to go there by pricing ALL OF US OUT! The Spirit coach passengers who wear 3 sets of clothes on the plane instead of checking a bag and the grandparents who take their grandkids there from their homes in Florida but now can’t afford to because GENIE makes it impossible to afford it.

    1. DJTluvsputin

      Pretty rude yourself there smart guy… Couldnt sound more entitled.

  6. Sam

    Uhm, this is actually Disneyland. Not MK in Fl.

    1. Marsha

      That is the Disney World Magic Kingdom. 100%

      1. Andrew

        There’s someone in the middle of the screen wearing a Disneyland jacket, this video is in reply to another version of the video with #disneyland and the account that posted it has videos posted close to this one in Southern California. But yeah, sure. 100% WDW.

  7. Keith

    Who cares so long as you put the seats back, we do it all the time, we get a cast members permission and they just ask us to put them back. No seating for disabled. Disney should provide seating for disabled during fireworks.

  8. I don’t know if you noticed the people didn’t act like the world came to a end because the young lady told them they had to put chairs back it wasn’t a whoppi or Oprah moment

  9. Rodney Bondy

    A little tip for people who actually get to the parade route before they setup the ropes. Once they put the rope up HOLD ON TO THE ROPE. If you don’t it doesn’t matter how close you are once the parade is about to start someone will literally come up and insert their body between you and the rope. Even holding the rope I once had a guy come up and put his kids below me so they were actually sitting on my feet. The next cast member that came along stopped and told me that they couldn’t sit there because they were sticking out past the rope.. you should have seen their face when I said, “Oh, they aren’t my kids”. LOL

    1. sam

      ‘sweet, if you find their parents, let them know’


    2. SillyMe

      My reply to the Dad sitting his kids at my feet: “I should warn you that I have a weak bladder and urine has a tendency to pour right out of me when I get excited at parades” 🤪

  10. Walt

    Who cares. People without strollers should be able to utilize the same amount of space as those who do

  11. Patrick

    I wish Disney had a way to screen guests psychologically. I mean these people are getting more brazen. Fights and entitlement. Plain disrespect. I say zero tolerance. Kick them out. Word travels fast. More idiots won’t feel inclined to do the same.

  12. sam

    literally a case of “someone does something they aren’t supposed to, and they are quickly told they can’t do what they’ve done, and they quickly comply”

    is this really something that needs to be broadcast?

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